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Project • By Open AD architectsPrivate Houses

Baltic coastal holiday home

Exuberance-free, the home reflects Latvians’ reserved and modest nature. No element is purely decorative, so as not to take away from the rugged beauty of the landscape. Even elements like drains and gutters are hidden or replaced with a rain chain.  Alvis Rozenbergs Alvis Rozenbergs Latvian legislation does not permit newbuilds within the proximity of the coastline, however, it is possible to build on existing foundations. With this in mind Open AD’s clients purchased a coastal property with the idea of transforming it.  Alvis Rozenbergs Alvis Rozenbergs   The property consisted of four mismatched buildings – the main house, a garage, shed and garden house. Open AD established how to... More

Project • By Andrew Franz Architect PLLCHousing

East End House

Perched on a bluff overlooking the water, this house on Long Island’s East End is a serene year-round retreat. Living spaces open outward toward the landscape, catching cool breezes and lapping waves in summer, and in winter orient inwards toward a cozy two-sided fireplace and warm wood paneling. Broad cantilevered overhangs create dramatic external rooms while providing additional shade from the summer sun. Albert Vecerka/Esto Albert Vecerka/Esto Albert Vecerka/Esto The house is contemporary but makes distinct reference to the modest early-modern dwellings that inspired the client. It settles into its natural environment, prioritizing new and old growth trees, outdoor living spaces, and views while using its low profi... More

Project • By MCK ArchitectsHousing

House Acute

A modest wedge shaped parcel of land on the edge of a coastal bluff inspired a robust angular-shaped holiday home. Two long off form concrete pavilions follow the long edges of the site and meet at the site’s most prominent corner, rising up from the native landscape not unlike the natural sandstone escarpments in the locality. The concrete walls of both levels are articulated in their respective textures, and form humble backdrops to the surrounding landscape, both new and existing.  Caption Caption Internally the home is as comfortable and intimate for 2 as it is for 10 persons, with a range of separate living spaces to retreat to within the acute spaces (ocean side) of the plan. A roof terrace enables the owners to... More

Project • By gon architectsApartments


Since 1993 when Manuel, a journalist who loves rock music and opera almost as much as he loves social networks like Instagram, bought and moved into a 30-square-meter attic in Madrid's Lavapiés neighborhood, the configuration of the space had not been modified. Under a sloping roof of exposed wooden beams without any kind of insulation that made the attic a somewhat gloomy and unsustainable place, the house included two load-bearing walls that segregated it into three rooms (living-kitchen-dining room, bathroom, bedroom) and a semi-hidden and underused terrace. imagen subliminal (Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero) imagen subliminal (Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero) It was at the end of 2020, in th... More

Project • By Bernardes ArquiteturaPrivate Houses

JCA House

JCA House is a summer residence in Bahia, which would also be used with some frequency during other seasons of the year. A house to walk around barefoot, with a contemporary spatial organization without losing the regional essence. The house is built on a large wooden platform raised from the ground. On it, two independent volumes receive part of the program: in the smaller block are located the master suite, kitchen, pantry and toilet; in the largest block, five suites. A large gable roof and a rectangular projection unifies the volumes and create new spaces with large ceilings that give way to the living and dining rooms in addition to the circulation galleries. In the basement are located other service rooms and an intimate room with ho... More

Project • By Bernardes ArquiteturaPrivate Houses

Delta House

Commissioned by a couple with three young children, this weekend house, located one and a half hours away from São Paulo, is built on a sloped terrain surrounded by an important Atlantic Forest reserve, in a plot allowed for building purposes. The functional program was laid out in different levels so as to let the house adapt to the existing terrain and trees in a subtle fashion.  The entrance is made from the car park on the lower level, from which a wide staircase shoots up across the first floor and on to the terrace where the social areas and master suite are built under a light canopy.  Ruy Teixeira Ruy Teixeira The first floor houses the children’s suites and overhangs the stone base of the house, p... More

Project • By Alexander Gorlin ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Sag Harbor House

This harbor-side property is a conceived as a modern, shingle-style lodge. The four-bedroom house comprises two pavilions connected by a bridge that creates an entrance which frames views of Sag Harbor Bay. The interior layout has been carefully zoned to reflect the family's needs. The great room creates the home’s social core combining kitchen, living and dining spaces that give onto the expansive terrace and pool beyond. A more private, wood-paneled rustic den is housed in the adjoining wing beneath the master bedroom suite. More

