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Project • By Jackson Clements Burrows ArchitectsRestaurants


Situated at the top of Little Bourke St, a precinct known for its established dining venues, Longsong provides a local stalwart with a seductive new offering. It opens a portal onto the site’s history and Melbourne’s story as a fast-evolving city still enriched by its past. Tom Blachford The space once functioned as horse stables for Angliss and Co. Built in 1900, the building’s history and unique heritage qualities – brick floors shaped by horses pawing their hooves, soaring ceilings, a steep entry ramp horses climbed to reach the loft from the street – became the design’s primary drivers. Tom Blachford JCB's initial design thinking focused on creating a series of architectural and decorative... More

Project • By Ekky Studio ArchitectsBars


UKIYO listening bar is an interior renovation project in the city center of Nicosia Cyprus, completed in 2021. One of the key challenges was to facilitate both the functions of a restaurant and a listening bar with a unified architectural identity, in a small existing space. Creative Photo Room Creative Photo Room The concept of Listening Bars first came to surface around the 50s in Japan, with spaces that were equipped with high quality sound systems and acoustic properties for playing vinyl records. The records playing through high quality audio systems aims in providing a high-end acoustic experience to their users while enjoying their favorite tunes over a drink. Creative Photo Room Creative Photo Room UKIYO’... More

Project • By FRAMABars

A Neighbourhood Wine Bar: GOTA

Housed in the Justicia neighborhood in Madrid, a historical ‘barrio’ full of modern boutiques and young artists, lies GOTA—a cozy natural wine bar that elevates food, music, and wine with passion and dedication founded by Fede Graciano. Salva Lopez FRAMA is the perfect match to create that magical atmosphere in GOTA. The Tasca pieces offer a surface that vibrates in the stony and austere ambiance, giving lightness. The 01 Seating Collection provides warmth to the space, and with its clean rectangular lines, it adds a contrast to the rounded counter and tables. Salva Lopez Salva Lopez Salva Lopez More

Project • By Lapis BureauBars

RED Club

RED by Lapis Bureau is located in the heart of Shenzhen’s nightlife, in Coco Park Futian area, and is designed to be one of the most exclusive and unexpected realities among the bars and clubs scene in post-pandemic Shenzhen. Lapis Bureau Lapis Bureau In color psychology, Red represents positivity, initiative, passion and enthusiasm, hence the willingness to interact with people. In the most prosperous and bustling bar street of Coco Park in Futian, Shenzhen, a zig-zagging set of flashing red neon lights pops up at night. It is the signal that the carnival is ready to start. Lapis Bureau From the outside, a series of upholstered red-leather doors with a circular window geared with an infinity mirror is mesmerizing th... More

Project • By A I MRestaurants


Buns Restaurant was founded in the historical center of Monza and is overlooking one of the most representative squares of the city.The architectural intervention is based on the need for usable spaces at all times of the day and it’s exactly the combination of different settings the strong point of the design.The concept revolves around the dichotomy and the dual relation of the parties: day/night, food/drink, in/out, dividing the environment essentially in two areas, one contained in the other.The space perimeter has been completely emptied and it is considered as “recovered object”, thanks to the rediscovery of pre-existence. It tells about the integration with history and with its own origins and becomes a transition s... More

Project • By Clear LightingBars

Overtime Stairs Bar

Lindemann's Overtime Bar in Arosa, Switzerland used multiple FlexgloTM F15 LED lights of customized lengths to light up their staircases. F15 lights are perfect for curved stairs because its slimness allows for a seamless installation on the ridge of each stair. The lighting designer opted for 3000k color temperature which not only enables good visibility and allows the customers to mind the steps but also shows the sculptural feature of the staircase by illuminating its shape.  More

Project • By BuchanBars


Encased within floor-to-ceiling glazed windows, the grand, statement lighting feature at Westward is suspended above a central bar, illuminating the space and acting as a warm and inviting beacon for guests. Located on the prominent western corner of the SkyCity precinct with panoramic views across the River Torrens and Adelaide Oval, Westward is wrapped within floor-to-ceiling glazed windows. A bespoke lighting feature is suspended above the bar illuminating the space and acting as a warm and inviting beacon for guests looking for the perfect meeting spot pre or post game. JonathanVDK One of four new restaurants and two new bars, Westward forms part of SkyCity Adelaide’s $330m expansion. Westward was crafted as a space where p... More

Project • By BergmeyerOffices

Boston Beer

A workplace redesign that truly complements a company and its people? Cheers to that! After creating two successful Tap Rooms serving their craft brewing innovations, we partnered with The Boston Beer Company again – this time to transform their corporate office. Boston Beer asked us to help them create a more cohesive office environment that would connect and showcase their brands while fostering community and collaboration in their home base. Caption The existing 50,000 SF workplace had a public corridor that physically divided the office into two sides, with walls and storefronts – and security barriers – separating them. Our design team overcame the inconvenient layout by eliminating the barriers and opening up... More

