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Project • By yuyuartstudioSculptures

regain time

The land is the erosion and accumulation of mud and sand following the water flow over the years. Layers of water marks are hidden in the ground, which activates the possibility of life, and contains the memory of a hundred years and thousands of years. In the work "Gathering Light", the art team uses bamboo, wood, and iron to create a seed shape that rises from the ground and is overlapped by light marks on the ground. The sprouted stems are transformed into paths, allowing the viewer to enter the light marks. In the space, in the distance of space movement, along the light, choose the wandering and traces of time. The outside of the shape diffuses the aftermath of the earth through the light and shadow of natural materials, just like the... More

Project • By Swap officeCultural Centres

Ferdowsi cultural center

Kheradsara is both a destination for members and home to the different events. We believe that it should be a connection between the locals, Shahname, and culture. The volume is transparent on the southern side. The vertical is followed by the horizontal void that turns into a yard, turning the closed spaces into semi-open and open spaces. The lobby on the bottom of the void connects the Amphitheaters to the gallery and yard. More

Project • By 3RW arkitekterConcert Halls


The transformation of Sentralbadet into a new performing arts center for BIT and Carte Blanche is driven by the idea of renewal and protection trough use – enhancing the architectural and occupational qualities trough simple but active interventions for openness and transparency building and user alike. Collaboration with Atelier Oslo, Shjeldrup og Gram, Østengen og Bergo, COWI, OBAS, Andrea Spreafico and Sigve Sælensminde. More

Project • By Dam & Partners ArchitectenConcert Halls

Renovation Nationale Opera

 The the foyer of the Dutch National Opera & Ballet, originally designed by architect Cees Dam in 1986, has been renewed. Dam & Partners Architecten is responsible for the design of the new foyer in collaboration with Richard Hutten Studio, who designed the custom furniture. In separate phases, the public toilets were renovated, the storage cellar was transformed into an education center and the public foyer was completely renovated. The aim of the renovations is to offer the program to a wider and more diverse audience. One of the starting points in the design is to facilitate a better reception of visitors and a better connection between the various functions in the building and the wishes and requirements of our time. In or... More

Project • By TOYA DESIGNCultural Centres

Grand Hall Complex at The ZAMEK

In 2007, when we set out with the competition for a design to modernise the castle we had one goal: to create a space where its recipient becomes its subject. So that those who find themselves within that space may feel it has been made bespoke for them. Functional and open. Thus far, the castle had been different – it intimidated people with the labyrinth of rooms and the vastness of dark halls. With its immense programme and the appetite for even more activity, the Culture Centre suffocated in the heavy body of the neo-Romanesque edifice.  Hence the need for a change – uncompromising, bold and comprehensive.   obefore the Grand Hall to the rank of central ATRIUM, where all the functions are focused and where the pa... More

Project • By line+Cultural Centres

Yu-Shiang Tea House

According to the terrain trend, the architecture is naturally placed on the mountain body and the site is refurbished. The pedestrians are guided to the first floor of the building through the landscape layer, and the functional transportation line is combed to ensure the best view angle. In the design of the building volume, there is an overhanging eave of great depth, and the concrete wall and the glass curtain wall form a large and solid contrast, showing a sense of strength. The concrete material is integrally poured and the wood grain texture template is used to polish the special delicate and textured modern clear water wall, and the clear water concrete sandwich wall is used to avoid the secondary decoration caused by the exposure of... More

Project • By HQ ARCHITECTSAuditoriums

Michael Sela Auditorium

 The existing Auditorium, is a great example of Modernism, designed by iconic Israeli architects Arieh Sharon and Benjamin Idelson in 1955. The 2,000m² building is the largest performance hall on the Weizmann Institute campus.   HQ Architects were commissioned to undertake the renovation and extension of this iconic building, which falls under strict ‘preservation’ rules, and where the facades and contour of the building cannot be modified. However, the ambition for the new Michael Sela Auditorium was to double the area of the existing lobby, and add a new social space suitable to accommodate different activities that go beyond the standard use of foyer as a waiting space. The concept is based on the observa... More

Project • By Skylab ArchitectureSkateparks

N M Bodecker Foundation

The N M Bodecker Foundation is a creative house balancing both natural and built environments. At its core, this project aims to inspire action and activity. With a series of informal performance spaces, an indoor skate park, and an outdoor fire pit. This unique environment inspires meaningful places to share open creative dialogue which is at the heart of why the Bodecker Foundation was built.  One key project goal by the owner was to inspire “the openness to learn and find the unlimited curiosity you once had when you were a kid”, which, unfortunately, for many people, is lost as they grow older. As this concept informed the program, it also became the challenge; how to build a multi-use creative space in urban NW Por... More

