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Product • By Unika VaevPinnacle


The Pinnacle Modular Acoustic System combines texture, color, graphics, and optional LED lighting to enhance how we experience the interior environment. The inspiration for the wall cladding system is rooted in an angular, double-sided structure that changes our perception as we move through space. It adds surprise and delight, all while achieving superior acoustic performance. Pinnacle is available for wall and ceiling applications, achieves Cradle to Cradle Bronze certification, and an NRC rating of 0.95 Pinnacle is offered exclusively as a digitally printed product utilizing a vast curated selection of Wilsonart® Patterns to further expand the design possibilities. You may also provide your own custom color, pattern, photograph, or... More

Product • By Unika VaevEcoustic® Sculpt® Angle

Ecoustic® Sculpt® Angle

Ecoustic® Sculpt® Angle ceiling tile design incorporates profiles tilted to consistent angles. This design is the result of Instyle’s design collab with architect Alec Tzannes and his Tzannes consultancy colleagues. More

Product • By Unika VaevEcoustic® Sculpt® Coffered Tile Collection

Ecoustic® Sculpt® Coffered Tile Collection

Ecoustic® Sculpt® Coffered Tile is a high-performance acoustic tile from the award-winning Ecoustic® Sculpt® system. Ecoustic® Sculpt® Coffered can be suspended within ceiling grids or directy fixed to wall or ceiling surfaces. Ecoustic® Sculpt® Coffered is available in 17 Ecoustic® Solid Core Colorways. More

Project • By Unika VaevOffices

First Eagle

A New York-based financial investment firm expands to Chicago. The project focuses on creating a tailored interior design that reflects the firm’s values. The design features Ecoustic® Sculpt® Network, creating an open cell ceiling linking customer-facing meeting spaces and a hospitality area, promoting seamless movement and connectivity. Additionally, a centralized social space encourages staff collaboration and serendipitous connections. This expansion will enhance client experiences, and foster a sense of community among staff. Ross Floyd Photographed by Ross Floyd More

Project • By VIVA ArchitectureUniversities

More about the ceiling

Interior renovation of a school building, the sequel. The new design for a multipurpose space implements a homey feel by the use of curtains and wooden fixed furniture. Round acoustic colored panels are applied, similar to the design of the main auditorium. The corridor becomes a flexible learning space by the use of folding and high table tops that also house the plants. The green reception area becomes the entrance to both spaces. Koen Broos Today, the choice of school for students is partly determined by the context and facilities in which the programs will continue.With anticipation ODISEE chooses to undertake this renovation project of an existing multipurpose aula, the study infrastructure in the nearby corridor as well as the... More

NewsSpecification • 18 Apr 2023

10 office interiors with striking acoustic solutions

Office noise, particularly in larger open-plan spaces, can often hinder workplace productivity. For some employees, noise might be a mild irritant. For others, it can be a source of stress, having deleterious effects and negatively impacting mood.  With an increasing number of employees returning to the office — in the wake of Covid-19 — it is an opportunity for employers to think about the design and set-up of office spaces. The most annoying office noises include everything from conversations to loud typing. One approach to minimizing noise is to introduce acoustic treatments such as sound absorbing panels, to the workplace environment. Employers who are considering acoustic solutions in order to dampen office noise do... More

Product • By FabriTRAK®FabriTRAK® - Wall & Ceiling trak profiles

FabriTRAK® - Wall & Ceiling trak profiles

For over 40 years, FabriTRAK® profiles have been installed in projects around the globe from home theaters to sports arenas, corporate board rooms to open plan offices, restaurants and bars to museums, education facilities to worship houses.   FabriTRAK®: The most trak profiles in the industryFabriTRAK® frameworks, known generally as “trak” are manufactured from a unique blend of polymers and fire-retardant additives free of volatile organic compounds. FabriTRAK® is an exceptional fire-retardant rigid vinyl framework that provides a method for using fabric as an interior architectural finish for walls and ceilings. Caption FabriTRAK® is available in square, round and bevel edges in nearly 50 prof... More

Project • By STOALOffices

Glass Offices

This office space was divided into several 'glass' offices. To give it a cohesive feel, the white Clip-in ceiling was extended across the entire space. Slimline 30 lighting gave the space a streamlined and clean feel. With enough light for the employees, of course! Above some cabinets, Tube Swing luminaires were provided for extra accent. Philip Braem In the walkway, a small bar/kitchen was provided by the client. This bar is accented by four Bull dot lighting fixtures. The Bull dot is a small, subtle but powerful luminaire. Perfect as an accent in the room. Philip Braem More

