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Project • By lechner & lechner architectsArt Galleries

the mill at the edge of the forest

The old mill building dates back to 1914 and has been adapted several times before. It is located at the transition from meadow to forest in a ditch next to a stream. The existing building was not sufficiently lit and the connection to the surroundings was not established. Martin Konzett Our approach was to strengthen and reorganize the existing rooms with careful interventions. It was essential to formulate the new interventions clearly legible and not to hide the static supports of the existing building. The character of the existing is strengthened by the contrast with the new. The scenic surroundings, the threshold between forest and hill country, can also be experienced. Martin Konzett The studio of the sculptor Caroline Go... More

Project • By SANDRO UŽILARestaurants

Konoba Ćakula

The Konoba Ćakula restaurant, is located in at Vladimira Nazor 7, near the Episcopal Complex of the Euphrasian Basilica in the Historic Centre of Poreč (Croatia) that is also a part of the UNESCO World Heritage. KORIDOR 27 My inspiration was the very word "Ćakula", which means "conversation" or "chat" in the Istrian dialect.I wanted to give the Istrian soul to the restaurant in a modern way using stone, micro concrete, corten and oak wood. KORIDOR 27 The ceiling that I designed and that was made by a hardworking team of carpenters consists of 3500 wooden cylinders of different dimensions that represent a lot of different conversations, which in most cases are all different. That's why I called those cylinders: "Ćakule".The penda... More

Project • By OOIIO ArchitectureArt Galleries

Exhibition Design for Calder-Picasso

How to design an international exhibition showing the work of two of the most important Art Masters on XXth century, Alexander Calder and Pablo Riuz Picasso. That is a great challenge as architects.  Josefotoinmo OOIIO Architecture team went through this commission with a very clear idea: the artist were already there, the exhibition design must be very discret and specially thinked to enhalce the great art works. Josefotoinmo The decission was to group then into "exhibition sets" and distribute through the Picasso Malaga Museum spaces all the pieces in such a way that the over 300.000 visitors from all around the world that had this exhibition, were able to understand how this two masters worked on concepts like the void,... More

Project • By Jan Wiese ArchitektenOffices

Neukölln Pumping Station

Pumping station sounds a bit like sewage at first - not necessarily a place where you would like to live. Nevertheless, converting the pumping station Neukölln to a studio and apartment building was the first job to enable Jan Wiese to truly demonstrate his aspirations and capabilities. As if all that would not have been difficult enough, the builders were the artist couple Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset, who had chosen the pumping station as their Berlin-domicile. One could have started simpler. Udo Meinel Udo Meinel But hardly more spectacularly, as it is astonishing to see how existing elements of the building were preserved and redefined, while the new elements were integrated simultaneously. If you were lucky enough... More

Project • By XUE JIN DESIGNApartments

live with fun

With the development of internet and society, people spend more time to live and work at their own dwelling. We are willing to change the stereotype of a residence space which originally should be only cosy, warm and relaxiable. We hope this apartment, should also show an impression of passion, fashion and full of visual impact, which is positive to give a different attitude of the life style with more freedom and maybe a little more rebel.  Caption We try to create a unlimited open space by eliminating the boundaries of the sharing rooms, in which we combine colors and materials to mark different function blocks. By contrast, for the privacy needs, the main bedrooms entrance are hiding behind the paintings on the wall, another b... More

Project • By AUN Design StudioHospitals

WONJIN Aesthetic Surgery Gallery Clinic

Today cosmetic surgery is considered more than just a cure for beauty and desire. It is transformed into an aesthetical procedure sculpting a piece of art onto a human body. Consequently, at WONJIN clinic, the design team targets the impression of a studio and surgery gallery.   WONJIN Aesthetic Surgery Gallery Clinic is the Korean leading cosmetic surgery clinic that is redefining beauty by creating the perfect symmetrical balance with a harmony form. As a part of WONJIN Medical Group [Thailand], WONJIN Aesthetic Surgery Gallery Clinic is composed of Thai investors and a world-leading surgery from Korea. WONJIN strength and uniqueness is the articulation in the process of the surgical procedure with specialization in cosmetic surger... More

Project • By Zhucun DesignPrivate Houses


Site planning We divided the entire building into a front and rear building in a courtyard-like configuration similar to China. The front building is for the public domain and the main funded member families, and the rear building is for other family members and ancillary spaces. The semi-open air spa area serves as its transition space. The atrium between the two buildings provides sunlight and green plants and can be brought into the activities of family members. Caption Architectural design Front building This base is lower than the main road, so we first set the elevation of the original  base as a basement, and the first floor is raised and suspended; this type of tall house architecture similar to the South Island nat... More

Project • By studio RIANKNOPRestaurants


Studio RIANKNOP, an Amsterdam-based studio for interior architecture, designs outspoken interiors. Strong conceptual designs that tell a story in which client, users, building and architect come together. Researched from an organizational strategy perspective, designed with heart and applied driven by functionality.  More

Project • By Divooe Zein ArchitectsWorkshops

The Forest BIG

Design Concept:The location of this project is on the south side of the Shangri-La Park in Miaoli. Through the Forest BIG initiative, it is currently undergoing a transition period as the area is transformed into a forest that serves as a model intersecting both human and natural experiences and the gathering of knowledge. In a large experimental base field such as this, the five-needle pine and secondary forest vegetation which surround it create a pond and garden-esque landscape. Outside of this landscape, within the native foliage the occasional abandoned equipment or facility of the previously existing amusement park create a unique postmodern landscape where the land has been reclaimed by nature. Main building:An abandoned residen... More

Project • By D'architectsOffices

Osman Tan Plaza

Designed as a complex trade base and two office blocks located on Mevlana Boulevard, one of the developing arteries of Ankara. The base, which contains 26 commerce, serves 3 different items. It is connected to the public by the main street, to the office masses from the upper level and to the dormitories from the rear entrance. Thus, a rich and intense trade axis with different profiles from different entrances was created. The office blocks, rising in the form of two towers of 153 and 116 meters, contain 102 offices. A massive rising glass mass and white horizontal floors attached to this mass create a holistic design and reveal a plain and modern architecture.   Ankara'nın gelişen arterlerinden Mevlana Bulvarı üzerinde konumla... More

Project • By Ateliers Jean NouvelMuseums

Louvre Abu Dhabi

Pritzker-prize winning architect Jean Nouvel sought inspiration for the concept of Louvre Abu Dhabi in traditional Arabic architectural culture, and designed Louvre Abu Dhabi as a ‘museum city’ in the sea. Its contrasting series of white buildings take inspiration from the medina and low-lying Arab settlements. In total, 55 individual but connected buildings, including 26 galleries, make up this museum city. The façades of the buildings are made up of 3,900 panels of ultra-high performance fibre concrete (UHPC). The museum design is a collaboration between traditional design and modern construction techniques. The tranquil environment encourages visitors to enjoy the ever-changing relationship between the sun and the dome and betwee... More