Project • By Leonardo MarchesiRural

House in Colares

The project of the house in Colares stared with a topographical research in mind, finding the most dramatic cliff between Cascais and Cabo da Roca, for a weekend house, on the west coast of Portugal, at the closest point to the Americas on European land. The site is located in the Parque Natural de Sintra-Cascais, just between the famous Lighthouse of Cabo da Roca and the nearby Santuário da Peninha, it is part of a territory which is constellated by windmills and local production of wine. The plot itself has first been spotted on Google Maps and has been further investigated for planning permissions to the local authorities, it is located at the very end of the Rua das Piroletas in the one and the only land left unbuilt since the... More

Project • By Herbst ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Papamoa Beach House

The site is one of a row of sites with beach access lining Papamoa beach. An opportunity presented itself; how to cleverly stitch the rear street arrival to the front of the site.   First principles resulted in all of the primary public spaces, living, dining & kitchen, being positioned at the front of the site.We then used the street end of the house to form a gateway which provides cover and leads the visitor in with an angled wall and soffit.The gateway monocles the view to a glazed front door and the sea beyond.   The journey between gateway and front door is lusciously landscaped along the boundary and opposingly lined with a soft batten screen which lanterns at night.The front door connects directly into the living a... More

Project • By Rangr StudioPrivate Houses

Casa Kimball

Casa Kimball is a private beach house and rental villa located on the North coast of the Dominican Republic. It is equally used by the client and by groups who rent the property for events from small reunions to large weddings. As such the project straddles residential and hospitality uses— it functions like a hotel but feels like a house.   Situated on a cliff with a panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean, each of eight full suites has a breathtaking view out to the ocean. The buildings are designed to protect from views of neighboring villas, heightening the experience of the vast horizon beyond. The interior spaces merge with the gardens, and are designed to allow ocean breezes under shade from the sun throughout the year. Lig... More

Project • By Olson KundigPrivate Houses

Tofino Beach House

Nestled in a weather-beaten forest, this 2,500-square-foot beach house creates a connection between the drama of the nearby ocean and the sense of sanctuary provided by the trees. Composed primarily of one large room, the house is light-filled on the south side facing the ocean, and insular and protected on the other side.   Glass walls open the living area to panoramic views of forest and ocean, while two fireplaces on either end anchor the space and provide a feeling of refuge. Cantilevering the house from its base provides space for ferns and beach salal to grow underneath the glass flooring that runs the perimeter of the main room, giving the sense of floating above the forest floor.   The warm, natural tones of the interi... More

Project • By Auhaus ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Cliff House

New 4 bedroom house with frontline coastal views stretching from Portsea through to Lorne. The design wraps around the site, enclosing an elevated, tiered central courtyard and pool area with views straight through the house to the ocean horizon beyond. To the ocean side, the house presents as two stacked, elongated volumes, one sheathed in a fine skin of concrete, the other in hardwood timber that will weather to a pale silver.   The concrete wraps over and around the house, binding the volumes and opening at various points to reveal the inner workings of the house. Arranged over three levels, the inner layout is interspersed with pocket courtyards and moments of double and triple height space that amplify the feeling of light and a... More

Project • By Melodi Zarakol ARCHITECTPrivate Houses

Beach House

Located on a beautiful waterfront property, this new-build 2,100 sf beach house will be a much needed retreat for the city-dwelling clients. A rooftop terrace provides sweeping views of the sandy beachfront, while a projected two-storey volume provides privacy to the deck at grade. The material palette takes cues from the surrounding nature implementing driftwood-grey tones for the wood cladding and neutral shades for the interior finishes. More

Project • By Vibe Design GroupHousing

McCrae House 1

Located opposite McCrae beach on the Mornington Peninsula, McCrae House 1 & 2 were designed with the intention for each home to have a unique street presence, and simultaneously appear in balance.   The adjacent layouts are individual to each home, with consideration given to creating absolute privacy through staggered outdoor areas and thoughtful screening. Fluid functionality is experienced throughout the homes’ interiors, where warm palettes and strong forms echo the front facades. McCrae House 1 & 2 are the ultimate in relaxed coastal living.   Commissioned to achieve great design & a quality build outcome, McCrae House 1 and McCrae House 2 will be for sale to astute buyers this Spring.   McCrae Ho... More

Project • By CLACstudio architectureApartments

Ischia Luxury house

Dating back to the last century, the "cellaio" was built in one of the most  panoramic areas of the island of Ischia, immersed in the hilly land, at that time subdivided into terraces for the cultivation of the grapes. The harvest period was in fact the only time of the year when the house was inhabited. During the seventies, however, a series of particularly invasive interventions (such as the replacement of the ancient wooden floors with new cement brickworks and the more regular reconstruction of the facades), partially modified the spontaneous and raw character of the original construction forms. What remained unchanged, however, was the compact, rigid and dark character of the cottage. The stone that covers it is in fact a rare ca... More