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Project • By Reynaers AluminiumApartments

Prata Riverside Village

Prata Riverside Village is a chic residential complex in Lisbon, Portugal. The newly developed neighbourhood comprises over 700 apartments, from studios to five-bedroom homes. Reynaers Aluminium windows, doors, curtain walls, and sliding solutions ensure that all of them enjoy sweeping views as well as bright, open, and airy living spaces. Ivo Tavares Light and renewal are key to the new residential area’s design and philosophy, under the guidance of world-famous architect Renzo Piano and his team at Renzo Piano Building Workshop (RPBW). Prata Riverside Village captures the brightness of the Mediterranean sun, while connecting the old city centre to the Parque das Nações, a popular commercial, residential, and cult... More

Project • By Reynaers AluminiumOffices

Axis Towers

The spiral, the symmetry, the specific safety solutions: the Axis Towers stand out for all the right reasons. These twin spiral-shaped structures can withstand Tbilisi’s often harsh weather conditions and even its seismic activity. Our Reynaers Aluminium façade solutions, windows, and sliding systems help visitors enjoy their stay at this multifunctional high-rise building even more. Tamar Digmelashvili Basically, the Towers are designed as "city within a city." Their multipurpose set-up allows residents to live, work, and relax without having to leave the buildings. And like in every other city, there is always something happening. A public recreational area between the 147-metre-tall complex makes it a popular meeting p... More

Product • By Reynaers AluminiumConceptPatio 130 - CP 130

ConceptPatio 130 - CP 130

ConceptPatio 130 is a qualitative (lift &) slide solution that balances price, performance and design. The versatile aluminium system allows both architects and homeowners to create spaces without boundaries. CP 130's low- or zero threshold options improve any building’s accessibility, while a unique corner solution shows wide landscapes without fixed elements blocking the view. Moreover, these robust yet slim sliding doors can be fitted with burglar resistance hardware. More

Project • By Realrich Architecture Workshop RAW Architecture -Private Houses

Sarang Nest House

Located in residential area, Taman Buana Permata house complex, Sarang Nest House design redefines house stereotype and grew organically from the base to becoming, as reaction to its environment constraints. Sitting at the hook of the street, the building is facing to west and south. Storeys are stacked in angles with protruded spaces enclosed by perforated wall to buffer the heat, either with traditional red bricks or metal screen that gives industrial look in contrast. Eric Dinardi The house has four storeys. 250 sqm of the ground floor is for parking area and service quarter where the floor area is partially occupied. One third of the area is filled with soil to provide setback for the building and serves as garden for area on the... More

Project • By AluinventOffices

Hatteland Technology - Aksdal

Aksdalbygget (Aksdal Building), is the new exclusive headquarter for Hatteland on the west coast of Norway. It is a building with very high environmental credentials. The building encorporates significant energy saving systems and creates a low carbon footprint. To achieve this goal Aluinvent was the natural decision as a facade material to adorn this building. Aluinvent ZRT Aluinvent ZRT Collaboration with our local partner RA Aluminium and the architects at Holon, allowed them further developed the Aluinvent concept to include rib elements specially shaped for the building. The rib elements allow for the play of light in as the sun tracks east to west across the sky in this open harsh landscape. Aluinvent ZRT For the corn... More

Project • By AluinventSubway Stations

Corvin-Negyed Station

Aluinvent's LO2 (two side open) panels were applied to the entire legth of the platforms at Corvin-Negyed Station in Budapest, a length of 125m on both sides. The panels serve a dual purpose, both aesthetic and functional, providing a unique decorative element and also functioning as part of a noise reduction system to make the station as silent as possible.  Aluinvent Prior to construction lab tests were conducted to establish the sound dampening properties of the panels. Tests showed the panels were twice as effective at reducing sound than originally required by the client. Aluinvent Aluinvent panels are made from 90% recycled materials in a manufacturing facility run entirely by renewable energy which helped the project... More

Product • By Grupo NavarraN15200 Fachada Cortina

N15200 Fachada Cortina

The curtain wall system N15 200 with thermal bridge break presents better thermal and acoustic results than the curtain wall system N15 000. This system is characterized by the application of fixed glazing through aluminium profiles with EPDM seals. The external layers are clipped and have a 50 mm view. The curtain wall facade allows the execution of roofing solutions and false SPVs. More

