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Project • By Articolo LightingPrivate Houses

Brighton Residence

Brighton Residence is a landmark home befitting its Melbourne bayside location. Evoking both transcendent experience and familial comfort, the residence is an ideal backdrop for a family who love to entertain. Emboldened by a client looking for the spectacular, Golden’s meticulous approach to the tactile, the sensory and the emotive results in an enriched family home designed for rest and for play. Articolo lighting celebrates the artisanal nature and nuances of mouth-blown glass and solid metals. It’s the human element that cannot be replicated through mass production. The lighting compliments the combining of both highly detailed and refined elements throughout, every interaction with the home has been considered, with partic... More

Project • By AyEh(Seyedeh Ayeh Mirrezaei)Hospitals

The Skin Therapy Center

It is located in Ohio, USA, and my inspiration for interior design of the reception space is the voronoi pattern of the skin. The inner skin of the walls and roof are emulated from voronoi diagram (an irregular biomimetic pattern) as well as reception desk. This dynamic design leads to change the rigid environment of the healthy center to more positive ones. More

Project • By AyEh(Seyedeh Ayeh Mirrezaei)Offices

office design

Designed by Seyedeh Ayeh Mirrezaei to be used as a real estate office, it is located on the seventeen floor of the building and is encompassed over 1184,000 square feet in New York City.Desk space is located at the front overlooking the high-rise buildings, with a meeting space at the left. A wooden shelving system was installed behind the desk in order to add more consistency to the walls while changing the composition of the white space behind manager. Ayeh animated some parts of New York City‘s urban map through lighting fixture made of LED lamps in an attractive pattern on the wall and ceiling. A roof light was inserted into the center through the narrow spaces of wooden triangle bring the light into the heart of the deep plan. The main... More

Project • By NAINO architecture & designIndividual Buildings


The Medical/Commercial building “Glasmaher” is the first low-energy (19kWh/m2a) public building in a small town Brezice / Slovenia. It is situated at the intersection of 5 streets. The form of the building has been dictated by different directions in the urban area. The use of rounded corners is softening its shape, implementing it well into the surroundings. There are retail premises (optics) on the ground floor, medical clinics (ophthalmology, dentistry, etc.) and the business premises on the upper three floors. The design of the building includes measures to prevent energy wastefulness in correlation with minimal investment costs. More

Project • By PSR ArchitectureResidential Landscape

Garden home

In the center of the city, two apartments were joined to make one to overcome the shortcomings of the original small and dark rooms. The renovation was to combine the spaces and create an efficient house to cater to the requirements of a family while taking advantage of the region’s pleasant weather.The new design zoned the apartment into two parts. One area was the more open kitchen, dining and living spaces overlooking the large garden. The other was the more private area comprising the family and bedrooms.The entire house was to be made larger by introducing movable boundaries within the apartment as well as between the inside and the outdoor spaces.In keeping with PSR Architecture's focus on sustainability, the intent was to reduce ener... More

Project • By WOOD-SKINSports Centres


Work: 3D surfaceCategory: Tailor MadeMaterial: Birch Located in Allen Center in the downtown of Houston, The Met is the premier indoor tennis and racket facility.It features indoor tennis courts, basket ball court, racquetball and squash courts, as well as a cardiovascular and strength training equipment.For this exclusive club, WOOD-SKIN designed a wooden coating behind the reception desk that covers part of the wall and the ceiling.Similar to a huge petal, this tailor made project is harmoniously integrated in the surrounding space. Combined with the selection of a neutral material (forse meglio mettere direttamente il materiale) it creates a natural alcove like appearance.The project was developed with the American firm Gensler... More

Project • By WOOD-SKINShops


Work: Surface installationCategory: Mesh Sheets – Digital B and Tailor MadeMaterial: Laminate on okumèFor the Parisian brand of high fashion accessories Longchamp, WOOD-SKIN has created two installations inside the global headquarter.In the window display right on the Champs Elysées, two Tailor Made volumes finished in white laminate on top of an opaque black MDF core – stand out in contrast to the sinuous shapes of the exhibited products.Inside the store, however, attention is drawn to the center of the shop by a flying drapery that – like a fabric – wraps the products with its turquoise color. Regardless its visual complexity the drapery is easily achieved with three Mesh Sheets with Digital A pattern, creating a conte... More

Project • By WOOD-SKINOffices


Work: CounterCategory: Tailor MadeMaterial: Laminate on MDFDesigner Antonio Paciulo choose WOOD-SKIN to bring to life his new design for the lobby and reception of the worldwide advertisement agency M&CSAATCHI in Milan.A pure volume carved into gold thanks to the WOOD-SKIN technology which allowed to create both the structure and the cladding from flat sheets of black MDF topped with metal laminate. The result is a large functional origami shell that has been folded in shape on site around the central screen. WOOD-SKIN can easily integrate any type of technology, such as screens speakers and so on, a platform for technology implementation able to make complex designs easy. More

