Newfloor is a family-run Company in the Veneto Region of Italy, founded in 1986 following 10 years of experience in the timber sector. In the first several years work focused exclusively on the production for third parties, notably for prominent Italian ceramic manufacturers. Thanks to the our specialisation in hardsurfaces and stone Newfloor was able to be at the leading edge of development of new technologies beyond the standard resilient materials common at the time such as vinyl, rubber, carpet, laminates and linoleum, establishing Newfloor as a true market innovator! Newfloor was the first raised floor manufacturerto change the standard 60x60 cm panel format, offering more modern sizes ranging from 60x120, 60x90,45x90 and 75x75 cm.

1994 saw the opening of the new headquarters in Codevigo (Padua) and in 2003 its own brand was launched on the national and international markets. Over the years the Company has registered two patents for industrial inventions: in 1998 a patent for a multiple porcelain grès tile raised flooring panel, edgetrimmed with a permanent and resistant joint, and in 2013 a Europe-wide registered brand for Freefloor, a dry self-laying flooring system. In the last years, Newfloor has obtained the certification “Made in Italy” and it has developed two products: the first is Radiafloor, that is a raised floor with radiant module to heat and cool the floor and the other is S-Lock System self-centring substructure for indoor systems.

During 2015, the Company started with the redesign of the brand idenity, moving to the renovation of the HQ. In 2020, the Company launches on the market his latest project: Lumifloor. It can be used for an internal or external application and it lights up in the dark by special pigments that are charged by sunlight.The last innovation is Radiafloor C, an underfloor heating system which uses the carbon fibre as a resistor.

Newfloor now produces about 200.000 sq.m. per year. Currently the company is headquartered in Codevigo (Padua) along with the 4.000 sq.m. production plant, with an off-site commercial office in the province of Milan, with a sales network in Italy and abroad.

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