Project • By Grupo NavarraLaboratories

Fairjourney Biologics

This architectural project stands out for its facade inspired by the IgG1 antibody, one of the sources of the research work of this biotechnology company. The entire building has architectural details related to the core business, which has resulted in a unique project that is at the forefront of research and development. This research center comprises 7 floors with various functional areas, namely 140 laboratories, a foyer, meeting rooms and social areas, in addition to outdoor patios and landscaped spaces on the building's facade. Caption More

NewsNews • 4 May 2022

Henning Larsen completes inviting Public Service Building for Minneapolis

Henning Larsen tried to break with the opaque granite architecture of Minneapolis’ Government District by creating an inviting and transparent public building. Corey Gaffer The design, in collaboration with Minneapolis-based MSR Design, started with an open glass and aluminum facade. Double height pockets are carved out to break the mass. Each elevation has its own distinct character.  Corey Gaffer “By deliberately designing for openness and connection, we hoped to help foster a renewed sense of community trust and partnership within the city.”- Michael Sørensen, Design Director and Partner at Henning Larsen Corey Gaffer A large stair, fitted with planters and wooden benches, creates an in... More

Product • By AluinventLO - Interior

LO - Interior

The LO- Interior collection from Aluinvent is a high end interior decorative wall solution manufactured from 90% recycled Aluminium with open cell structure to one side. The void:solid ratio of our LO panels is approx 30%. LO2 panels come in mill finish and coloured options and are suitable for a wide range of interior applications with A1 & A2 fire ratings. The LO collection is particularly suited to applications such as decorative and feature walls, interior partitions and showcase exhibition designs. The panels can easily be form part of interior lighting design solutions. Aluinvent LO - Interior panels meet all the challenges and requirements to provide a safe, long-lasting and inovative interior decorative wall solutions. Little t... More

Product • By Cuhadaroglu Aluminyum Sanayi ve TicaretS 36 KS

S 36 KS

S 36 KS system is an economic lift & slide system with thermal barrier.The sash applications up to the 120 kg could be performed easily. Its special mullion connection enables low workmanship and time of installation. There is also a special groove mechanism design with a special pulley set. The new generation Bodrum lift & slide handle design brings elegant look to the system. This system is compatible with S 36 T and equals the same sash profile as S 36 T. To transform into lift&slide is by only changing accessories possible. More

Product • By Cuhadaroglu Aluminyum Sanayi ve TicaretDS 50 KT

DS 50 KT

Thanks to its high thermal insulation value, maximum comfort is aimed with minimum material usage, elegant design and low sash weight. Low threshold details will meet with your expectations. Besides its wide openings and large dimensions, it also gives you speed during the construction stages with production and assembly facilities. More

Product • By Cuhadaroglu Aluminyum Sanayi ve TicaretS 36 T

S 36 T

S 36 T system is an economic and tested sliding system with thermal barrier, which has low aluminium consumption. The sash applications up to the 120 kg is possible. It is compatible with the S 36 KS system. Beside having diverse opening options, it is also suitable for various glazing options. More

Product • By Cuhadaroglu Aluminyum Sanayi ve TicaretDS 70

DS 70

New Generation Door and Window System interal DS 70, the new member of the Door and Window systems product group, has been designed as a system after developments of the most preferred ST series which will fit perfectly into all architectural styles in global markets, with its high performance values ​​and different finishing details. In addition to its sleek design, interal DS 70 Door and Window system can answer to all of your expectations in your projects with the advantages of performance values ​​such as 1200 Pa waterproof performance, 34 mm thermal insulation barrier and low aluminum consumption. The new generation system interal DS 70 offers the best price-performance criteria and gives your facades an elegant look with the new gen... More

Product • By Cuhadaroglu Aluminyum Sanayi ve TicaretST 80

ST 80

Within its high price-performance index, ST 80; which includes windows enhanced with flat and radial options and doors with identical lines, offers easy application and installation. The new generation Bodrum handle family brings elegant look to the system. More