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Project • By LIKO-SOffices

Office as a showroom

If you are a producer of interior systems in the first place and your work is primarily the design of office space, then when renovating your own office, you have the opportunity to take it as a showroom and use everything that your portfolio offers. This is exactly how the branch of the Czech family company LIKO-S was established in the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava. The offices in the Polianky Business Center are designed to be as flexible as possible and to clearly show the possibilities and connections between interior systems. Whether it is ordinary single or double glazed partitions, framed or frameless, mobile walls full and glazed, various types of doors, or graphic laminated glass. Thanks to their acoustic properties, the partit... More

Product • By MilleformaBase Unit - Modulo Base

Base Unit - Modulo Base

milleforma produces and commercializes acoustic decorative wall-coverings in a natural material, composed by cotton linters and clays, completely plastic free, realized through a handcrafted manufacturing process. They are wall and ceiling covering tiles, made entirely of natural material. we propose 4 shapes available in 28 colors that can be joined together to create figures with very different aesthetic effects. We have created a series of shapes that together create a basic unit MODULO: a square of 59 cm. The rotation, the phase shift of the base unit and the different coloring creates surprising graphic effects. It is possible to choose between many different modules for the creation of predefined graphic patterns. Our patterns are des... More

Project • By Eventscape Inc.Cinemas

Motion Pictures Association

Eventscape was contracted to provide 4 custom interior features for this corporate office. In the lobby a curved millwork feature wall created a double “S” shape in plan, with an overall length of 125-feet long by 12-feet high. Finished with a series of custom extruded anodized aluminum fins, and centered on the central theatre door opening, it resembles the movement of a curtain opening onto a projection screen. This custom fin design also continued on the theatre walls and both areas included flexible LED strip lights. Millwork and backlit solid surface was used for the reception desk and three lobby columns that Eventscape also produced and installed.  Unique Characteristics & Project Challenges: Lobby Walls: Cente... More

Product • By Richporter LightingVapor®


Vapor® ceiling systems offer a variety of patterns generated from simple, repeated elements. Panels are compatible with industry-standard grid systems and their scrim-like design allows HVAC, lighting elements, and other infrastructure to be shrouded yet fully operational. Optional backing materials can be added - frosted, polycarbonate, for dramatic backlighting effects, or our Soft Sound" acoustical material, available in a wide range of colors, to reduce sound reverberation. More

Product • By Richporter LightingWorkscreen


Desk partition designs for enhancing aesthetics, privacy, comfort, and safety. While designed for shared spaces, they are equally adaptable to the home office, allowing you to create a private space and reduce noise in any setting. More

Project • By FIBANDCOResidential Landscape

Eco Home

Material used are all sustainable and they includes Green Blade banana veneer, bamboo flooring and acoustic fibers tiles. Penetrable window frames and sun screening louvers, all dressed with Green Blade create an open living environment incorporated with passive climate controls. Bladeless ceiling fan, food waste digester, and a portable hydroponic farming greenhouse provides a green kitchen environment.  The bathroom, clad in blue glass, is equipped with air drying faucet, vacuum water closet, water saving washing machine and grey water recycling plant in a stylish “green house library” environment.   More

Product • By Acoustical SurfacesSound Silencer™

Sound Silencer™

The Sound Silencer is a cleanable acoustic plank made from Rigid Porous ARPRO Acoustical Planks. Order the acoustic sound-absorbing panels today! More

Product • By FIBANDCOGreen Blade® Acoustic

Green Blade® Acoustic

Green Blade Acoustic Panels are performant sustainable acoustic solutions. FibandCo offer a wide range of acoustic solutions, each with their own acoustic performance. All of the Green Blade acoustic solutions have been professionally tested in a Europe laboratory for acoustics. Solutions possess an NRC value ranging from 60 to 90% and can be implemented on walls, ceilings or partition walls. More

Product • By Acoustical SurfacesPoly Max™ Polyester Acoustical Wall & Ceiling Panels

