Youth centre “Poplen”

Youth centre “Poplen”

Cornelius Vöge
Jyllinge, Denmark | View Map
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Youth centre “Poplen”

Cornelius Vöge as Architects

The project is a conversion and extension of an existing building. The main approach is to make a new interpretation of the red barn buildings and fishermen cabins of the old part of the village where the building is located. The extension to the old building starts where the building takes a turn making a more intimate feeling surrounding the outdoor play areas.

The building is located between an old village and a seventies development, so in order to underline a regional identity to the building it was coloured all red. The red colour follows the tradition of the old fishermen cabins of the village, which are one of the most characteristic elements of the village. The roof has the same colour as the facades to make the shape of the building more precise and simple underlining the basic shape of the building.

The building is renovated into a low energy building, covered with new facade materials and reorganized into a more open, playful and modern building. New covered areas, balconies and stairs integrates more intimate corners and living areas both outside and inside. The surrounding green areas are more integrated, and daylight optimised. The extension includes a flexible multipurpose hall for concerts, theatre, playing and sports activities including an integrated climbing wall.

Several façade elements break the basic shape of the building into a smaller scale: a stair functions as a small stage area, covered entrances and the corner window which cantilevers from the building and creates a more intimate living space for the children to sit in smaller groups - a private space being a part of the interior and exterior at the same time.

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Interior wood – acoustical panelsMoelven Limitre
Steel roofPlannja
Product Spec Sheet
Interior wood – acoustical panels
Steel roof
by Plannja
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