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Project • By Be ArchitetturaPrivate Houses


This house is a significant example of a path along which every proposal and choice were custom-made. Every detail, material and piece of furniture were tailored thanks to a continuous dialog. The rich exchange between the studio and the client resulted in a very solid house: two opposing prisms, distinguished also by two different claddings. The volume in foreground is plastered in gray, the largest one is cladded in Cardoso stone, which is also used for all the external flooring and for the ground floor, indoors. Be Architettura Where there is no stone, the clad and other furnishings are made of different materials, but everything is in the same shade of gray to feed the perception of a solidly grounded house. The indoors landscape... More

Project • By Mirck ArchitectureRestaurants


  The east side of Almere contains mostly housing.The recent urban design for the quarter Almere Buiten defined a new area for supporting facilities, like a restaurant. The area is defined by a strip of almost three kilometers between railtrack and park avenue. The park avenue is a combination of slow traffic and all kinds of recreation. Currently, half of the many plots of the strip are sold and being built with a wide variety of functions. In the middle of the strip the Asian restaurant is located, adjacent to the roundabout where the freeway exit enters this part of the city.  Katja Effting Katja Effting   The architecture of the restaurant shows three Asian architecture characteristics that are transformed to... More

Project • By TAM - Guillermo ElgartPrivate Houses

Casa 60

MEMORY  A suspended horizontal surface and the ground trap the space where life develops. The outside, the inside. The stillness, the movement. The void, the all. By folding both surfaces, they modify their horizontal and discover different heights between them. The void was there and it was subtly trapped for a family to develop their life. Caption CONTEXT  -CLIENT  A family that decides to live in the security of a private neighborhood, one of many that emerge in the big cities of Argentina. -The PROGRAM  Living room that allows different ways of living. Dining room, almost barbecue area, that when you want you can divide it from the living room. A Kitchen that is directly connected to the dining room but... More

Project • By MUA - Architecture & PlacemakingHotels

Hampton Hotel and Residences in Tbilisi

Client: BloxProgram:  Hotel I Residential I 18 000 m²Collaborators: Structural Engineer: LTD Progresi  I Construction Management: LTD LMC Team:  Devi Kituashvili I Gogiko Sakvarelidze I Natalia Nebieridze I Giorgi Khetsuriani I Boka Kilasonia I Dito Goguadze I Salome Mamrikishvili I Merab Mebuke I Salome Katsadze  Rendered by MUA - Architecture & Placemaking Trademarked by Hilton Worldwide, Hampton Hotel is a midscale brand that promises a great stay at a great value. Located in the neighborhood of Avlabari, Hampton Hotel & Residence is a neat, modest building consisting of two rectangular independent units. Eleven-story hotel & twenty-two-story residency complement each other and are conceive... More

Project • By Park AssociatiOffices


MI.C is a project of urban design, landscape and architecture that aims to regenerate the multi-faceted polarity of Stazione Centrale. The new architectural complex created by the intervention will give new life to the former Hotel Michelangelo, a building that has been a symbol of Milan's skyline for more than half a century.  © Park Associati Conceived as a binding element of Milan’s urban fabric that, despite the intense and dynamic use of the entire area, lacks a precise identity, the project proposes a series of interventions on Piazza Luigi di Savoia and represents a turning point for a changing city. The concept’s goal is to aims at rationalising travel flows and implement pedestrian traffic: in the propos... More

Project • By MUA - Architecture & PlacemakingResidential Landscape

Krtsanisi Masterplan and Development Concept

Program:  Urban Development l Hotel l Multifunctional l 26 000 m2Team:  Nikoloz Gurabanidze l Salome Ghudushauri l Ekaterine Kankava l Boka Kilasonia l Tata Koiava l Mashiko Kokhreidze l Devi Kituashvili l Beko LEzhava l Nika Maisuradze l Eka Rekhviashvili l Gogiko Sakvarelidze l Leri Tsiskadze Rendered by MUA - Architecrture & Placemaking Located amidst the Governmental Residence in the Krtsanisi district of Tbilisi, the site is surrounded by various embassies and upscale private residences. Evergreen perennial plants enveloping the site add significant value to the project. Our principal goal was to integrate the building into the territory seamlessly and merge it with the existing topography. The entire concept r... More

Project • By Pomeroy StudioApartments

Azure North

Azure North at San Fernando, is envisioned as a sustainable community that celebrates resort style living. The masterplan reinterprets the rock and beach formations of the islands of Palawan: bringing a new residential experience that balances affordable living and the green agenda. The first phase resort residences’ stepped facades optimises views, natural light and ventilation to a beach and pool oriented recreational place that forms a welcome oasis at the heart of the mixed use development. Caption Caption More

Project • By Cerámica MayorPrivate Houses

Casa Mirador

The project by Búhoblanco Arquitectos is located in a residential neighbourhood where the architecture is traditional. Two superimposed volumes dynamise the façade of the Casa Mirador, with the upper volume attracting the eye. The opposite occurs on the rear façade, where it is the ground floor volume that advances, generating the terrace space and spatially opening up the courtyard. Caption The ground floor, open and diaphanous, expands to the terrace, where the studio decided to include in this special project, our Woods Arctic porcelain stoneware, a ceramic that imitates light and arctic wood, enhancing the neutral colours and thus achieving a timeless space. Caption In addition, they used water, the swim... More
At the edge of human city life and  environment The ground floor plan that has the most connection with the street contains common zones like living room and guest room and the private zones like bedrooms are located on the basement floor.

