10 office interiors with striking acoustic solutions
Philip Kottlorz

10 office interiors with striking acoustic solutions

18 Apr 2023  •  Specification  •  By Gerard McGuickin

Office noise, particularly in larger open-plan spaces, can often hinder workplace productivity. For some employees, noise might be a mild irritant. For others, it can be a source of stress, having deleterious effects and negatively impacting mood. 

With an increasing number of employees returning to the office — in the wake of Covid-19 — it is an opportunity for employers to think about the design and set-up of office spaces. The most annoying office noises include everything from conversations to loud typing. One approach to minimizing noise is to introduce acoustic treatments such as sound absorbing panels, to the workplace environment.

Employers who are considering acoustic solutions in order to dampen office noise do not need to sacrifice aesthetic design in the process. There are many striking acoustic solutions to choose from, available in a variety of materials, shapes, and colors. Products have been designed for a range of surfaces, including walls and ceilings. Popular acoustic elements are panels, baffles, screens, and dividers.

Listed below are ten examples of striking acoustic solutions for office interiors.


1. Billtrust Headquarters
photo_credit Jeffrey Totaro
Jeffrey Totaro

Acquilano was engaged by Billtrust to design the financial-tech company’s headquarters located in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. With the help of Acquilano, Billtrust selected a building that fit their needs like a...

Kirei USA
The EchoPanel® H-Baffle is designed to look great while dispersing and absorbing excessive noise. The H-Baffle can be ceiling hung at any height using cable or rod. Hang EchoPanel H-Baffles in regular rows or rand...


2. Contentful Berlin
photo_credit Koy + Winkel Photography
Koy + Winkel Photography

Growing while preserving the startup energy – toi toi toi creative studio (T3) managed this feat with poise for software company Contentful’s new workplace in Berlin. As one of the most valued German softw...

Mute Fit PET Felt Acoustic Panel
De Vorm
The name speaks for itself - Mute Fit always fits. It is a universal acoustic panel designed to match every size and surface. An asymmetric curtain-like pattern combines many different flat and curved sections. It ens...


3. Monmouth Coffee Company
photo_credit Jack Hobhouse
Jack Hobhouse

Monmouth Coffee Company was founded by Anita Le Roy in 1978. In the forty-plus years since then, the firm has grown slowly into...

BAUX Acoustic Panels
Introducing BAUX Acoustic Panels! We asked ourselves, how can we create a new BAUX product, for large or small spaces, without compromising the functional design of BAUX Träullit? This is the story of our new creatio...


4. Private clinic Budapest
photo_credit Gulyás Attila
Gulyás Attila

The private clinic is located in the administrative building of the former GANZ plant in Budapest, Hungary. In its design, which was taken care of by architects Péter Lenzsér, Mátyás Jug, a...

SilentPET | acoustic design panels
Each space is different. Large glass surfaces, hard floors, open spaces, or high light clearance. The composition of the construction, carpet, or furnishings usually improves the acoustic conditions in the room, but o...


5. Modern Solutions Design Headquarters
photo_credit Philip Kottlorz
Philip Kottlorz

Acoustic elements such as cylindrical absorbers are both functional and aesthetic.

An international pharmaceuticals company has moved into new Swiss headquarters in The Circle, right next to Zurich Airport. We helped the company transition to a New Work environment: developing a spatial concept for...


6. Impact Acoustic Showroom Switzerland
photo_credit Eduardo Perez
Eduardo Perez

Features Impact Acoustic ceiling baffle in dark green.

Impact Acoustic's headquarters is dedicated to its in-house Cradle-to-Cradle certified acoustic material, ARCHISONIC. The 300-square meter building houses around 20 workstations with colourful highlights. From the sus...


7. The PAE Living Building
photo_credit Benjamin Benschneider
Benjamin Benschneider

Features the Turf 'Drop' ceiling baffle.

The PAE Living Building is the first developer-driven and largest commercial urban Living Building in the world. The building marries the scale and feel of its Old Town historic district in Portland, Ore. with the hig...


8. DFDS Global Headquarters
photo_credit Thorbjørn Hansen - Kontraframe
Thorbjørn Hansen - Kontraframe

Features 'Studio Stripe' acoustic cladding by Moelven.

From bow to stern, DFDS’ new headquarters exudes sustainability, flexibility and company values Employees have now boarded DFDS' new, innovative headquarters in Copenhagen's Northern Har...



Features 'HERADESIGN' acoustic panels by Knauf Ceiling Solutions.

The architects of the STABILO CUBE used green-coloured...


10. Schallmeister Office Showroom

Features 'ViCloud VMT Flat' by Vicoustic.

From a workspace to a living place, these office installations show the wide assortment of applications that acoustic treatment developed by Vicoustic can have. The diversity of applications of Vicoustic solut...