Bruynzeel Multipanel
Bruynzeel Multipanel

Bruynzeel Multipanel

Manufacturers from Postbus 59, Zaandam, Netherlands
BRUYNZEEL: a strong name in wood solutions. Specialist in production of high quality plywood

One of the most famous BRUYNZEEL products is plywood; several plies of carefully selected veneers, glued together to high quality smooth faced plywood, which is used in both maritime as well as constructive solutions.

BRUYNZEEL started the peeling of veneers in 1939.

In the beginning the peeled veneers were used for the production of cigar boxes. In that period also the now well known HECHTHOUT was born. To test the quality of this new plywood BRUYNZEEL built a series of sailing boats in its own factory.

With the expansion of the plywood range, BRUYNZEEL changed its name in BRUYNZEEL MULTIPANEL BV in 1975. A name since then world wide known and which has acquired much success.

In this period BRUYNZEEL MULTIPANEL decided to have the logs peeled in the countries of their origin; GABON and other African countries.

Since several years BRUYNZEEL MULTIPANEL had a close collaboration with SA ALLIN in Le Vanneau. A French plywood manufacturer who proved to be a reliable partner for the production of our core materials and who produced a quality based on our standards in order to guarantee the quality of our products.

In 2003 SA ALLIN decided to take over the production and organization of BRUYNZEEL MULTIPANEL and since then stands for the continuance, quality and service towards all European countries and beyond.