Project • By Shatova architectureBars

Dali wine

Arti Paintbar is a open painting studio that is open to everyone with or without any background in painting. The space is create to be inspireing for all kinds of people,  to come together and express their creative sides and have a bit of fun. More

Project • By DP ArchitectsExhibitions

Archifest 2016 Pavilion

DP Architects is proud to present the winning design of the official Archifest 2016 Pavilion in Singapore.Drawing inspiration from the festival’s theme of ‘Exhale’, the design aims to re-examine the often breathless pace of life associated with a dense city. DP Architects’ gigantic, technicolour inhabitable urban sculpture plays on the interaction of primary colours which overlap to produce a vibrant spectrum of secondary and tertiary colours that induce visitors to forget about the stressful city life and ‘Exhale’.Composed entirely of construction site materials, the design seeks to playfully refresh the city by injecting vibrant swathes of colour in a public space by way of a psychedelic pavilion. The pavilion’s character is built on nuan... More

Project • By Studio GangExhibition Centres

American Museum of Natural History, Gilder Center

The latest addition to New York’s historic American Museum of Natural History, the Richard Gilder Center for Science, Education, and Innovation will embody the Museum’s integrated mission of science education and exhibition.   At a time of urgent need for better public understanding of science and greater access to science education, the Gilder Center will offer new ways to learn about our world and share in the excitement of scientific discovery.   The design for the Gilder Center reclaims the physical heart of the museum and completes connections between existing galleries that were originally envisioned in the museum’s campus master plan. Visitor circulation is enhanced to better accommodate the museum’s rising annual attendance, which o... More

Project • By DLR GroupUniversities

University of Nevada Reno University Arts Building

Long known as a vibrant arts campus, the School of the Arts at the University of Nevada, Reno, has hosted the university’s art, music, theater, and dance departments at its arts complex designed by renowned Modernist architect Richard Neutra since 1962. As UNR’s student population continued to grow and its arts programs expanded, the building began to present limitations in size and accessibility, prompting the need for a new facility.   In February 2019, the 42,500-SF state-of-the-art University Arts Building designed by DLR Group|Westlake Reed Leskosky officially opened its doors. The new, three-story facility features a 287-seat recital hall, museum of art, fabrication lab, electroacoustic composition lab, soundproof r... More

Project • By KPMB ArchitectsHeritages

Massey Hall Renovations and Expansion

Opened in 1894, Massey Music Hall has been Toronto’s national stage for some of the world’s greatest classical, jazz and new world music performers.   Etched in the psyche of both the country and the City, Massey Hall has survived with very limited patron, artist and performance support spaces for over a century. Triggered by a recent donation of land, this project represents the full transformation and revitalization of the heritage hall and includes a new addition. Exterior passarelles will connect the balcony levels to new patron amenities as well as a second performance space on the acquired land to the south.   Revitalization of an Icon: The Hall, revered for its intimacy (even at 2800 seats) and its acou... More

Project • By Heim Balp ArchitektenOffices

Lindower 22

LINDOWER STRASSE BLD. A-CA part of a long term intervention on a large early XXth Centuryindustrial complex in the area of Berlin Wedding, the conversion andextension of the two first buildings focuses on the creation of newspaces for art exhibition and production.The 5.050 m² complex, housing art ateliers and galleries in two existing industrial structures provides a new centre of creativity. The addition oftwo further stories to one of the two buildings, the cladding reflecting the sky, crowns the development with a state of the art exhibition halloverlooking the city to the south.LINDOWER STRASSE BLD. BAs the area of Wedding evolves, the 5.000 m² intervention, housing art ateliers and galleries, , bars, rest... More

Project • By Motto ArchitectureCultural Centres

Kalecik Cultural Center

The project is designed as a continuation of the social functions within the new recreational site located in the southern border of the city center. Being located in a local attraction zone, the project houses two convention halls (1 conference and 1 multi-purpose hall) as well as a youth center and multiple exhibition halls for daily use by the citizens of Kalecik.The pedestrian movement initiated in the north east portion of the site is continued within the building via a continuous circulation loop. The users flow approaching the building from the recreation zone on north east is collected on the site under a contemporary re-design of the traditional “portico,” and driven towards the interior street organizing the building’s circulation... More