Project • By WOOD-SKINRestaurants


Architect and Interior Design: Studio Akkerhuis  Work: Interior design Category: Mesh Sheets  Pattern: Classic C Material: Finish birch with black ultra-matte laminate inlays   In continuity with the previous cafés, the new location is conceived as a kitchen-living space where customers and baristas share the same table designed to rest and enjoy a meal, as well as to prepare good coffee. This is the idea Studio Akkerhuis developed together with the owner of Lebkov&Sons for the new brand identity.   This ‘sharing mix’ is also well represented by the Lebkov pattern where black squares mix with light colored squares. Previously designed with small tiles, the pattern has been re... More

Project • By WOOD-SKINWineries


Architect: Marco CasagrandeWork: 3D surfaceCategory: Tailor MadeMaterial: Alpi Slavony OakThis beautiful lounge bar is on the third floor of the brand new Borgo Molino prosecco headquarter. A special place where to look at the historic vineyard and taste the famous wine and food from the Veneto region in Italy. We have developed a signature 3D cladding that defines the space of the counter and the show kitchen covering both vertical and horizontal surfaces around the large transparent window. A custom ultra-thin wood veneer composite has been created for this project, giving an additional light look at the whole surface. If you happen to be around the are don’t forget to stop by for a glass o prosecco. More

Project • By WOOD-SKINOffices


Architect: Hamilton ProjectsWork: WallMaterial: Okumè with American oak veneerFor the headquarter of Endemol Shine Australia located in Sidney, Hamilton projects decided for a WOOD-SKIN solution to giva a touch of style and elegance to the new space. The elegant veneer chosen, okumè with American oak finish, allowed WOOD-SKIN to create a super thin solution. The whole structure measures 5x3,5 m, was shipped in a 1,2x2,5x0,3m box, built and installed in 2 days by 3 people thanks to our super useful instruction manual. More

Project • By Tobi ArchitectsIndividual Buildings

EVA by Tobi Architects

Location: RC Panorama,Ukraine, DniproArea: 120 m2Authors: Nastya Zaharchenko, Toma Podolyanko, Ira VelykoselskaCalm, confident, authentic… This interior is a reflection of our vision of family which we created it for. Here you do not need surplus decor and difficult combinations. Elegant and functionally.This apartment includes a spacious studio, divided into the living room, kitchen and dining room; the main bedroom with its wardrobe and lavatory, the nursery, the office and the entrance group with the guest bathroom.A large closet in the hallway goes into kitchen modules with built-in household equipment, to separate them visually, we used several types of decorations – wooden veneer, graphite with milling and white matte graphite. The ki... More

Project • By Studio Samira BoonConcert Halls

Concert Hall Theaters Tilburg

Theatres Tilburg commissioned Studio Samira Boon to create a site-specific installation of Archi Folds in its main concert hall. The installation was inaugurated on 8 September 2018, during a special gala of Stichting Kunst en Onderneming Brabant (KoBra), marking the start of Theaters Tilburg’s 2018/2019 season.Thanks to its shape and adaptability, Archi Folds able to transform the large main concert hall of Theatres Tilburg into an intimate space suitable for smaller concerts and gatherings.Buildings are generally created to be permanent. By contrast, Archi Folds can bes een as a next step in creating a more flexible architecture. Archi Folds creates a dynamic and flexible environment, a so-called ‘open infrastructure’... More

Project • By Metaphor Interior ArchitectureOffices

GoWork, Chubb Square

Go Work Thamrin 2.0 is an expansion of the increasingly public demand of coworking spaces. As the concept of common office evolves into modern setting, a collaborative hub and event space such as GoWork Coworking and Office Space provides more than just a working platform for workers and entrepreneurs.Unusual colour swatches are found in this space on several corners. The combination of pastel colors is projected on the pink and mint color painted on the mailbox as visitors enter through swiveling doors.A made-to-measure brown leather sofa near to coffee counter attracts workers to take a break, cozying up as if they are at the lounge.While Half-octagon shaped booth corner is made for individual and team work, a larger work stations of... More

Project • By Metaphor Interior ArchitectureShops

Red & White

Assisting one of the leading wine and liquor distributor in Indonesia, we designed a retail and casual dining experience in Plaza Indonesia. One of the main objectives for retail space is to create an inviting space that anyone will feel welcomed and not intimidated. Bright ambiance for clear product information (pricing) that any visitor can check without staff’s assistance, easy access to various products, seamless flow of space; all of these are taken into consideration to enhance product sales. Having casual sitting area also enhance most guests to try product right away with variety of Spanish tapas in premises. Light wood paneling, metal detailing and bronze mirror are used through out the space. Having low ceiling... More