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Projeto • By spillmann echsle architektenRestaurantes

Halle 550, Zurich-Oerlikon

The historical ABB halls in Oerlikon are significant architectural reminders of Zurich’s industrial past. Their proximity to the business and residential quarters of Neu-Oerlikon gives them greater importance. In accordance with a revision of the special building regulations, the building is now being preserved and for the most part placed under protection.  The halls are being renovated, reinforced and technically improved with great care and attention to the existing structure in anticipation of their use for public events and large gatherings. The building’s industrial charm will be maintained. In consultation with the historical preser­vation authorities, interior modifications are based on the principle of con... Mais

Projeto • By OFFTECEscritórios

"The flow": a path to Fitt Experience

Honorable Mention - Fitt Future Headquarter- YAC competition Mais

Projeto • By Atelier d'Arquitectura Lopes da CostaFábricas

Steelform Factory

O projecto consiste na ampliação da unidade fabril existente, para poente e sul, com a construção de um novo pavilhão e de um edifício administrativo. A configuração do terreno contribuiu para a solução adoptada, que procurou maximizar a área de nave industrial, “sobrando” para a área administrativa, a parte Sul do terreno. Esta área, acompanha o novo arruamento proposto, dando origem a um edifício curvo em betão, marcado por perfis verticais em alumínio, que procurou diferenciar-se da nave industrial, evidenciando a sua função de área administrativa. O corredor a Nascente, que encobre a nave ind... Mais

NotíciasNotícia • 21 dez. 2020

Former cement plant transformation reintroduces activities of creative production

In the 1970’s, the Shuangliu cement plant was one of the most important buildings within the Industrial Zone of Xihu District in Hangzhou. It was a roaring hub of production until it was closed in 1999. It stood abandoned for the next 20 years until its transformation by JIANGJIE DESIGNS into a new storefront for Even Buyer. Bringing their own style and fashion attitude to the industrial space, activities of production are once again activated but in a new and exciting way. wangminjie The existing building once served as an area for clinker storage. This function is reflected with the four large cylindrical structures, once filled with clinkers but now sleek showroom spaces. The cylinders are connected with a lower volume that h... Mais

Projeto • By Moein Jalali and PartnersEscritórios

Jordan Art Office

The design began based on the idea of Palemos, meaning battle. The space was divided in two sections: work space and exhibition space .the work space was designed as a garage art and the design of the exhibition space was based on the concept of heterotopia. To design the ceiling which represents the spirit of the space we used the biography matrix. In the whole project we relied on paradox. To separate the two aforementioned spaces we used a wall consisted of many doors. Concrete and wood were used in the design of the entrance and stairway to create a phenomenological encounter for the first impression. This project was nominated for “Commercial Interior Design (CID) 2018” and also was nominated for “Asia Architectural A... Mais

NotíciasNotícia • 1 dez. 2020

QUIN shatters stereotypes of industrial park building design

Sober, contemporary and monumental, QUIN by Mexico-based architecture office ICONICO is a strong architectural statement that defies the norms of conventional industrial park architecture. Commissioned by Joysonquin, who produce wood-made car interiors for the luxury sector, QUIN is an 8,750 square meter industrial complex separated into two distinct buildings, each with a distinct function. The two volumes are joined together with a spectacular saw-tooth roof. Moritz Bernoully The scheme is part of a masterplan in the central Mexican city of San Luis and aims to fulfill industrial requirements and operations while maintaining human scale and wellness. The topography of the site features a near 10m height difference between north and... Mais

Projeto • By Space Group ArchitectsCasas Particulares

The Old Spratts Factory

Space Group proudly present this refurbished 3,000 square feet residential unit within a converted dog biscuit factory, originally built in 1890. The exciting building complex, called The Old Spratts Factory, falls within a Conservation Area.  This particular building used to contain the grain & flour warehouse and two bakeries. It was originally converted very poorly and some of the original features suffered as a result of that, plus the functionality for residential use was also compromised. The task was to catapult this amazing space into the 21st Century. This was achieved thanks to a real team effort of a crafty contractor with clever ideas and appreciation for details, visionary clients which very conveniently work in the t... Mais

Projeto • By blocher partnersEscritórios

BMK Marina

It’s timeless but in sync with the times: The light-filled, expansive new BMK Marina in Langenargen. The planners at blocher partners have created a place that both inspires and calms – a place to begin one’s day on Lake Constance.   Whether one is looking for a sailing tour, sunny hours on the shore or a relaxing stroll through the beautifully designed town centre, Langenargen is the exclusive address on Lake Constance that has it all. With its backdrops of the Alps and view of the Swiss shore, this city – just a few kilometres from Friedrichshafen on one side and Lindau on the other – is an enchanting gem. The goal of the BML Marina redesign, which blocher partners accomplished, was to boost the q... Mais

