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Product • By Unika VaevAbstracta x Wall of Art

Abstracta x Wall of Art

Abstracta and art platform Wall of Art have collaborated to develop a unique solution that combines sound-absorption with art. The objective is to create harmonious soundscapes while giving spaces personality and character with works from exciting artists. Abstracta X Wall of Art is uncompromising in terms of art, acoustics, and choice of materials. Behind the motifs, which are printed on cotton fabric, is an effective sound-absorber made from textile waste and polyester reclaimed from recycled PET bottles to ensure minimal environmental impact. Together with its well-crafted oak frame, the cotton fabric helps to enhance tactile feel and create an elegant overall impression, suiting the panels well to settings like restaurants, hotel lobbi... More

Product • By Unika VaevMoon


Moon, a globe-shaped acoustic lamp designed by Thomas Bernstrand provides high quality directed lighting with exceptional sound-absorption. Its shape and generous scale allow it to absorb a wide frequency range of ambient noise effectively. “I’ve given a lot of thought to outer space and the Moon – to the kind of vacuum that exists there. A place with light, yet utterly silent,” remarks Bernstrand. In designing Moon, Bernstrand left nothing to chance. Following two years of development work, he worked closely with Abstracta’s product developers to arrive at a lamp whose shape not only produces really good lighting but maximizes acoustic impact. The lamp’s housing consists of two acoustic felt blankets, ea... More

Product • By Unika VaevPinnacle


The Pinnacle Modular Acoustic System combines texture, color, graphics, and optional LED lighting to enhance how we experience the interior environment. The inspiration for the wall cladding system is rooted in an angular, double-sided structure that changes our perception as we move through space. It adds surprise and delight, all while achieving superior acoustic performance. Pinnacle is available for wall and ceiling applications, achieves Cradle to Cradle Bronze certification, and an NRC rating of 0.95 Pinnacle is offered exclusively as a digitally printed product utilizing a vast curated selection of Wilsonart® Patterns to further expand the design possibilities. You may also provide your own custom color, pattern, photograph, or... More

Product • By Unika VaevEcoustic® Quad

Ecoustic® Quad

Ecoustic® Quad, a high-performance modular acoustic tile, employs gentle interplay of light and shadow from understated rather than dominant shapes, creating a style that beautifully complements a wide range of interior design schemes. Ecoustic® Quad is finished with a surface shadow line which visually divides each tile into four equal quadrants. Infill panels which further enhance acoustic performance are available for each of the three Ecoustic® Quad tile depths. More

Product • By Unika VaevEcoustic® Sculpt® Angle

Ecoustic® Sculpt® Angle

Ecoustic® Sculpt® Angle ceiling tile design incorporates profiles tilted to consistent angles. This design is the result of Instyle’s design collab with architect Alec Tzannes and his Tzannes consultancy colleagues. More

Product • By Unika VaevEcoustic® Sculpt® Coffered Tile Collection

Ecoustic® Sculpt® Coffered Tile Collection

Ecoustic® Sculpt® Coffered Tile is a high-performance acoustic tile from the award-winning Ecoustic® Sculpt® system. Ecoustic® Sculpt® Coffered can be suspended within ceiling grids or directy fixed to wall or ceiling surfaces. Ecoustic® Sculpt® Coffered is available in 17 Ecoustic® Solid Core Colorways. More

Project • By LP+A ArquiteturaOffices

Lady Experience

Lady's striking visual identity welcomes you to the showroom. The program has graphic elements of the brand that are the flagship of the project. Our team developed a color palette that walks through strong tones to achieve a modern and bold atmosphere. Maurício Moreno For the creation of this space, we based ourselves on the user's journey and experience. For everyday work moments, a staff area was developed with several spaces for common use - for calls and meetings. The project also has a pantry, a room reserved for the board of directors and the council. Maurício Moreno In the space, an impactful entrance was designed, in which the user walks through a tunnel with the Lady's logo applied to the ceiling. The wal... More

Project • By Unika VaevOffices

Speculative Suites at 550 Bourke Street

The recently completed Speculative Suites at 550 Bourke Street example the reshaping of traditional commercial office space into contemporary design. Inspired by the evocative color and work of Claude Monet, this theme is explored within design details and lively palettes. An extensive array of our textiles, vinyls and acoustic tiles are featured throughout, paired into playful color combinations that elevate the working atmosphere. James Logan Photographer: James Logan Textiles: Atelier Lava, Dreamy, Runway Herringbone Style + Provenance textiles Acoustics: Ecoustic® Ceiling Flats SC 12mm Olive acoustic ceiling tiles, Ecoustic® Baffle Banner SC 12mm Horizon acoustic baffles + Ecoustic® Matrix Sky acoustic wall tiles.... More

