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NewsNews • 22 Jul 2021

Kengo Kuma adds chain clad staircase to Gaudí’s Casa Batlló

Just like Gaudí’s 1906 masterpiece Casa Batlló is a tribute to the light of the Mediterranean and inspired by Gaudí’s famous chain models, Kengo Kuma created a staircase using 164,000 meters of chain.  Jordi Anguera As a part of the new 2000 square meters Casa Batlló Experience, Kuma was asked to design the staircase. The architect dresses the stairs in aluminium curtains which catch the light as if they were fishing nets. According to the architect they play with light through brightness, silhouettes and shadows. Jordi Anguera Lighter shades of Kriskadecor aluminium chains are used at the top at roof level and level by level they darken to the coal bunker bottom level reaching black... More

Product • By AdurraLift & Slide

Lift & Slide

ADURRA’s Lift & Slide patio door gives new meaning to functionality and style. The Lift & Slide patio door is specially designed for larger openings to offer unobstructed views and ample natural light, all while maintaining increased level of security and a modern design. More

Project • By Interpon Powder Coatings by AkzoNobelOffices

Guangzhou Pearl River Tower

It is reputed to be the most environmetally friendly skyscraper in the world by respected international media such as the BBC and National Geographic.   More

Project • By AlumetOffices

3 Broadgate

The 19 meter high cylinder “3 Broadgate” stands in between two large office buildings and is characteristic for the financial district of London. Despite a wide walkway on the ground floor, the office pavilion was seen as a obstacle by passers-by and they preferably avoided this part of the area. Orms Architects London 3 transformed Broadgate in an inviting arch with a dazzling aluminum façade. The façade consists of 5.370 different perforated aluminum panels and is anodized in AluBronze02. More

Project • By AlumetOffices

fellenoord 15

Fellenoord 15 in Eindhoven is a redevelopment of the former Rabobank office building. The renovated building is characterised by sustainability and is for example not connected to natural gas but equipped with heat and cold storage and solar panels. It received the BREEAM Excellent certificate. Fellenoord 15 wants to be an example for the new circular economy. Anodised aluminium by Alumet is also characterised by sustainability. Anodised aluminium has an expected life span of over 80 years, is durable, corrosionresistant and colourfast. Moreover it is easy to clean. The approximately 850m2 of lamellae were anodised by Alumet in the colour AluCopper1. The lamellae are all placed under a different angle, creating a spectacular view of (sun)li... More

NewsNews • 11 Mar 2021

Three elegant white towers by Superimpose stand tall in a new CBD district of Changzhi

Changzhi is a fourth tier industrial city, 600 kilometers south-west of Beijing. Superimpose managed to break with the conventional cookie-cutter classicistic European-style drab developments to realize a constellation of three sculptural residential towers for a younger generation of city dwellers. CreatAR The towers stand in stark contrast to the rapidly urbanizing city district. The slim apartment towers have been situated to increase uninterrupted views and maximize sunlight exposure.  CreatAR Each loft apartment comes with a unique balcony to provide character to the different units. Strict rules should ensure the balconies will remain an outdoor space.  CreatAR A light materialization contrasts the muted su... More

NewsNews • 11 Mar 2021

A large floating roof tops The House of Wisdom by Foster + Partners

The cantilevering roof sits on top of a glass box fitted with aluminium screens in differing densities. Both the cantilever and the screens work as shading in the warm Emirat climate. Movable bamboo screens provide shading and privacy at the lower levels. The House of Wisdom by Foster + Partners is a library and cultural center, located ten kilometers outside Sharjah city center. © Chris Goldstraw  “The straight, minimalist lines of the building complement the dunes of the desert, set within a lush landscape. The House of Wisdom is set to be an oasis for the local community, led by research and innovation, at the heart of a new cultural district.” Gerard Evenden, Head of Studio at Foster + Partners &c... More

NewsNews • 16 Feb 2021

Mecanoo completes Tainan Public Library shaped like inverted ziggurat

The inverted stepped shape clad in champagne-coloured aluminium is supported by a grid of columns. The columns are paired in fours and look like infrastructural piping. Mecanoo in collaboration with MAYU were inspired by the local culture and tropical Taiwanese climate.  Ethan Lee The top volume is wrapped with vertical aluminium slats in a flower pattern that refers back to decorative latticed windows that can be found in Tainan’s old town. The slats filter the incoming daylight and keep out the heat. Ethan Lee The large cantilevers cover four sunken patios for outdoor activities. The largest one is accessible from the square and can be used to organize lectures, concerts and exhibitions. The awnings are finished wit... More

