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Project • By STOPROCENT ArchitekciPrivate Houses


House K is one of our projects that had waited the longest for its construction. We started working on it in 2012, yet the house has just been finished in 2021.  Piotr Krajewski In the meantime, the project and the construction have encountered some adventures. The original concept assumed that the building would be part of a larger complex, which was intended to be a multigenerational family residence. Later the client has decided to move her house to another, much more attractive location. When we started working on the necessary adjustments to the project, the site had a virgin appearance, partly overgrown with a forest, gently sloping into the valley of a nearby river. When the house was finally completed, the neighborhood be... More

Project • By Godrej Park RetreatShops

Godrej Park Retreat

Godrej Park Retreat is an advanced private undertaking by the Godrej Properties off Sarjapur Road in Bangalore. This high rise Park Retreat comprises of 800 Plus houses. The new dispatch is among the most anticipated undertakings by Godrej.  Sarjapur Road has the absolute best high rises in east Bangalore. There are numerous IT organizations. It is a quickly developing region. With this pre-dispatch extravagance level on Sarjapur street, Godrej will make another milestone.  Caption   More

Project • By TCN-Taller César NúñezPrivate Houses

Entre Encinos

Referring to its surroundings, and projected on a square-shaped plan, with three main elements that are concrete, wood and steel, Entre Encinos has been conceived as a weekend break, with the aim of being comfortable and comfortable. ism time to satisfy the needs of the user through the architectural program. Caption Caption With 196 square meters of construction, two bedrooms, living room, bar, kitchen, living room, dining room, living room, fireplace and terrace; Entre Encinos seeks to break with the environment that surrounds it, bringing with it a contemporary architecture that contrasts with the neighboring vernacular buildings, making it a unique project in the area. Caption Caption   More

Project • By Derack Space + DesignPrivate Houses

ACL House

A compact two-storey house with biophilic exterior More

Project • By Studio Jordano ValotaShops


Customers needed to update their great to meet the needs of their target audience. An elegant project was done with an organic designer made through the parameterization of the furniture. With a reference to Scandinavian interiors. Where a base was made of wood and the rest of the construction in white tons. Giving a background for displaying the glasses. More
olivo sports arena
olivo sports arena
olivo sports arena
olivo sports arena
olivo sports arena

Project • By Tejas BorjaExhibition Centres


Tejas Borja makes a made-to-measure ceramic grid for the facade of the OLIVO SPORTS ARENA in Jaén.Opened in April 2021, the Olivo Sports Arena is one of the latest large public construction projects to be completed. It is located in the Jaén Provincial Trade Fair and Conference Centre (IFEJA) and covers 41,300 square metres. With an oval-shape design and a sports field in its centre, the building is about 50 metres long and 30 metres wide. It is a unique sports venue designed to be used for professional competitions in indoor football, basketball, handball and tennis, as well as to host large events such as concerts and other cultural activities. The versatility of the space was planned so it could house large-scale events a... More

Project • By Spark ChicagoOffices

Water Quality Association

The Water Quality Association (WQA), a not-for-profit representing the residential, commercial and industrial water treatment industry, occupies a new headquarters that reinforces their dedication to science and quality. Water-inspired organic forms and a subdued color palette create a calming, trusted environment and encourage movement and flow through the space. More

Project • By saeed shenakhtehPrivate Houses

torkamandeh villa

Inspired by the pattern of Iranian gardens and the study of their evolution, axes have been created which pavilion have appeared as the intersection of those axes. different type of the Persian garden combined and duplicated in two levels of the project and create a whole unit as an abstract shape of the modern garden. Creating similarities with the architecture of Iranian gardens means reduction based on its deep structure.  First we want to learn how to see what was not present in a building. In this project we do not want to describe what audience could actually see. Rather, we want to see what ideas were implied by what was physically present. In other words, we are less concerned about the optical, what the eye sees, and more for... More

