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Project • By Yellow Cloud StudioPrivate Houses

The Triangle

Working from home, but lacking a dedicated office space for their up-coming startup company, the owners decided to extend their double Victorian house into their backyard, which had been left unused until now. The brief was to create a light-filled study for 2 people, with the ability to occasionally host meetings, and a small external space in the back for some greenery and a herb garden. Alex Forsey Alex Forsey Alex Forsey The north-facing rear yard is located on the lower ground floor and has a unique, though challenging triangular shape, as the house is located at the end of a row of traditional terraced houses, which is interrupted in a very sharp angle. Alex Forsey Our proposal positions a very simple, wooden tri... More



We create experiences which go beyond personal care and hygiene. A world around water and its benefits, through therapy which stimulates the senses, such as chromotherapy, aromatherapy and hydrotherapy materialised in the shower and the bathtub. Relaxation through cutting-edge designs inspired by the flow of water and the power of transformation. More

Project • By Johnson ChouApartments

10 Bellair

The Client, an itinerant traveler with a penchant for the Far East, requested a design that would evoke a heightened sense of movement and ritual. While the living spaces (living, dining, den, kitchen and bedrooms) were to be spare and elemental, the architectural concept was to be focused on the parti the liminal or in-between spaces, emphasizing the journey rather than the destination. The space was to be overlayed with the Client’s memories, a collage of spatial experiences and materials that could be reminiscent of his favorite boutique hotels in Malaysia and Indonesia; his residences in Paris, France; of negotiating the narrow trails and stone crevices while climbing in Tibet are just a few examples evoked in the main circulation... More

Project • By MGK ArchitectsApartments


Located in the Testaccio district in a building of the early '900, between the Lungotevere and the Slaughterhouse, the apartment overlooks almost entirely on the plane trees and the river, creating a different scenario in every season. The restructuring has focused on the redefinition of services and a new general concept to make the environments more functional and adherent to the needs of the new client. Caption Caption The interior design maintains the original conformation marked by load-bearing masonry and develops from a distributive filter, apparently treated in a neutral, silent way that actually welcomes the natural light and color coming from neighboring environments, animating in a different way depending on the positi... More

Project • By estudio AMATAMPrimary Schools

Study Rooms of the International School of Palmela

How can modular construction help complementing an International School program when you have little space and controlled costs? An orchard was changed and interconnected, helping to create the most conducive learning environment in these modular classrooms. The intervention at the International School of Palmela's orchard intended to complement the existing facilities throughout a new area of ​​support rooms (with controlled costs) implemented in an area of ​​the existing orchard. Given these constraints, the program was approached through modular construction, creating four modules with a contemporary interpretation, exploring the possibilities of modular wooden construction and its spatial versatility. Three different room modules and... More

Project • By Raúl García StudioHousing

VELO House

Located in Siete Aguas (Valencia), this house with straight and simple lines seeks to stand out from the surrounding buildings, with a marked rustic style, respecting the use of natural materials such as stone or wood. The volumes harmonize with each other, forming an 'L' on the ground floor that adopts a certain dynamism on the upper floor through the overhangs and setbacks generated. The facade, predominantly white and pure, is combined with the masonry and the wooden carpentry to generate spaces full of luminosity and purity that nevertheless preserve a certain warmth. Added to all this are the unparalleled views over the valley on the north face, which becomes a magnificent canvas in front of which to wake up every morning.   More

Project • By AE ArchitectsApartments

Sadovnicheskaya Street

The owner of this apartment didn’t want it to have motley interior or excessive furniture. That is how we came up with this minimalistic design for her 55-m2 apartment. We began by getting rid of partitions between the entrance hall and living room. As the result, you can see the majority of the apartment from the doorstep. Our customer wanted some sort of partitioning between the kitchen and living room – and that is how an opening with a built-in storage stand came to be. The owner also dreamed of the entire apartment bathing in the sunlight during the day. So, we suggested an inner window between the bathroom and kitchen and split the former into dry and wet areas. The wet area is cube-shaped, with a full-sized bathtub and... More

Project • By AE ArchitectsApartments

Peredelkino Blizhnee Apartment Complex

This apartment is located in the Gorod – Peredelkino Blizhnee Park Apartment Complex. The owners – a young married couple with a child – went for minimalistic interior design. When deciding on the concept for the interior design, we had to bear in mind the low 2.7-meter ceiling. So, from the moment you enter the apartment you start seeing vertical lines that continue throughout the entire apartment and into bedrooms. It did not help the building is a precast reinforced concrete one; virtually every wall is a load-bearing one; we were able to remove only one partition between the corridor and bedsit. It was replaced with vertical modules full of storage spaces. We also added a walk-in closet by putting up extra walls in the... More