Product • By Shade FactorExternal Venetian Blinds

External Venetian Blinds

Motorised external venetian blinds from Warema More

NewsNews • 24 Dec 2020

Top 10 metal projects of 2020

  Arch-Exist 1. Garden Hotpot Restaurant by MUDA-Architects In total, the building has a circumference of 290 meters, with the height of 3 meters, and the width varies with the natural environment. The platform is made of anti-corrosive wood, and the roof is made of galvanized steel sheet, coated with white fluorocarbon paint, which complements the surrounding lush environment. A series of steel columns with a diameter of 88 mm is used as the supporting structure, and it blends into the straight trunks of eucalyptus trees and disappears into nature. The curved wooden railing by the lakeside is built for customers to enjoy the views, and blur the boundary of the lake, which brings people closer to nature.   Hél&eg... More

NewsNews • 22 Oct 2020

Antonio Virga completes monolithic brick and aluminium cinema complex

In the historic center of Cahors, Southern France, Antonio Virga Architecte transformed a former parking lot into a 7-screen cinema surrounded by a pedestrian square.  Luc Boegly The location was historically the site of army barracks that were destroyed by a fire in 1943. Antonio Virga refers back to the symmetry and rigorous nature of a 19th century military facility and reinterpreted it into a monolithic elongated mass. Pierre Lasvenes The building consists of two attached rectangular volumes. One brick volume facing the square and a gold powder-coated aluminium in the back. The brick volume mirrors the barracks and is imagined as a contemporary reinterpretation.  Luc Boegly The front facade has a composition... More

Project • By heroalOffices

Revaler Spitze

Aluminium system solutions for urban industry architecture By mid-2021, after completion of two construction phases, the project “Revaler Spitze“ will have created a flexibly useable office and commercial space in the heart of Berlin Friedrichshain. At this top location, a great number of start-ups and traditional businesses will be united under one roof, occupying a gigantic space of 17,300 square metres. The building on Revaler Street has been named after its characteristic wedge shape, resembling a tip or “Spitze“. The architectural look, with its classic red-brick façade and steel profile frames, is borrowed from the architecture of the early 20th century. The heroal system solutions for curtain walls, wi... More

Project • By heroalSecondary Schools


System solutions by heroal for historic school building in Dortmund After a construction phase of two and a half years, the history-charged Fritz-Henßler-Berufskolleg, a vocational training institution in the city centre of Dortmund, has been extensively refurbished and enlarged by two additional buildings. The result is a complex of school buildings satisfying all demands on a modern and future-orientated learning environment. From an architectural perspective, an exciting dialogue between old and new unfolds both inside and outside. Different system solutions by heroal give distinction to the new outer appearance of this group of buildings, while at the same time providing core features, such as thermal insulation. Numerous nationa... More

NewsNews • 16 Aug 2020

Crystalline Community Centre features dynamic lines and material expression

South of Prague, the Sedlčany Community Centre by architects A8000 s.r.o. consists of two buildings that create a natural transition between the town’s urban fabric and less densely developed area that surrounds. The first building is an apartment block that terminates the street. The second is a prayer house, rotated towards the town’s centre. While the apartment building is more traditionally conceived in expression and composition, the prayer house is more contemporary with its material expression and crystalline form. Credit: Ondřej Bouška The prayer house comprises three concrete slabs leaning against each other. Clad with an expanded sheet of metal, a red foil is placed beneath the sheets to create the final c... More

Product • By Interpon Powder Coatings by AkzoNobelInterpon D1010 - Super Durable Polyesters

Interpon D1010 - Super Durable Polyesters

A series of standard durability architectural TGIC free polyester powder coatings recommended for use in normal weathering environments or internal applications. All products are based on polyester technology, adapted when required for local requirements.Available from stock in a wide range of RAL, NCS, metallic effects or bespoke colors. D1000 can be supplied in a wide range of gloss levels, such as Matt-30, Satin-70, Gloss 85 and also in texture finish. Wide stock range Very competitive High mechanical performance 35 years Track Record Guarantees available More