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Project • By Landon Bone Baker ArchitectsHousing

IFF Access Housing

IFF Access Housing provides much needed community-based affordable rental housing for people with disabilities. Located on 25 scattered sites across a 2.5-mile footprint, the project helps stabilize Chicago’s Humboldt Park and Logan Square comm... More

Project • By Studio GangExhibition Centres

American Museum of Natural History, Gilder Center

The latest addition to New York’s historic American Museum of Natural History, the Richard Gilder Center for Science, Education, and Innovation will embody the Museum’s integrated mission of science education and exhibition.   At a time of urgent nee... More

Project • By Hector Abrahams ArchitectsUrban Green Spaces

Tumut Community Labyrinth

This site-specific labyrinth, created as a gift to a small regional town in Australia, enhances the quality of its public domain, invites participation by all and promotes the civic life of the town. It is truly of its people and... More

Project • By Kjellgren Kaminsky ArchitectureSocial Housing

Vetlanda Group-Home

In Vetlanda, Sweden, a group home for six multi-handicapped youths is located. Besides that we have put a great focus on adapting the design for disabled people's specific needs, the dwellers expressed a strong wish for the building not to have the a... More