Project • By ArchiGuruBars

Pinche Bar

The 300-square-meter bar is part of a large warehouse which hosts an American BBQ restaurant, administration offices, and several event spaces.  Located on the second level, Pinche Bar first welcomes its visitors to an outdoor terrace covered with plants and murals inspired by iconic American sports, musical, and cultural figures.  The outdoor areas hosts numerous picnic tables for dining and a small bar in the corner which is open to the public when the main bar inside is closed for special events.  The main entrance is opened by two large folding doors which allow for the main bar inside to be extended into the outdoor area during large parties and events.  When the doors are closed the metal façade reveals the... More

Project • By hcreatesBars

Black Rock Bar

Black Rock is a Whisky lover's nirvana. Originating from London, Black Rock is all about bringing flavor to the forefront and helping people discover Whisky in a new way. First launched in 2016, the concept simplified the flavor profiles into sweet, spice, fruit, fragrance, balance and smoke. hcreates worked with the Shanghai team to convert an unassuming corner site on the popular Fumin Road in downtown Shanghai. Brian Chua A simple black façade with strips of filtered light marking the doorway, Black Rock subtly welcomes you in. A project of contrasts: light and dark, smooth and rough. The space balances the classic with the current to create a uniquely accessible experience. Brian Chua The centerpiece of the space is t... More

Project • By hcreatesBars

Lounge by Topgolf

Topgolf is one of the world’s leading sports entertainment companies, famous for its fun and engaging venues combining active entertainment and good food. With an immense appetite for the new and exciting, Shanghai was the perfect location for the first international location. Brian Chua Socializing over food and drink is a huge part of living the Shanghai lifestyle. Topgolf sought to create a truly unique experience for Shanghai and entrusted the task to the well-known interior design studio, hcreates – the team behind many of Shanghai’s beloved hospitality venues. hcreates knew the success of this project relied on bringing together all the different elements into one cohesive space.  Brian Chua Hannah C... More

Project • By LXABars

Jones the Grocer - West Palm Beach

Creating a further twist on the Jones the Grocer design language. Bright and airy, but still able to transform by night to a more intimate venue. The space is essentially split into two sides, with a relaxed coffee shop for shorter stays on one, with a bar and woodfired pizza restaurant on the opposite. Full glazing on most elevations give fantastic views to the beach side location, the perfect spot for a sundowner. On the café side an impressive overhead structure ‘contains’ the oversized brass dome lights, a concrete counter creates a buzzing atmosphere within the space while light timbers are used throughout. The opposite side of the venue housed the woodfired pizza oven and bar. Similar copper finishes are used throug... More
We wanted to achieve the maximum presence of nature in the bathroom area
The main square of the hotel
We wanted to make some areas of the hotel more monumental
Mutis hotel room is a combination of Asian and minimalist direction which includes expressive textures and custom details
The bedroom and bathroom area is separated by a glass partition

Project • By 279 concept studioHotels

The Mutis hotel with Japanese aesthetics

The concept hotel "Mutis" located in Indonesia. This project represents our search for combinations of different stylistic directions. We experimented a lot with geometric shapes, materials and furniture. Caption Caption Project concept creation took about 2 months.One of the ideas of this project was to give people the opportunity to feel like a part of nature through location, natural materials, colors, art objects and interaction of plants with interior and architecture.We used artistic plaster in the interior, polished concrete on the floor, custom metal and wood panels on the walls. Caption Caption More

Project • By Karv One DesignCommunity Centres


As an inseparable part of modern urban life, sports are undoubtedly an important expression of people's pursuit of high-quality lifestyles. Sports culture has therefore become a new exploration for brands and designs to break traditional boundaries and update the space experience.  King Ou / Neon Wang Focusing on the space concept of “Park is Community”, Karv One Design and Shenzhen Vanke started from the exterior facade design inspired by baseball elements, and carried out a full-plan design. To integrate sports social activities, installation art and café into the 4000 m² of park life, the space delivers the beauty of life in the name of sports.  King Ou / Neon Wang King Ou / Neon Wang The enti... More

Project • By Urban Soul ProjectBars

Ian's Bar

Kimberley Powell The bar is located in the premises of Regency Casino in Thessaloniki and the starting point in its design were references from the American jazz era, during the 1920s and 1930s. The idea was to design a space atmospheric and luxurious, modern and classic at the same time. Kimberley Powell The floor plan is elongated and divided into three parallel sitting areas, divided by corridors, connecting the entrance to the bar. The bar is placed opposite the entrance, at the mirrors placed on its back visually double the space. Kimberley Powell Kimberley Powell A significant design element is the double arched construction that forms the roof. Made of black perforated surface, the structure redefines the height... More