Project • By ZIP ArchitectsOffices

Rakpart 22

In the edge of the historical center of Győr, in the neighborhood of Széchenyi bridge a rectangular building complex has been designed. The complex includes three parts. A strip mall run through the ground floor. Two linear masses are placed above them, which contains the apartments. While the office building is situated in the north-west corner of the facility. Avoiding the effects of road 14, bachelor flats are facing to the private garden, so the side-corridor protects them against the noise. The variation of solid and hollow parts gives a characteristic chessboardlike appearance for the façade. The different functions - residential, business – are represented byvaried external casing, fiber cement and plaster. More

Project • By aplusnoimaFactories

Electra Electronic Industry Centre

In January 2017, the leading  provider of access control systems in Romania decided to start the project for the construction of their new headquarters in Miroslava Industrial Park, in Iasi, Romania. ELECTRA has become over the years a landmark for the regional and also national electronics industry, with two divisions that supply electronic assembly services and printed circuit boards. The three companies needed a new larger and more efficient space that had to help improve their industrial processes. They approached A+noima, a young, female-led, local architecture office, to design a building that would create an “efficient”  landmark that would properly translate the company’s values:  transparency, care... More

Project • By WOWHAUSWorkshops


Objective:To resurrect and imbue with new life one of the most barren and little-visited places in the zoo. To establish an environment giving rise to qualitatively new usage formats and scenarios. To provide a comfortable environment for animals within a confined area while facilitating programs of varying durations for all seasons for children of all ages. To show children how animals live in a more natural habitat. Solution:A zoo should not be an entertainment and a place where animals are penned up, but a learning environment. The new environment conveys the idea of nature preservation, and includes new play-based educational facilities. The main point of the new Children’s zoo is to treat the children's area of the zoo as a publ... More

Project • By Cosimo ScotucciPavilions


Lockdown is one of the most powerful tools to avoid the spread of the virus, and that's why has been largely adopted all around the Globe. Unfortunately this come at a great cost for the people, both physical and mental. Over night people were asked to reinvent completely themselves. Daily reality didn't exist any longer, everybody had to accept the new normal. But history demonstrated that humankind is a very strong species, that has the great power to adapt very quickly to new realities and so this time did. InsideOut is an installation that aims to celebrate the people. Their courage and attitude. Staying inside is not easy but We did it for a greater goal. This has been a time for soul-searching, many deepened their self consciousne... More

Project • By Cosimo ScotucciPavilions


Since the Corona cases start to rise again in the Netherlands and all around the world, more strict social distancing measures should be taken. Till now all the proposed models are based on a static solution, circles on the grass, tape in the restaurant, generally people are confined in a given space but we know, daily reality is much different.  Is it possible to imagine a dynamic model then?    Physx placed in front of Rotterdam central station, takes inspiration from the space-time net, in which an astronomical body bends the spatial network around it defining an “area of interest” depending on the mass and the gravity that generates.  The installation consists in a tight tend surface, made out of an elast... More

Project • By unnamed studioPrivate Houses


The project flat|1 is an embodiment of vivid and, at the same time, controversial ideas. The main idea of the interior is to preserve the history of the place and add its own, new history. During the renovation project, we carefully considered the importance of preserving the original floors, vaulted ceilings, as well as other original details. The shade of the space is calm, with bright dominant accents; the combination of both eclectic interior decorations and modern techniques is another requiring theme of the project. For example, the kitchen was painted into a completely monotone gray, which allowed us to preserve the original brick walls of the building, but there is also a fully LED stretch ceiling above, the use of which brings us... More

Project • By AND StudioOffices

IIINC Office

Office for India Innovation Inc. is based on one core principle: the requirement of flexible, open workspaces for a young, dynamic team. That meant making sure space felt like home for both the young, agile techies and app developers who wanted their space to reflect the wide open spirit of their team. The design carefully plays around with rustic-industrial demeanor with a colour palette that arrests the eye. With mixing of mechanics and furniture design to use of extremely tactile materiality - every aspect of this environment is meant to enhance the experience of the creative people who are working in the space. More