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Project • By ZJATunnels

Blankenburg connection, Rotterdam

Hidden highway near Rotterdam The Blankenburg connection (A24) designed by the architectural office ZJA is a new motorway between the A20 and A15. The road is hidden in a recessed container, dives underneath the Aalkeetpolder through a land tunnel and through a deep tunnel under the river Het Scheur. On the north side, the Blankenburg connection connects to the A20 via a recessed junction. On the south side, the new road connects to the A15 in a junction with a number of new flyovers. To integrate the motorway and service buildings On the north side of the Nieuwe Waterweg and Het Scheur, in the valuable and vulnerable peat meadow landscape of the Aalkeetpolder, the design assignment is to integrate the motorway and service buildings into... More



The Heradesign ceiling rafts have been designed especially for the individual optimization of acoustics. The unique wood wool appearance of the surface structure gives rise to a surprising design option.   The Heradesign ceiling rafts are very popular with architects and planners as an additional sound absorption measure. Thanks to the fast installation, the acoustics and well-being in the room can be optimized without the need to install or exchange the whole ceiling. More

Product • By Si-XLaminated glass

Laminated glass

Laminated glass up to 9.300x3.210mm! That opens new crazy possibilities for customized creative and professional design. With our new equipment - and our wide range of glass processing - we do realize the most fantastic and high quality glass-projects all over the world. Our new equipment give you the possibilities to laminated different types of interlayers combine with textiles, wood, steel, color PET, LC-film etc. in big glass-sizes. Let us looking – together with you - were is the limit! We can transfer your ideas on and into glass! More

Product • By DESIGN EXPRESSVectorworks 2015

Vectorworks 2015

Vectorworks CAD software is a line of industry-specific 2D/3D and BIM solutions that allow designers to advance their ideas from concept through completion. More than half a million users around the world have realized their visions with Vectorworks. For 2015, we’re excited to introduce the first 64-bit version of Vectorworks software, which will break down barriers and equip you to handle projects of any size, while giving you confidence through better performance and enhanced stability. We’re also thrilled to build upon our Vectorworks Graphics Module, which provides designers with a revolutionary graphical experience. These two technological improvements, along with more than 100 updates and new features, like enhanced text editin... More

Product • By SENTIMOSentimo Radiator Cover

Sentimo Radiator Cover

Our basis Sentimo Radiator Cover is specifically designed for optimal heat transmission. However in some situations it is preferred that the surface temperature is lower than normal. For example in a space where there are unattended children, a working space which is close to the radiator or a space where there is care for disabled people. For this problem we now have the solution, Sentimo Safety. This version isolates the front of the radiator cover and therefore keeps the surface temperature low. With an input of 85˚ it results in a surface temperature of 31˚. So there is no risk of burning. Because of the open bottom of the cover in combination with the grill above the radiator the heat convection stays functional. You are still able... More

Product • By HuppeEnjoy


The design of the series HÜPPE Enjoy has been refine by design studio Phoenix Design. Thanks to this successful adjustments, the company has won the Plus X Award and Interior Innovation Award in 2013. Recently HÜPPE won again an Award. The iF Design Award and Reddot award 2014. Again it has been proved that market leader HÜPPE ranks high with an innovative and distinctive design, a top quality and high functionality. What's special about the series HÜPPE Enjoy pure and HÜPPE Enjoy elegance, the glass elements, which have been carried out without mounting profiles. Also the chrome-plated hinges and handle give this series a characteristic and unique appearance. At the series pure elegance at this tight, the series what are rounder. The r... More

Product • By Si-XIsolation glass

Isolation glass

Isolation glass up to 9.300x3.210mm! That opens new crazy possibilities for customized creative and professional design. With up-to-date know-how and big glass-sizes we can realize the most fantastic and high quality glass-projects all over the world. Our isolation glass product can have a big range of possibilities with many glass-types combine with our glass-processings. Also we do produce tipple isolation-glass panels. We can transfer your ideas on and into glass! More

