Payi Payi

Payi Payi

Studio Ardete Pvt Ltd
Sector 20, Panchkula, Haryana, India | View Map
Ano do Projeto
Ar.Purnesh Dev Nikhanj

Payi -Payi

Studio Ardete Pvt Ltd como Interior designers

Area – 5953 Sqft

Location – Panchkula (Haryana) India.

 Address – SECTOR 20 ,Panchkula (Haryana) India.

Category – Retail Store (Supermarket)

Photographer name – Ar.Purnesh Dev Nikhanj

Other Consultants – Electrical and lighting – The Luminars

 Networking and audio video system – KNN Group.

Payi-Payi Departmental store is concept evolved from the new age retail in the era of stiff  competition from e- commerce. The design was un-conventional attempt for the typology of the space .

The Dark grey tones and neutral oak tones forms a neutral setting and lets the product becomes an artefact . The variety of ceiling textures breaks the conventional movement pattern created by placement of racks in the store . The design of the store had a bold ceiling ,which varies level ,various textures ,which form a very strong contact in addition to its form. Pop Up stores add a further accentuation to store creating unique micro ambience.

The twin level store greets the customers with dramatic dark ambience ,which focus only on the objects. The new store arrivals are stacked in the angular ,stacked oak boxes facing towards the customers forms  a natural invitation. The lower level which mostly houses hold products as crockery ,a small play zone for kids and a interesting shelving inspired from a tree shaped .