Poly Max™ Polyester Acoustical Wall & Ceiling Panels

Poly Max uses polyester fabric for acoustic panels. They offer sound absorption without chemical irritants. The decorative acoustic ceiling and wall panels can be printed with custom graphics to blend into any décor. More

Product • By Acoustical SurfacesEcho Eliminator

Echo Eliminator

Echo Eliminator is a high-performing acoustical material made from recycled cotton. The cotton fabric panels are ideal for noise control applications. It can be used as an acoustic wall panel or hanging baffle. Common applications of this acoustical absorbing material are school gyms, classrooms, lunch rooms and any application where a high-performing noise control product is needed. Echo Eliminator cotton fabric panels are eligible for LEED™ credits, Class A fire rated and 100% recyclable. More
New Scotland Yard - Internal
New Scotland Yard - External
New Scotland Yard - External
New Scotland Yard - Internal


New Scotland Yard

A stand out design by AHMM which was constructed by BAM construction; this Laudescher LINEA Bespoke 2.4.3 (aw 0.9, Absorption Class A, NRC 0.9) acoustic slatted panels with the purpose of managing the reflective nature of the walls within the main entrance area. The extremely specific design of the ceiling panels here where each slat cut from a glulam block so as to achieve a curve that is not stressed. The same product is used inside and outside so as to achieve a seamless finish through the glass.These panels work to absorb sounds and reduce the refection so as to increase the calming effect of the area. More

Project • By SoundtectBanks

Financial giant Sheffield

In partnership with Axis Architecture, we supported the creation of a new space for a financial services firm in Grosvenor House in Solihull. Designers, Axis Architecture/  Installation Contractors,John Atkinson Interiors Axis Architecture designed this clever break out area which used the Freestyle  as bespoke cut baffles in on the ceiling and The 3D Wave and Tetris in the meeting rooms. The brief was to create a brand new high specification dining and refreshment area sitting within the buildings canteen area in order to create the right ambience, vibrancy and atmosphere Soundtect were chosen for their innovative acoustic paneling.  Soundtect acoustic panels were chosen effectively control sound break out as well as... More

Product • By JLC-Tech | Linear LED LightingT-BAR LED™ Block Diffusing Lenses

T-BAR LED™ Block Diffusing Lenses

Block Clear Diffusing Lens: T-BAR LED with acrylic block diffuser has an added unique combination of direct and indirect illumination. Designed with satin edges and clear sides, this model creates a particular architectural statement while distributing the lumens over the entire space. Create an array of linear geometrical light patterns or use this as an accent light for special decorative projects.   Block Frosted Diffusing Lens: T-BAR LED with white frosted block lens is designed with all white frosted edges and sides. This model creates an elegant even glow of light with a 180 degree light distribution.   More

Project • By 14six8 - Acoustic Office SolutionsOffices

Acoustic solution at Cundall

Reflecting on a successful installation at Cundall of both HIVE, our modular suspended acoustic ceiling system and DNA, our interlinking acoustic pieces which act as a centre piece down the staircase and a main feature of the space. Thanks to the Resonics team for their professional installation. #interiors #interiordesign #architecture #officedesign #officedecor #officeinspiration #officeinteriors #interioracoustics #acoustics #suspendedacoustics #14six8 #acousticfeature #staircasefeatures #acousticdesign More

Product • By 14six8 - Acoustic Office SolutionsHarmony - Acoustic suspended system

Harmony - Suspended acoustic system

In a new era of architectural design, intimacy and acoustic comfort within work environments are at the forefront. Combine that with vision and the result is a harmonious suspended acoustic element which is created from two-dimensional profiles assembled to unveil a three-dimensional geometric shell acting as a barrier for reverberating sound within spaces. Whether it be over desks and meeting tables or as artistic volumes in large open areas “HARMONY” encompasses style, form and function with the additional appeal of having the choice of a vast array of solid, patterned or customisable panels to create unique solutions. Dream it. Configure it. More