Project • By A.J ArchitectsApartments


The Tranquil apartment is located at the end of the food street, in V.V Puram, Bangalore. The structure is strategically layered between the residential locality and the ever bustling and lively food street. The area adorns a contemporary character from the contrasting old colonial structures and temples. The design team wanted the characteristic of the surrounding area to be portrayed in the façade. The inside out façade allows the inmates to be in ode with nature. This also allows ample sunlight to veil the interiors. The entire apartment complex needs no artificial light for most part of the day. An open mouthed, wedge shaped feature on the façade cladded with wooden finished high-pressure laminates, denotes its ada... More

Project • By A&M ARCHITECTSResidential Landscape

The Cube House

A playful game between cubic volumes created a simple design proposal, strict on the exterior and soft on the interior. Putting these contrasts in balance, the hard geometric surfaces creating an envelope for the house, create a statement of a modern building translated through forms, materials, and colors. At the same time, through a warm environment, the interior of the Cube House emphasizes on natural materials, offering the comforts of modern family life in the southern suburbs of Attica.      On a very small plot, the functional needs of the family of four seek creative coexistence in a modern shell. The living areas are distributed on the ground level utilizing large openings showing an extroverted character connec... More

Project • By AE ArchitectsApartments

Smolensky Boulevard

The owners of this apartment live outside the city. The idea was to have a room for their child in their Moscow apartment. For that, we repurposed the two-meter wide walk-in closet. That is why our goal was to make it feel as spacious as possible. The former walk-in closet triples as a bedroom, study, and home gymnasium. We placed the desk and head of the bed next to the window whose sill doubles as a sort of bedside cabinet. As for the free space between the bed and closet, we arranged a home gymnasium with a couple of floor cushions there. For all the storage needs the owners might have, we put a built-in closet split with accent lighting in the room. The bed has pullout drawers, and to the right from the desk there is a storage system... More

Project • By Architeture's MatterRestaurants

Mizu Mori Japanese Restaurant

“Mizu Mori” Japanese Restaurant located in the residential area Outskirt of Bangkok. To serve fine Japanese Cuisine, Considering the words “Mizu” in Japanese means water and “Mori” means Forest, We want to create an experience where users can dine seamlessly with nature. Starting with the experience that the user will walk into, the long bamboo corridor enclosed with the Facade screen will calm the mood down before entering the restaurant. Once entered the scene will lead the vision to two separate courtyards inside the building which set up the be Zen Garden. Passes that users will see the large glass wall overseeing the outdoor garden by the canal covered with bamboo. All of that creates the mood where... More

Project • By Natura Futura ArquitecturaIndividual Buildings

The Tea Room

“The tea room reflects on a minimal architecture that  can integrate, understand and be part of its environment; maintaining a balance between the new and the existing in order to generate spaces for sharing”   The project is located in an agricultural area of Baba canton - Los Rios province - Ecuador, surrounded by local flora and fauna, it rests above a water channel. Don Pepe, an elderly adult, maintains the habit of having a cup of tea and coffee with his family every afternoon and has been doing so for years. The objective was to maintain this tradition within a space that generates a family connection which together with nature is able to adapt to various daily uses.   The room, with dimensions of 8m x 4... More

Project • By Minarc GroupHousing

Almar Residence

Located in the highly sought after El Medio Bluffs area of Pacific Palisades, California, sits the Almar Residence from award-winning southern California design firm, Minarc. The Minarc team views space and function as mutually important factors to consider when creating well-defined and inhabitable areas wherein design elements are oriented to take full advantage of natural light and cross-ventilation. The design for the Almar Residence evokes a primary focus on sustainability, functionality and space.                                    Featuring three levels with five bedrooms and four and a half baths, one enters through an 18 ft breathtaking glas... More

Project • By Vassiliades ArchitectsPrivate Houses

House in Fasoula, Cyprus

The inspiration that triggered the design of this bioclimatic solar house in Fasoula, Cyprus, was the will to create a white "Z" shaped form, that was going to characterize the morphology of the building. This form is parallel to the east-west axis and serves as a passive sun protection system, integrated into the design.  The spaces were translated in volumes which created a composition that was placed into the cavities of this white form. The design is moved by simple geometries touching the modern minimalist trends, which led to the use of exposed concrete, large wooden surfaces and the use of the “neutral” white color.  The building had to be placed in a slope, so the parking spaces were made in the earth, as a b... More