Ash wood

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Project • By schleicher.ragaller architekten bdaChurches

Church St. Fidelis

More and more people are leaving the church, more and more are in search of spirituality. St Fidelis in Stuttgart reacts to this with an open programme. Since December 2019, the almost 100 years old Catholic church has also been a centre of spiritual... More

Project • By Roar (formerly Pallavi Dean Interiors)Offices

Bakr Talent Consultancy

The brief was to create an office that feels professional and well thought out, but also young and vibrant to reflect the culture of the company. Candidates visiting the office are making big, potentially life-changing decisions, so the environment h... More

Product • By Surfacing SolutionSolid Wood Tambour

Solid Wood Tambour

Solid Wood Tambour is a flexible grooved decorative surfacing material. The grooving is visually attractive and allows for the panels to have flexibility for ease in designing curves and angles, inwards and outwards. Available in 30 unique standard... More

NewsNews • 13 Aug 2020

Tiny office in Oslo demonstrates creative use of small space

Located in a former industrial neighbourhood of Bilbao, Oslo Cowork is a minimalist and compact office space designed by BABELstudio. The project and consequently the material selection is intended to create a balance of a bright, light-flooded, mini... More

Product • By Woodsafe Timber Protection ABWoodsafe PRO

Woodsafe PRO

Woodsafe PRO™ is available in a number of wood types such as pine, spruce, oak, larch, cedar tree, birch, ash, maple, poplar and in plywood as spruce, birch and poplar. The wood products are manufactured in accordance with the European Commissi... More

Project • By Lukas Imhof Architektur GmbHCommunity Centres

New community building at Ekkharthof

The living and working place for people in need of care was built in the 1970s as a gesamtkunstwerk in anthroposophical design language in the middle of the  landscape around lake of constance, thurgau. Now a new restaurant building is to become... More

Product • By Neil DavidF2 Sofa

F2 Sofa

The F2 seat is based on a solid ash wood cross foot which continues up to the armrest. The back and seat are upholstered in a single cover. More

Product • By Neil DavidTwig Lounge Chair

Twig Lounge Chair

This chair is named after the twig that inspired the design of it’s legs. These are formed from solid ash wood. The legs grow to serve as the arm rest. The Twig provides a compact armchair with great comfort. More

Product • By TrabÀSEDIA GENOA


The Genoa chair collection, by talented young designer Cesare Ehr, featuring a stool and a chair with armrests, is also available in an outdoor version. The distinguishing element is the ‘one-line’ backrest, obtained by curving a single m... More

Product • By TrabÀMARLEN


Comfort, an ergonomic shape and a hardy structure are the characteristics of the Marlen design, the new Trabà chair designed by EP Studio. Hints of a Fifties vibe can be glimpsed in the curvature of the backrest – generously padded, lik... More

Product • By De VormClip Chair Solid Ash Wood

Clip Chair Solid Ash Wood

Clip is a simple and functional chair from ash wood. It combines traditional manufacturing techniques with modern materials, resulting in a classic piece of wooden furniture. The chair is recognised by its distinctive feature - the black ‘clip&... More

Project • By 932 Design ConsultantsPrivate Houses


The interior space challenges the unequaled potential of dark hues and the dramatic effect it can bring forward with the contrast of warm wood texture. Strong use of black profile and natural wood tone amplifies the language of masculinity, rawness a... More

Project • By VON MHotels

Hotel Bauhofstrasse

Hotel Bauhofstrasse is a consistent sustainable building with eyes on the future. Due to sensitive urban integration next to historic buildings the hotel contributes to the revitalization of the surrounding district.   By choosing the trendset... More

Product • By PORCELANOSAL’ Antic Colonial - LUTIER 1L

L’ Antic Colonial - LUTIER 1L

Noble material, warm touch. Natural European ash wood that brings life to any space. Different brown shades that stand out for their tonal variation in each reference and the amount of drawing that their noble layer shows. More

Product • By Next LevelCLUSTER


Let us introduce our first cluster model! As always, made of solid wood, with natural oil finishes and handcrafted in our studio! And don't forget that we are Eco-friendly! Let the beauty in together with us! !!!!!PLEASE NOTE!!!!! The Cluster pend... More