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Product • By Kobe Interior DesignTombre CS

Tombre CS

Tombre CS is a yarn dyed 100% Trevira CS curtain fabric, featuring a multicoloured big scale pattern inspired by an abstract twist on leaves. It is woven in jacquard with spun yarns in warp and 2 types of dyed yarns in weft, spun and filament. This u... More

Product • By ForecoNobelWood®


Based on wood modification Foreco introduced NobelWood®, an award-winning alternative for tropical hardwood. It offers durable and sustainable production methods and products. The Dutch institute for building and ecology (NIBE) performed an indicativ... More

Product • By Kobe Interior DesignNordal CS

Nordal CS

Nordal CS is a yarn dyed room high curtain fabric in 100% Trevira CS. Irregular stripes resembling tree bark are woven in jacquard with textured spun yarns in warp and 2 different yarns in weft, a spun matt yarn and a shiny filament yarn to create a... More

Product • By Deceuninck N.V.Deceuninck Twinson decking solutions

Deceuninck Twinson decking solutions

Deceuninck decking combines the benefits of wood with the unique properties of PVC. By combining the natural look of wood and the low maintenance of PVC into a single new base material, the Deceuninck outdoor flooring solutions meet all comfort deman... More

Product • By Carpet ConceptHem


When designing the woven carpet collection Hem, Ben van Berkel /UNStudio drew his inspirations from the lively structures of natural and urban landscapes. The collection is based on non-directional patterns of coloured dots. Numerous shades serve as... More

Product • By Bruynzeel MultipanelTopperfo MICRO® Graphic

Topperfo MICRO® Graphic

Overview Topperfo® Micro is part of the most expansive and versatile sound absorbing wood panel system available today - and one of the most powerful unions between architecture and acoustical performance. Utilizing tens of thousands of micro perfor... More

Product • By Armstrong FlooringLino Art Star

Lino Art Star

Lino Art Star just glows with joie de vivre and, with its fruity fresh look, is a newcomer to the collection. Contrasting decorative colour flakes are scattered in amongst the predominant colour of the structure’s flat chip pattern. In addition to ni... More

Product • By Armstrong FlooringUni Walton

Uni Walton

A highlight of the collection, especially for architects and Bauhaus fans everywhere, is the new Uni Walton. Fitting for linoleum’s 150th birthday, Armstrong has developed six new colours for this monochrome structure: two warm grey tones, a camel br... More

Product • By Stoopen & MeeûsStuc


Stoopen & Meeûs STUC is a durable, hard and scratch resistant decorative coating for floors, walls, bathrooms and stairs. The surface should be firm, dry and stable: screed, concrete and existing tiles are suitable surfaces. Also concrete counter top... More

Product • By Stoopen & MeeûsKALEI - Badgeon

KALEI - Badgeon

Stoopen & Meeûs BADGEON is a dry mineral paint, which has to be mixed with water and can be coloured with the Stoopen & Meeûs pigments. Our badgeon shows a gritty structure after application. Badgeon is weather-resistant and leaves the structure of... More

Product • By B&C ProjectsHigh-quality screens

High-quality screens

New in our collection: seventy high-quality screens, suitable for extra large roller blinds and available with various openness factors. For example we introduce the Escreen+ which is 100% made of recycled water bottles, the Escreen+ Metallized which... More

Product • By ETAP NVK4 OLED


K4 signage series uses OLED technology, a variation on LEDs based on organic materials. The result is perfectly illuminated signage in a super slim and discreet design. Since light source and sign form a unit, the luminaire’s dimensions have been sub... More

Product • By STAS PICTURE HANGING SYSTEMSSTAS new luminaire for the picture hanging system

STAS new luminaire for the picture hanging system

STAS has created revolutionary hanging systems which are equipped with a 12 volt current. The new luminaire designed by the in-house R&D department is a follow up and expansion of the existing lighting products. It is a visually attractive and innova... More