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Product • By FabriTRAK®FabriSPAN®


Custom line of wide width and ultra-wide width fabrics FabriSPAN® offers a selection of fabrics designed to work with wall and ceiling trak profiles and infill to create the best sound solution for any interior space. FabriSPAN® wide width (10') and ultra-wide width (16') fabrics eliminate distracting horizontal seams on interior walls and ceilings. FabriSPAN® fabrics have passed through rigorous fire and acoustic testing. Our fabrics included in the FabriTRAK® or GeoTRAK® System (trak, infill, fabric) achieve high NRC values. FabriPRINT™ is a unique product that combines acoustic performance and artistic imagery, transforming a wall or ceiling into a work of art. Our fabrics can be custom dyed at 10' - allowing... More

Product • By VicousticSuspended Baffle VMT 3D

Suspended Baffle VMT 3D

Suspended Baffle VMT 3D is made from VicPET Wool - a non-woven textile produced mainly from recycled plastic bottles. Being a suspended acoustic element, presents twice the area of absorbing material exposed of a common acoustic panel, making it a very efficient solution to control noise build up in big public or industrial spaces. These Baffles can be installed both in Horizontal and Vertical position, and they they can be customised. It is a safer product compared to normal baffle solutions because it doesn't have a metal or wood structure. It's easy to install using a simple Wire Rope Fixation System, basically two steel cables with a hook. The Wire Rope can be easily adjusted in height up to 150 cm. Thanks to its green, recyclable, huma... More

Product • By VicousticVicWallpaper


VicWallpaper VMT is a revolutionary new way of acoustic and thermal isolation, for residencial and commercial applications. This acoustic wallpaper was developed to perform over medium to high frequencies, is ideal for improving speech and intelligibility on places like meeting rooms, living rooms or classrooms. Manufactured in recycled and fire rated EuroClass B PET, VicWallpaper VMT is easy and fast to install, not requiring any specialised and expensive labour. The VMT line acoustic panels were certified for Indoor Advantage™ Gold Building Materials by SCS Global Services, meaning they conform to the standard recommended for the school classroom and private office scenarios. More

Product • By VicousticVixagon VMT

Vixagon VMT

Vixagon VMT is a perfect solution to cushion and reduce sound levels in a cost-effective way. Vicoustic’s standard patterns and solid colors for the Vixagon VMT are stylish and work in many different aesthetics and particularly in strongly designed architectural spaces. This product can be used on walls and ceilings and adapted easily owing to its unique shape. A smaller and more compact version of Vixagon, Vixagon Mini, is also available, offering all of the same acoustic solutions, just in a smaller and more manageable size to create more intricate and creative patterns. The Vixagons Mini are packed in a really innovative way: we are using the same material as the product itself as packaging material. This will give the bonus of hav... More

Product • By Acoustical SurfacesSound Silencer™ Tackable Acoustic Panels

Sound Silencer™ Tackable Acoustic Panels

The Sound Silencer is a cleanable acoustic plank made from Rigid Porous ARPRO Acoustical Planks. Order the acoustic sound-absorbing panels today! More

Project • By FIBANDCOBanks

Le Village by CA

The Village by CA is a business accelerator that connects startups with large companies, ETIs and SMEs. It helps startups to grow and develop as close as possible to its 40 corporate partners (Naval Group, IBM, PSA, Capgemini...) in an open-innovation logic. ERG Architecture has chosen Green Blade® acoustics for a sustainable and elegant design in the auditorium guaranteeing excellent acoustics for presentations, pitch, and musicians speaking in the Village.    More

Product • By FIBANDCOGreen Blade® Acoustic

Green Blade® Acoustic

Green Blade Acoustic Panels are performant sustainable acoustic solutions. FibandCo offer a wide range of acoustic solutions, each with their own acoustic performance. All of the Green Blade acoustic solutions have been professionally tested in a Europe laboratory for acoustics. Solutions possess an NRC value ranging from 60 to 90% and can be implemented on walls, ceilings or partition walls. More

Project • By SoundtectOffices

Trip Advisor

Soundtect was invited to find a solution for the atrium area for the refurbishment of Trip Advisor's HQ in Soho Square which was designed by freelance creative director Sam Ransom for GTA Interiors. This glass walled, high ceilinged area was incredibly reverberant and need a special solution to not only tackle the sound, but work with the highly creative design of the whole fit-out. Soundtect suggest using a wall feature to absorb the sound and create a stunning feature on this 11m high wall. Soundtect Fins were created especially for this project and we worked together with the designers to finalise a layout that worked with the space and provided the necessary absorption. The result was an eye-catching sound absorbing feature based at t... More

Project • By SoundtectHospitals

burleigh medical centre

A new build two storey primary care medical centre and integrated Pharmacy. The scheme was to create a space both inside and out that was contemporary and engaging for the service users. The client’s vision was to pay homage to Barnsley's historic mining community which is reflected in the choice of materials both inside and out. The heavily contrasting external materials of dark anthracite cladding with white sparkling block work are reflected back within the interiors. Bold geometric shapes are used throughout the scheme referencing shapes found in geologic materials. Hexagonal forms were used for the children’s built in feature seating and also within the Soundtect Freestyle acoustic panels which meant contemporary Artwork... More

Product • By VicousticFlexi Wave Ultra

Flexi Wave Ultra

The revolutionary Flexi Wave acoustic panel brings performance and design to our homes. This hybrid acoustic panel acts as an absorber and diffuser simultaneously. The acoustic vicPET Wool can be removed for cleaning or replaced with a different color. The Flexi Wave is the ideal product to improve the acoustics and decor of your home cinema and hi-fi room. This acoustic panel is ideal for residential installations, cinemas, restaurants, or on its own, as a decorative piece. The frame is made of premium MDF and high quality melamine. Vicoustic Flexi Wave is available in two versions – the full size 4 foot panel (1200 mm) and the smaller 2 foot panel (600 mm, half a Flexi Wave). Interesting designs can be developed when both versions... More


Empire Riverside Hotel

The Empire Riverside Hotel and the “Brauhaus”, an office and business complex, is located in the centre of Hamburg on industrial land formerly occupied by the Bavaria brewery. The buildings lie between two widely divergent areas of the city: to the east are striking townhouses, commercial buildings and banks, and to the north and west, provincial St Pauli with its preponderance of four- and five-storey buildings built in the 19th century. Both the facade and the interior were designed by Berlin-based David Chipperfield Architects.The building complex is made up of three structures: The 327-room hotel consists of a tower over an L-shaped low-rise section which is adjacent to the “Brauhaus”. The space between the Brauhaus and the low-rise par... More