Product • By Si-XDigital printing

Digital printing

Digital printing up to 9.300x3.210mm! That opens new crazy possibilities for customized creative and professional design. With the full new technology and big glass-sizes we can realize the most fantastic and high quality colorful glass-projects all over the world. Our digital printing process can be applied to almost all types of glass. A thermal tempering process results in a permanent bonding of the ceramic printing ink to the glass. We can transfer your ideas on glass – be creative! More

Product • By ASSA ABLOY NederlandAperio


Whether in business or multi-residential buildings, ASSA ABLOY’s architectural solution for glass are installed all over the world. Modern glass meeting rooms and office doors can now be equipped with wireless access control devices while maintaining aesthetics. ASSA ABLOY’s Aperio™ Technology allows access control providers around the globe to integrate non-wired doors with mechanical locks into access control systems in a cost effective way. Aperio™ is designed to upgrade mechanically locked doors and wirelessly connect them online or offline to new or existing access control systems, with minimal modification to doors and premises, offering a cost effective and simple security upgrade. A new easy-to-install plate allows glass doors t... More

Product • By ProfelProfel Provent D-Luxe

Profel Provent D-Luxe

The Profel Provent D-Luxe is a highly innovative decentralized ventilation unit with built-in plastic heat exchanger. The device is placed in a thermally broken aluminum housing and is mounted on top of a window or door. Each unit can be controlled wireless, manually or automatically at a set air quality level; controlled by sensors measuring CO2, relative humidity and indoor and outdoor temperature. More



SKIN is an Italian design collection of high quality melamine faced panels or HPL with new synchropore finishes. It enables designers to create furniture with exclusive materic surfaces. The collection contains seven different structures (‘Aska’, ‘Horizon’, ‘Sagade’, ‘Tecno’, ‘Textile’ and ‘Mirò’) available in several decors. Board format: 2800 x 2070 x 18 mm. SKIN is an Italian brand and as of now also available in Holland. More

Product • By Ege CarpetsCanvas Collage

Canvas Collage

Canvas Collage is inspired by reflections on industry, just before the industrial revolution, when daily life was simple. A tiny sample of worn linen, loosely woven and faded began Nicolette Brunklaus’ creative process of mapping textures, colours and memories. Her love of rich textile structures is obvious, and the linen sample represents a piece of industrial craft history. Today, industry and efficiency have replaced this laborious craft yet Nicolette Brunklaus utilises its nostalgia by digitising it and collaging the linen texture in various modern ways. The woven structure is applied to all variations of the Canvas Collage collection, layered over dried dahlia flowers, in a patchwork of colours and combined with new forms. Nicol... More



produced with first class particleboard or medium density fiberboard (MDF) and high quality melamine film with a unique mirrored surface. The new range consists of 20 durable, scratch resistant decors that include 14 colors, 4 wood designs and 2 fantasy decors. Board format: 2800 x 2050 mm. Thickness: 8, 10, 12, 16, 18, 19, 22, 25, 28, 38 mm. More

Product • By Shaw ContractMixed Materials Collection

Mixed Materials Collection

Mixed Materials is designed in hard, resilient and soft carpettiles, all coordinating, all in the same height, so no more strips needed. No more glue needed for the hard tiles, if surrounded by the carpettiles. All facet tiles also fits in sizes with the 61 x 61 carpettiles. More

Product • By Shaw ContractHexagon tiles

Hexagon tiles

Hexagon tiles, size 72,30 x 62,30 cm. A natural evolution of form, Hexagon is the next logical move for the design of carpet tile. Non-linear in composition, it’s a perfect reflection of our culture shifting toward more collaborative environments— impacting the way we work, walk, communicate, create and exist within our three dimensional space. This new shape reinforces the social aspect of a space as well as the physical and mental interaction that occurs within it. “Today, nothing is linear. As a society, we depend on more connection points than ever before, so why shouldn’t our workspace reflect this? Hexagon creates more connection points and removes the linear path. It will change the way people move through the space, to develo... More