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Project • By ec-mo architectPrivate Houses

T3 house

T3 HOUSE is located in the small countryside of Thanh Hoa, Vietnam. The owners of the house are a family that has lived here for generations. The house was built as a residence for a 60-year-old couple to enjoy their old age and garden, the house is also for occasional family reunions, with the hope that this place will harmonize between the rural and rural landscape. wild with the house. The house for the elderly should be designed towards minimalism, convenience and a warm family feeling. The design language with the breath of traditional architecture is expressed through the roof system, the door system ''Buc Ban'' - a typical traditional door in the Northern Delta, Vietnam. The project is located in a small countryside with features of... More

Project • By Pham Huu Son ArchitectsHousing

Santo by the sea Villa (final version)

This beautiful beachfront resort villa in Van Phong Bay in Central Vietnam, inspired by owner's passion of Mediterranean-style architecture, has been shared and received attention of architecture-loving readers from all over the world as well as in Vietnam. Hiroyuki Oki Hiroyuki Oki Since then, Santo by the Sea has been finished with white paint, rough wall surface and outstanding yellow doorways, which not only is homeowner's favorite color but also brings the house a modern and youthful look. Hiroyuki Oki Hiroyuki Oki Large arches bring natural light throughout the interior space as well as open door to magnificent outside sea and landscape view. Thick walls stretching throughout the house together with large doorway... More

Project • By Studio Gal GerberApartments


A 125 square meter apartment in the city of Ramat Gan that was planned and designed for a young and happy family :), a couple and two children (and one more on the way). GIDON LEVIN The apartment, was designed to address the family's routin and needs in the present and in the future. GIDON LEVIN GIDON LEVIN The renovation included redesigning part of the apartment's spaces, and the project included the planning stage, selection of materials, designing custom made carpentry and furniture, and furnishing and styling the apartment. GIDON LEVIN The project incorporated carpentry details and frames designed by the studio and executed by a carpenter and master locksmith. Caption More

Project • By Architectural Visualization Studio Vis-ONApartments

MITTE exterior

Club house "Mitte" is a residential complex, the construction of which was completed in 2021. The building, consisting of one building with a height of 10 floors, is located in Moscow in the Danilovsky district. The club house occupies an area of ​​1.3 hectares and stands on Letnikovskaya Street. The residential complex consists of 116 business class apartments with high ceilings (up to 4.7 m) and brick-monolithic walls providing excellent heat and sound insulation. All apartments have large spacious kitchens, living rooms, dressing rooms, pantries. Caption Caption Caption More

Project • By Tres AtelierExhibition Centres

Ahmednagar Gallery at Ahmednagar Museum

A museum is a place where one should lose one's head. - Renzo PianoIt all started with a memory of childhood when as a child we were roaming around the city, all historical structures acted as curious things for us, thus history evokes the feeling about past experiences and all historical structures were just a storehouse of Images for us.As a citizen of the youngest nation in the world and the fastest-growing country, one should not forget the past and the roots.Thesis of Ar. Suchit was based on the heritage of Ahmednagar, where he discussed the points of developing the city through the lens of heritage. While doing his thesis he asked himself a very sensitive question i,e. Heritage Inherited or Ignored ? . Later Ar. Suchit & Ar. Manda... More

Project • By bd | architectsApartments


Three-storey villa at the foot of Pirin Mountain. At elevation +/- 0.00 there is a living room with double height, library and office. Caption Floor level - 2.80 m. is designed as a relaxation area with jacuzzi, steam bath, small gym and massage studio. Caption The third floor is entirely dedicated to the bedrooms, which are 3, each with its own bathroom. More
glass dome roof

Project • By LFBJMBExhibition Centres

Hohhot East Railway Station

Hohhot East Railway Station has a total construction area of 102,189.38㎡, along an axis of 346.54㎡ , and a short axis of 89.65m. The main station building is a frame structure + steel reticulated shell structure. Part of the four-story, building height of 45.5m. The section form of the roof truss with an elevation of 25.100~31.400m is a box section member. The column spacing in the central area of the station building is 62.354m, and the column space frame is arranged in an equilateral triangle. The plane layout adopts the primary and secondary trusses, of which the height of the primary truss supported on the column is 4.2m, and the section forms of the upper and lower chords and web members are box-shaped. The central dome roof structure... More