Product • By FabriTRAK®FabriSPAN®


Custom line of wide width and ultra-wide width fabrics FabriSPAN® offers a selection of fabrics designed to work with wall and ceiling trak profiles and infill to create the best sound solution for any interior space. FabriSPAN® wide width (10') and ultra-wide width (16') fabrics eliminate distracting horizontal seams on interior walls and ceilings. FabriSPAN® fabrics have passed through rigorous fire and acoustic testing. Our fabrics included in the FabriTRAK® or GeoTRAK® System (trak, infill, fabric) achieve high NRC values. FabriPRINT™ is a unique product that combines acoustic performance and artistic imagery, transforming a wall or ceiling into a work of art. Our fabrics can be custom dyed at 10' - allowing... More

Product • By FabriTRAK®GeoTRAK® System

GeoTRAK® System

PVC-Free Acoustic System for Walls & Ceilings As architects and designers move to LEED v4 and sustainable interior design environments, we saw the need to develop an acoustic system that matched in quality and durability as our traditional system.   GeoTRAK® is made up of PVC-free trak, environmentally-friendly infill and fabric. GeoTRAK® wall and ceiling trak profiles offers the same strength, fit and ease of installation as our original FabriTRAK® profiles, while meeting LEED v4 requirements and are all DECLARE certified.   As part of the GeoTRAK® System, we offer TerraCORE® Poly - a DECLARE certified infill that is made up 80% post consumer recycled materials and is 100% re... More

Product • By FabriTRAK®FabriTRAK® System

FabriTRAK® System

FabriTRAK® is an exceptional fire-retardant rigid vinyl framework that provides a method for using textiles such as fabric, felt, leather, silk and vinyl, as an interior finish for walls and ceilings. Acoustic System for Walls & CeilingsFabriTRAK® established itself early on by creating a framework, known as 'trak', that is manufactured from a unique blend of polymers and fire-retardant additives tested to virtually no VOC emissions. The FabriTRAK® System incorporates over 50 profiles of wall and ceiling trak, infill and fabric, and is designed to reduce Hertz levels (noise), enhance speech clarity and privacy, and provide an excellent articulation index, all while allowing designers total creativity in an interior space.... More

Product • By INTEGRA INTERIOR SYSTEMSCeiling Systems - metal, wood & felt

Ceiling Systems - metal, wood & felt

Ceiling systems from Integra provide a modern appearance in office buildings, train stations, hotels, airports and many other public and private buildings. They absorb sound, provide light and create improved living environments based on the design and the materials used. Integra works with architects and consultants to create ceilings that are not only functional and stunningly beautiful, but also fully meet all building requirements.   With over 20 years of experience Integra provides a large range of systems, material choices, options and colours. All our systems are produced in our own factories. This means that we can quickly respond to any requirement and, where necessary, manufacture the systems to measure.    Meta... More

Project • By KreonOffices

Born & Meyer

Luxemburg based electrical contractor Born & Meyer commissioned kreon to provide a full comfort integrated acoustic ceiling for their new offices. kreon rytmi and clip-in chilled ceiling with integrated kreon tenno, holon 40 and aplis in-line downlights. More

Project • By LIKO-SOffices

Office as a showroom

If you are a producer of interior systems in the first place and your work is primarily the design of office space, then when renovating your own office, you have the opportunity to take it as a showroom and use everything that your portfolio offers. This is exactly how the branch of the Czech family company LIKO-S was established in the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava. The offices in the Polianky Business Center are designed to be as flexible as possible and to clearly show the possibilities and connections between interior systems. Whether it is ordinary single or double glazed partitions, framed or frameless, mobile walls full and glazed, various types of doors, or graphic laminated glass. Thanks to their acoustic properties, the partit... More

Product • By MilleformaBase Unit - Modulo Base

Base Unit - Modulo Base

milleforma produces and commercializes acoustic decorative wall-coverings in a natural material, composed by cotton linters and clays, completely plastic free, realized through a handcrafted manufacturing process. They are wall and ceiling covering tiles, made entirely of natural material. we propose 4 shapes available in 28 colors that can be joined together to create figures with very different aesthetic effects. We have created a series of shapes that together create a basic unit MODULO: a square of 59 cm. The rotation, the phase shift of the base unit and the different coloring creates surprising graphic effects. It is possible to choose between many different modules for the creation of predefined graphic patterns. Our patterns are des... More