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Project • By AshariArchitectsBridges

Life Bridge

The existence of the Qasr-dasht segregated gardens and Chamran gardens on both sides of the project site, led the idea of binding two adjacent areas together.  This project creates a continuous green network and make the bridge more integrated to the context. Shiraz City has a unique historical characteristic. The purpose of creating a connection between this bridge as new urban element with the historical urban context was to maintain a necessity to survive the historical identity from the current builder type development of the city.  AliIbnHamzeh Bridge will be the most important bridge in Shiraz due to its historical value and its location on the iconic Khoshk river. The columns of this bridge were expanded in a linear fashion... More

Product • By Look CompositesGRP (Plástico Reforzado con Fibra de Vidrio - PRFV)

GRP (Plástico Reforzado con Fibra de Vidrio - PRFV)

GRP is a composite material, made up of a resistant fiberglass structure and a plastic material that acts as a binder. Used for both interior and exterior pieces, facades and even urban furniture. More
PRIVATE HOUSE / model from buckwheat
PRIVATE HOUSE / model from buckwheat
PRIVATE HOUSE / model from buckwheat
PRIVATE HOUSE / model from buckwheat
PRIVATE HOUSE / model from buckwheat

Project • By KET bureauPrivate Houses

PRIVATE HOUSE / model from buckwheat

The buckwheat model conveys the warmth of the building, as well as the atmosphere of "tasty" architecture. The concept was prepared during the “Great Buckwheat Standing” in first lockdown (April 2020).  Design models from Buckwheat became a trend in Moscow after that. * Buckwheat is the most demanded product in lockdown time in Russia. #trendByKet  More

Project • By Timur Designs LLPPrivate Houses

Holland Park Conservation House

The existing Art Deco house is gazetted for conservation by the Urban Redevelopment Authority. The original main entrance faces away from the main gate of the newly sub-divided plot of land. The challenge was too layout the new additions to the conserved house, in such a way that a new formal entry is created between the existing house and the new block. This was achieved by inserting the new Living Room between the conserved hose and a large existing tree, at once creating the intermediate elements with a character of their own: the main entrance porch adjacent to a pond, and the new timber deck onto which the living room space flow out to. On the opposite side of the conserved house, the new bedroom wing was added, with the car-porch be... More

Project • By Things StudioHousing

Villa Vanush 2

Villa, Location: Vanush, Mazandaran, Iran More

Project • By MO | MAYES OFFICEHousing

Milwood Residence

Located in heart of the Venice neighborhood, the Milwood Residence is a 3,800 square foot single-family home created to connect its occupants and their surroundings. Sensible programmatic adjacency and an open floor plan define the spaces at ground level. Occupants can move freely between common spaces which extend to exterior spaces as well as vertically via a central circulation 'void' to the roof deck. The 'void' was achieved via a custom operable skylight which fills the space of the circulation core for the home and allows access to the roof deck. This solved an architectural problem common to homes in the area. Many homes in Venice have roof decks, however, the code only allows a small amount of space to extend above the bui... More

Project • By IMA InteriorsApartments

IMA Interiors

The complete fitting out of this beautiful apartment in north of Paris allowed us to deploy our artistic lanaguage and explore the aesthetic desires of the owners. More

Project • By METODOResidential Landscape

External Appendix I

It is of utmost importance to know the context of a new project especially if you are intervening or remodeling an existing one. In a certain way, the natural context in which they are situated is already influenced as an intrinsic part of the environment.Intervention La Peña is intended to contemplate the environment where it is located. On one hand, the shape of the terrace responds to the topography of the garden, and by using natural materials, it pretends to blend in with the natural environment and be part of it. Functionally, this "topographic architecture" activates this part of the land, which was underused, bringing the client closer to the lake.The terrace is divided into three platforms that go in relation to the levels of the l... More