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Project • By asap/ adam sokol architecture practiceOffices

Zhen Fund

A project that takes advantage of immersive urban views while also conveying a sense of the significance and dynamism of the client's work and the tremendous joy and enthusiasm that is so characteristic of this company. We were asked to create a fairly typical office fit out for a prominent venture capital firm in Beijing. Slightly unusual were the very significant number of conference rooms of all sizes requested, as well as the "XL" room with seating for up to 100. Given the U-shaped space we had to work with it was clear that the challenge would be to avoid interminable and dull corridors. Further, with the firm known for its investments not only in tech startups but also in visionary new consumer products, the space needed to refle... More

Project • By Laura Ortín ArchitectureWellness Centres


“Nothing is as beautiful as the ruins of a beautiful thing.”Auguste RodinMicroblading is a permanent eyebrow makeup technique that is performed using tiny needles to fill in desired areas with color.Its etymology would be:Micro is a prefix derived from ancient Greek meaning "small."Blading is from English, specifically the union of the word "blade" (means edge or blade) and the suffix "-ing" (gerund). Caption Our client, an expert in this procedure that goes back to a traditional Japanese technique called “tebori”, decides to open a store in the heart of the city of Murcia.Although the center has a wide range of aesthetic services it is specialized in microblading, this provides the project with certain singula... More

Product • By Signature FloorsVivid Carpet Tiles

Vivid Carpet Tiles

Colour transforms spaces, places, even people. And, often, it creates an impact that’s profound and distinctly personal. Sometimes, even magical. Introducing Vivid 202 carpet tiles offering a kaleidoscope of colours, flexibility and freedom of choice. With that, an unrivalled ability to define your colour signature.  Take a plunge and experience unexpected possibilities with an extensive array of colour choices. Also, benefit from short lead times as all 202 colours are stocked and ready to go. Enjoy the ultimate creative opportunity. Select your favourite Vivid 202 highlight colour to design custom combinations for quantities as low as 50m2. Alternatively, mix and match between our curated, stocked collections. Or explore custo... More

Project • By The SharShops


The renovation transformed the existing 3 story 865 square meter space into an airy, fun, and colorful baby retail store. In visioning session, we had difficulty in locating the store because of all similar cold structures in the district. The store building was very uninviting in external appearance and gloomy within. The concept of the design was based on capturing the attention of visitors. Therefore we chose a warm and bright color for the exterior facade. Caption Caption Passersby young and old may feel pull, starting with the vibrant yellow color of the exterior. The continuous yellow color moves through all floors acting as the guide for new customers and ends in a color splash  in the lower ground level.Whitewashed w... More

Project • By studio naRestaurants

Sushi restaurant

What was the brief? Our client sought to create an interior that catered to the local market and allowed the easy transit of delivery services like Uber Eats. Horacio Virissimo What were the key challenges? Our concept for this japanese food restaurant wanted to connect with traditional Japanese design elements without seeming thematic. Using clear cherry colored wood and a bi-chromatic color palette connects us with traditional tatami interiors and rice paper sliding doors. The mirrors evoke antique trains from the past and create visual amplitude with the customers. Horacio Virissimo What materials did you choose and why? We chose cherry colored wood by PROTEAK mixed with natural pine wood to bring warmth into the interio... More

Project • By studio naShowrooms

VSB Wine Cellar

Located in the town of Arandas, Jalisco, the project is located within an existing commercial area dedicated to the sale of wines and spirits. The project consisted of an extension to an existing residual space, which was used as just a general storage space. We decided to expand the existing area from 30m2 to 70m2, extruding the facade on par with the neighbors. This divided the space in two, a space under the existing slab that functions as an exclusive wine cellar and a double-height space that serves as the showroom and private bar area. Our clients sought to create a space to house their new wine catalog and display exclusive bottles, our solution was to merge the liquor sales program with a private bar area. This will create a synerg... More

Project • By rplusaarchitectsShowrooms


Infusion of tropical elements into a modern facade.Terracotta jallis and vegetation have been used to infuse a tropical touch to an otherwise modern facade. The interiors have been designed to cater to an inflow of customers with a lounge area that adds warmth and comfort to the showroom. The lounge area has been floored with wooden plank tiles which are a stark contrast to the remaining areas of the showroom which are a combination of Sahara grey floor tiles with a mix of white and grey walls. The use of grey and white was done to highlight the products that are showcased. More