Project • By Gaus Architekten Göppingen I RotterdamPrivate Houses

Wohnhaus H1

The property owners initially wanted to commission a prefabricated house manufacturer. During the planning process, however, it turned out that the site’s special requirements could not be met with a standard solution. Friedemann Rieker The proximity to a stream raised the question of how the residential areas can be protected in the event of flooding. A further requirement was the visual demarcation from the cycle path and pedestrian walkway on the opposite side of the property. Friedemann Rieker Our office now proposed a modeling of the site. The formerly almost-flat property was filled in during the conversion, building level zero was built into the artificial hill afterwards. For the cycle path and pedestrian walkway a... More

Project • By The SharTrade Shows


22 more images  ↓F-314 Principle Architects: Soroush Roghanian - Elahe Mousavi Design Associates: Reza Bastani Presentation & Graphic: Marzieh karimi 3D Visualization: Reza Bastani Photographer: Sarang Farzamfar Caption Caption A space at the corner of Sepehr Mall. The Triangle shaped windows were bold in current situation. The light coming through this triangle windows and the shadows it creates, give us defined shapes that we used in our interior design and composing elements. Caption Caption In the second step, we started to work on details. to expand the space by reflection, we started to use black glass material also by using lines and differing the distance between them we emphasized on th... More

Project • By Anidride DesignPrivate Houses


Designed by green architect and designer Nicola De Pellegrini in Houston, it represents an example of sustainable Italian design Caption Houston, February 2022 - Italian design is synonymous with quality and… sustainability. It is demonstrated by the residential project of Sovereign House located in an exclusive Houston neighborhood on a plot of 7000 square meters, that has been designed by the green architect and designer Nicola De Pellegrini of Italian Studio Anidride Design located in Venice. The structure, on three floors, is generated by the intersection of simple and pure volumes that generate an articulated architecture with a contemporary design and a unique character. Caption Sustainable project Sovereign House... More

Product • By StûvStûv 21

Stûv 21

The Stûv 21 range is a typical family. Sober and discrete, with a focus on the purity and beauty of the fire. However, it is also an open family full of warmth and fun. A fire which is open and closed at the same time thanks to the window which can be opened partially of fully. The Stûv 21 is available in a single-face or double-face model and in a number of different sizes. The frames, front panel and casing complement the fire to ensure a perfect finish and enhancement. The Stûv 21 family, the unique combination of optimum performance and atmosphere. More

Project • By Clear LightingHotels

High-rise hotel

The project adopted the Flexglo™ F21 product line and achieved a colorful aspect throughout the entire structure. In this case, The bright blue design stands tall in the night, merging with the dark sky and creating an absolute beauty for passers-by and guests. The color light is uniform through the head and tail of the light strips. This ensures continuous illumination and guarantees optimal performance. More

Project • By P&T GroupApartments

Hameni Homes

Hameni Homes is a large residential tower with a concept of creating a built form that integrates landscape with architecture in both vertical and horizontal aspects, while encouraging healthy living to provide a new definition of urban city living with the luxury of expansiveness and impeccably designed interiors. The uniqueness of Hameni is putting users’ wellbeing first. Hameni is all about balance and harmony. Every details, from the very relaxing lobby as you get home, the surrounding lush landscaping, to the residences’ soothing natural palette of finishes is all about evoking a sense of peace and wellbeing.  P&T Group P&T Group The tower is total of 33 floors; of which the lower 6 levels form the b... More

Project • By shenakhteh studioHousing

gelekoh villa

gele koh villa on a 680 m land with limitations such as occupancy level, occupancy and employer demands, based on an outside and inside interaction approach, privacy, control and pulling the green space into the building through failure in the work body. , Creating multiple pop-ups to continue visual communication from inside to outside of the building and vice versa, thereby dimming the boundaries inside and outside and extending the horizontal part of the first floor body to the outside with the help of a console-designed structure and the use of a roof rack as an element. Caption Active to define the second level of life and not just as an inactive element to interact with whatever The more inhabitants above ground level.Private vi... More

Project • By Ev design officePrivate Houses

Tiny Home

The economic conditions of Middle Eastern countries have made small-scale spaces less popular. The existence of these economic conditions in the profession of architecture has also been influential. Therefore, it has caused a wave of small houses on cheap land. Therefore, this situation is a new challenge for the architects of our generation so that we can achieve the best possible result with the lowest costs.  Caption The tiny home site plan is located in a forested and mountainous area. In designing this villa, we chose metal as the main material of the building and tried to raise the building like trees that are separated from the ground with their trunks and create a sense of suspension in it. So, one column, like the trunks... More