Project • By The SharResidential Landscape

Villa Dar Shib

The project site, it's environment and the landscape were sending us convincing signals​ to protect and provide the best sights and views. The green hill and sloping hillside is where sky and land meet and in that spot "Villa Dar Shib" is built. Caption Caption A hillside villa that had the challenge of not harming the environment and nature by the least amount of foundation excavation and reusing the reduced soil. Caption Caption By defining a shell around the building that not only frames the views from sky to land but also protects the warmness of the house and make it feel safe. The sloped roof is do to the rainy climate. Caption Caption The ground floor plan that has the most connection with the street... More

Project • By Hossein MohammadpourPrimary Schools

Sahman-e Hit School

"Human beings are at the center of concerns for sustainable development, including adequate shelter for all and sustainable human settlements." UN-Habitat Agenda, Chapter1 Caption "Sahman-e¬ Hit school” is located in Sarbaz city, in the most deprived province of the country (Sistan and Baluchestan). This deprivation is especially present in the educational issues of children and adolescents and has made them vulnerable to receiving the quality and quantity of education. Caption This school tries to appreciate the important and valuable effects of the natural, cultural, social, artistic, and architectural arrays of the Sistan and Baluchestan climate, and at the same time its qualities in the design and creation of space... More

Project • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerApartments

Living in the Arts and Cultural Quarter

Along the “Gastgebgasse” in Liesing, a new residential quarter with a total of 430 subsidised apartments is being built in the immediate vicinity of the Sargfabrik and the planned Bildungscampus Atzgersdorf. The southernmost district of Vienna strives for more art and culture. We have therefore developed our concept for the Kuku 23 residential quarter with the aim of providing an affordable cultural program, especially for children and young people. Art, culture and creativity run as a common thread and interweave these supporting pillars with meaningful, small-scale, affordable developments on the cultural level with the Sargfabrik and the Bildungscampus. Neighbourhood institutions such as a music and dance school, workshops,... More

Project • By disc architectsRestaurants

Chabahar Beach Cafe

Principal Architect: Moein NikaeenLead Architect: Behnam DaliliArchitect in charge: Bita Rezaee3d Visualization: Saeid Yousefvand- Ehsan DanandehDiagram: Mohammad MirzaieSpecial Thanks To Our Partner “Farid Behtash” for his supportClient: private Caption This project was referred to our office for reconstruction and renovation. It is located in Lipar region of Chabahar city. Caption After studying the context and social matters, we found that the project has separated itself from the plaza in front of it and it has been placed in the land like an unresolved event. This made it so difficult to find a connection between the context and the built part of it. Caption Here we decided to start the design process by e... More

Project • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerSecondary Schools

Tani Malandi High School, Mayotte

Building a school in Mayotte means dealing with many issues on several levels in a very different way than here in Europe – educationally, but also socio-economically and ecologically. The small Comorian island of Mayotte, north of Madagascar, belongs to France and is part of the EU. Of the approximately 180,000 inhabitants, more than half are younger than 20. In view of the strong population growth and the resulting increase in the number of pupils, the outdated temporary multi-purpose secondary school needs to be replaced with new buildings. The architecture should meet the requirements and goals of a state school, but also consider the specific needs of young Mahorans. The adolescents and young adults need a framework that promotes... More

Project • By One to One Architecture & DesignRestaurants

Nakhchivan Restaurant

Restaurant of traditional Azerbaijani cuisine of Nakhchivan region,Located next door to objects of national importance, such as the Parliament of Azerbaijan and the Ministry of National Security. The institution with age and established history, which has come the time to renew its appearance, adding status to it and preserving traditions. The basis of the interior concept was the cultural and architectural heritage of the Nakhichevan region. The main color scheme was taken from the design of the facade of the Mausoleum in the village of Karabaglar. Also, an ornament for decorative decoration of the walls and ceiling was borrowed from the elements of the facade.When developing the nodes, decoration of arches and other elements of decor,... More

Project • By Jost ArchitectsApartments

Adela Apartments

The project came about with the development of a large residential block close to the Elwood foreshore and Port Philip Bay. The brief simply requested a spacious apartment product that was cutting edge and contemporary, but subtle both inside and out. The concept of a large apartment resulted in six single level dwellings, each with the proportions of a small house. The apartments are low maintenance, functionally adaptable to appeal to a range of potential residents, and highly sustainable. Externally, rather than go for a standard “stacked wedding cake” form, the building was set back significantly from the adjoining properties on the lower levels. This allowed the main volume of the building to have vertical sides and reduce... More