Projeto • By heroalEscritórios

Revaler Spitze

Aluminium system solutions for urban industry architecture By mid-2021, after completion of two construction phases, the project “Revaler Spitze“ will have created a flexibly useable office and commercial space in the heart of Berlin Friedrichshain. At this top location, a great number of start-ups and traditional businesses will be united under one roof, occupying a gigantic space of 17,300 square metres. The building on Revaler Street has been named after its characteristic wedge shape, resembling a tip or “Spitze“. The architectural look, with its classic red-brick façade and steel profile frames, is borrowed from the architecture of the early 20th century. The heroal system solutions for curtain walls, wi... Mais

Projeto • By Mobile Architectural OfficeOficinas

35 housing units and a cabinetmaking workshop

A project steeped in the industrial past The construction of a building that includes 35 housing units (privately owned and social housing) and a cabinetmaking workshop located on the ground floor. A former Botelli cabinetmaking workshop, the workshop contributes to the historical continuity of the site and evokes the past through thearchitectural design. In continuation of the adjoining architecture,through the construction details, the building evokes the history of the site (cabinetmaking workshop), our epoch and contemporary construction methods.   The MAO practicedesign intent was to reinterpret the archetypes of Parisian light industrial architecture while giving the new building a contemporary interpretation. The building see... Mais

NotíciasNotícia • 13 out. 2020

Kokaistudios transform a disused steel production site into a mixed-use eco-industrial park

Shanghai-headquartered design and architecture firm Kokaistudios specialize in urban renewal projects that contribute positively to the built environment.  When contracted by Chinese steel company Baosteel to revitalize and adapt their disused steel production site into a mixed-use eco-industrial park, two key priorities were identified: to preserve the historical and structural legacy of the site whilst simultaneously modernizing and reimagining it toward an eco-positive future.  Credit: Terrence Zhang The key to this balance was to embed flexibility within every level of the design and building process, from programming flexibility into multiple and unexpected site conditions to selecting the most appropriate and eco-frien... Mais

Projeto • By Hombre de Piedra Arquitectos Transportes

Seville Cruise Ship Terminal Phase 2

The second parts can also be good. This is the second part of our Seville Cruise Terminal project, which expands and upgrades the original building. Ports and cities share the common feature of undergoing constant change. To resolve the challenges brought on by that interaction, port buildings must be able to change over time, without recourse to improvisation. One solution can be to propose modular industrial architecture that highlights the port’s distinctive nature, though designed with the architectural quality required to ensure the respective urban integration. In that regard, the Port of Seville needed a new cruise ship terminal that would be flexible, multi-purpose, extendable, easily removable and even transportable. That w... Mais

Projeto • By Declerck-Daels, ArchitectenApartamentos


From Co to Coost. The ‘Co-center’ was build in the early 20’s as a cooperative building, based on a socialist model. It grew steadily and became very popular … until the upcoming of supermarkets in the 70’s. The buildings were temporarily used as a bar, event location, fitness center, arts atelier, and auction house. Everyone from Oostende knows the site. But due to mismanagement it all went bankrupt. The historical commonplace gradually became a city cancer where only pigeons, gulls and squatters wandered around. It was hidden in a residential block.   This heritage was very particular. A combination of industrial architecture, with a richely decorated facade, and a inner courtyard, in the city center... Mais

Projeto • By Nefa ArchitectsEscritórios

RAMBLER&Co Software Dept.

RAMBLER & Co - um dos maiores grupos russos de empresas que trabalham na área de mídia, tecnologia e comércio eletrônico. A empresa é líder entre as participações da mídia em termos de cobertura na Runet. O grupo inclui portais de informação, esportes e entretenimento, escritórios editoriais de revistas na Internet e seu departamento de desenvolvimento. Ilya Ivanov Ilya Ivanov Ilya Ivanov A expansão da holding resultou em um aumento no número de programadores que necessitaram de seu próprio espaço dentro da estrutura das instalações ocupadas pela empresa no Danilovskaya Manufactory em Moscou. Il... Mais

Projeto • By T+T ArchitectsEscritórios

Studio #12

In Summer 2020 in Moscow, developing of unusual loft-quarter “Studio 12” ordered by KR Properties, has been finished under the project of the architectural Bureau T+T Architects. Its total area is 15,9 thousand sq. meters, the quarter is located near “Maryina roshcha ” metro station. “Studio 12” is an apartment complex for creativity, work of art entrepreneurs and artists. Spacious lofts with attics and additional daylight, terraces and panoramic windows allows to easily work with space, create flexible interiors of apartments, offices and workshops in various styles and with a wide range of functionality. “Studio 12” is a continuation of “Studio 8” project and developed in... Mais