Product • By TRNKL designPATIO collection

PATIO collection

/an outdoor space generally used for dining or recreation that adjoins a residence/ A patio or terrace is the perfect spot for us to connect, relax and unwind in the lap of nature. Moreover, that is the mission for this piece, whether in a big or small adaptation of the design.   The panels are available in various color combinations and with the option of stabilized moss. It is possible to choose a dark or light frame for each panel. The series consists of five basic sizes:size S ........... 45x60 cmsize 1 ......... 80x100 cmsize 2 ..... 3x30x100 cmsize 3 ........150x100 cmsize 4 ....... 4x45x45 cm custom More

Product • By TRNKL designMOTION collection

MOTION collection

/an action or process of moving or being moved/   Inspired to keep moving forward even during times of great difficulties and despair, this piece is characterized through frequent wooden battens that are positioned to always point forward or upwards, and can also be further highlighted using a contrast in colours. Never give up!   The panels are available in various color combinations and with the option of stabilized moss. It is possible to choose a dark or light frame for each panel. The series consists of five basic sizes:size S ........... 45x60 cmsize 1 ......... 80x100 cmsize 2 ..... 3x30x100 cmsize 3 ........150x100 cmsize 4 ....... 4x45x45 cm custom More

Project • By BIDERMANN+WIDEOffices

Chefs Culinar

Chefs Culinar Poland is a global brand with German roots that has been in business for almost 100 years. Designing for such a client is a big challenge and a great responsibility. In 2018, our studio was invited to work on the interior design of Chefs Culinar's newly built logistics center in Wiskitki near Warsaw. Thanks to our early inclusion into the team, we were able to go through the entire process in accordance with our internal procedures, resulting in a space tailored to the requirements of the client and their team. Kroniki Studio: Hanna Polczynska Kroniki Studio: Hanna Polczynska More than an office. The logistics center in Wiskitki is not just warehouses with an office area. The brief was to additionally create a coo... More

NewsNews • 31 Dec 2022

Kamitopen Architecture-Design office crafts a tranquil wellness space devoid of sound

Based in Chiba, Japan, Re: Sauna designed by Kamitopen Architecture-Design office, revaluates the concept of sound taking inspiration from the Japanese word Shinkan meaning deep quietness or stillness. Keisuke Miyamoto The design of the sauna seeks to eliminate all the surrounding noise to provide the users with a calm and relaxing experience. Materiality played a quintessential part in how the space would be perceived.  Keisuke Miyamoto Design-wise, all the materials used for finishing are uneven, the partition walls connect to the attic, and soundproofing material is used inside the walls to eliminate noise. Additionally, lighting design seeks to simulate the direction, intensity, and colour temperature of natural... More

Project • By TresismoOffices

Execon Corporate

Execon Corporate is a company specialized in technology solutions, internet monitoring and technical support to convenience stores in Mexico, 24 hours a day and all year round. The interior design project is developed on five levels of a building owned by the company, where the first two levels are intended for commercial use, while the remaining four levels plus the rooftop are intended for its operation. Idea Cúbica Idea Cúbica One of the strong points of the project was the humanization in the design and conditioning of the staff's recreation areas since the area that previously existed did not have the necessary spatial quality for a company with 100 employees. The entire concept of the project was based on esta... More

Project • By LIKO-SOffices

Private clinic Budapest

The private clinic is located in the administrative building of the former GANZ plant in Budapest, Hungary. In its design, which was taken care of by architects Péter Lenzsér, Mátyás Jug, and Krisztina Dobó from Lenzsér és Társa Kft, it was important to look at several factors. The interior was designed primarily to suit both, patients and attending doctors. Gulyás Attila "The waiting room itself should be spacious and clear enough. At the same time, however, it must offer an intimate space for patients and their relatives, ”explains Péter Lenzsér, one of the architects who worked on the design. "The consulting rooms conceptually represent a transition... More

Project • By JLC-Tech | Linear LED LightingSecondary Schools

Dr. Knippenberg College

The Dr. Knippenberg College in Helmond, Netherlands opened in September 2021.   The design of the school fosters a creative and collaborative atmosphere. The playful layout of the T-BAR LED extends this spirit throughout, adding character to the classrooms and study areas. Designers have the most flexibility when working with T-BAR LED lighting, transforming a suspended grid ceiling into a fun and interesting focal point. More