Project • By Oli Mahmud ArchitectsBanks

AG Heights

The project is a commercial mixed-use targeted as new commercial destination at Aftabnagar area of Dhaka city. Straight rectangular form expresses functional efficiency. To achieve more natural light & view towards outside certain potion of the structure has been projected at the front. Projected façade has been treated with solid walls and floating slabs to cut off glare. This also breaks the monotony of the building. Roof top slab terminates the building vertically creating bold visual statement. Layered landscape at ground level protects from street level noise and dust creating natural gesture at entry level. More

Project • By HQ ARCHITECTSOffices

Shahav Tower

The Shahav Tower is situated in a prime location, between 2 highways and in close proximity to the bus terminal and train station of Kfar Saba, central Israel. The tower consists of a ground floor dedicated to commercial use and 20 floors of office space. In order to maximize the commercial area of the ground floor the first floor was enlarged, allowing the creation of an external area for the restaurants, offering a shaded open space.One of the main objectives of the project was to follow a tight schedule, and complete the project in a short period of time, in 1.5 years. For this purpose, the design and planning process was developed from the beginning, together with the technical advisers from the company that will operate the building up... More

Project • By P & D AssociatesOffices

Modern decor style

The building to our client is constructed in factory neighborhood. Each facade tells a story of aesthetic emotions linked with each space in terms of its color palate.We tried to blend modern interiors, flooring and plenty of open spaces where you can break away for a change of scenery. Office layout is kept quite simple with central alley leading us to the owner’s cabin. Office space includes main director office, working space with desks, meeting room, and an informal reception area.Exterior elevation of the office is quite unusual with heavy ornamented bracket wooden frame design. Simple elevation with wooden balustrade detail on the first floor window & white color story enhances the richness and simplicity of this elevation.... More

Project • By Woldon ArchitectsExhibitions

New Venue Building at Grade I Listed Estate

Woldon Architects have developed an estate masterplan & designs for a new 750sqm venue building on a former stable yard at a Grade I listed house in Cheshire. The venue building is designed to support the estate’s wedding business and to host corporate and charity events. Wedding Business ExpansionThere is a significant demand locally for large high-end wedding and event venues. Expectations of couples are high as they look for something special for their wedding day. So far, the client’s estate has hosted weddings in a temporary seasonal marquee, but with strong local competition and to grow the business, a more permanent and desirable offering was required. Woldon Architects developed a vision for a new venue and estate m... More

Project • By Manetti Gusmano & figli - Sannini ImprunetaMuseums

Samsung Museum of Art - Arch. Mario Botta

Interacting with Living Art at Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art. Located at Han Nam. Dong on the slope of Namsan and flanked by the Hangang River, Leeum provides a uniquely harmonious view of nature and architecture. MUSEUM 1, which occupies a site of 2,300㎡ with a total floor area of 9,800㎡, displays Korean traditional art, and MUSEUM 2, on a site of 1,800㎡, with a total floor area of 5,200㎡, houses contemporary art. The Samsung Child Education & Culture Center, located at the entrance of Leeum, is built in an area of 4,000㎡ with a total floor area of 13,300㎡. This Center is an educational facility for improving the creativity of future generations. MUSEUM 1 and MUSEUM 2showcase critically acclaimed artworks. Unlike MUSEUM 1 and 2, The Sam... More

Project • By Nakamoto ForestryUrban Green Spaces

Discovery Center

Project Overview:The Discovery Center is an urban bird sanctuary and leadership development center conceived in partnership between The Audubon Society of Pennsylvania, Outward Bound Philadelphia, and the Strawberry Mansion neighborhood. The Center offers programming aimed at connecting city residents with nature.  The project site surrounds a 37-acre decommissioned reservoir. The creation of the East Park Reservoir in the 1870’s was a monumental achievement of 19th Century urban infrastructure. Over time, as the basins have been decommissioned, the man-made landscape has given way to the restorative forces of nature. Closed for decades, the Discovery Center project reopens the site for public access. For many years the reservo... More

Project • By AshariArchitectsConcert Halls

HonarShahre Aftab Cineplex & Cultural Center

One of the main goals in designing the complex as a social hub is the human interactions and celebrating the artistic and cultural events. The intent is to create a cultural gathering place that can facilitate communication between the whole part of society which led to more citizens’-cultural conversation.  The lobby is the connecting element of the halls serving as the focal point of the complex.  It has the ability to play variety of roles, including concerts, artistic and cultural events. The multifunctionality of this large space has been enhanced by adding two elements which are a bridge and a communal seating. The proposed bridge not only balance the scale of the space but also perform as a spine which various space... More