Xian Lanyue Tower

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It is located beside Shaoling Plateau, adjacent to Fanchuan. It is the starting point of Yanta South Road in Xi'an, located in the north-south longitudinal axis of Tang culture, carrying on Daming Palace, Dayan Pagoda, and echoing them from afar, the ancient architectural style is perfectly integrated into the modern.


Lanyue Pavilion is designed by renowned architect Zhu Xiaodi. The whole construction is mainly the modern style, integrated with traditional form as the refinement and deduction. In the expression of the construction, the overall facade alternates the virtual and real, achieves the effect of direction exchange during the process of volume rise. The emphasis on the large and small from bottom up and layer-by-layer architectural form, vividly expresses the unique characteristics of Lanyue Pavilion’s beautiful inside and outside. The metal facade runs through the upper and lower floors, which shows the charm of traditional architecture.


After the lighting designer has carried on the deeper level study to the architectural style, they have produced the new thought to how to arrange the light in the Lanyue Pavilion.


The interior of the building consists of four core tubes, forming a "cross" central axis. The axis runs from one floor to the top of the tower. By emphasizing the axis line, the lighting designer creates another vertical axis outside the horizontal axis.


The cross-shaped space of the core tube is an important element of the axis. Lights illuminate the top, facade, and floor of the cross-shaped space, making the cavity uniform, coherent, and eye-catching. Layers of homogeneous cavities connect, eventually forming the optical axis, extending from one layer to the top and joining the beam lamps at the top. Finally, the light will soar into the sky, into the universe, symbolizes that Xi'an's aerospace industry is rising rapidly.


For the display of the building divisions, small projectors are placed between gauze-like metal panels on the surface and the structural walls of the building. The corner of the layer is highlighted. Together with the projection light system on the ground, the light expresses a three-dimensional sense of hierarchy.


The surface of the building is covered with gauze-like sheets of metal, covering a two-floor construction. A linear wall wash lamp is arranged between the metal plate and the building structure wall, and the structure wall behind the metal plate is halo-washed and bright, the light is reflected by the background wall, transmits through the metal plate and dissipates, and the lightness and agility of the metal plate are well expressed.


Light collides with light in darkness, showing the infinite possibilities. Lighting designers enable us to find our own expression in the dark, not only to restore the original truth, but also to create metaphysical artistic value and charm beyond the original true.

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