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Project • By NK ArchitectsOffices

Interior Design

The friendship between the architect and alterra group began more than 2 years , when Alterra took over Managing a great ambitious project.. A huge abandoned industrial building with an adjacent territory in a couple of years turned into a respectable BC Palo Alto. A free-standing dilapidated 2-storey strange building was completely reconstructed into an incredibly short ( ) term (less than a year) and became the new home of the most development company . Sergey Polyushko Sergey Polyushko The office of alterra Group, whose , profile Commercial Real Estate Management was not only the customer and but also . , and direct executor, gene . Contractor at this facility.. The young creative team needed a non-trivial office. space. A bri... More

Project • By AB+PartnersOffices


Year: 2021 Area: 1500 sqm Location: Chisinau, Republic of Moldova Brands:Madlab, Kastel, TREMME, Galassia, Redo Light, Florim, Eco Floor Team: Alexandrin Buraga, Marco Ballerini, Vlad Ștepu, Victoria Pleșca, Sergiu Tanasiev, Cristina Cortac, Aurel Murzacov Interior Design Concept: AB + Partners Photo: Oleg Bajura Client: GBG - Global Biomarketing Group Oleg Bajura Oleg Bajura Oleg Bajura Spacious and comfortable. The common working area of the GBG headquarters emanates family comfort. At the same time, due to the furniture with simple shapes, it offers the space sobriety, indispensable for business premises. Oleg Bajura Oleg Bajura Oleg Bajura Elegance and ephemerality are felt right from the reception... More

Project • By AB+PartnersOffices

OFFICE DESIGN – business and elegance

Year: 2021Area: 300 sqmLocation: Chisinau, Republic of MoldovaBrands: Minotti, Madlab, Daytona, Kastel, Florim Ceramiche, MasieroTeam: Alexandrin Buraga, Marco Ballerini, Vlad Ștepu, Victoria Pleșca, Sergiu Tanasiev, Cristina Cortac, Aurel MurzacovInterior Design Concept: AB + PartnersPhoto: Oleg BajuraClient: GBG - Global Biomarketing Group  Oleg Bajura Oleg Bajura If in the case of residential projects the main stake is the comfort of the customer, in the case of office space design, the goal is to obtain an image that would convey the company’s message to the clients alongside with the comfort for employees. To achieve this, we followed the idea of using concise lines, which do not distract attention, creating calm... More

NewsNews • 8 Sep 2021

The Commons South Yarra infuses the concept of 'serious fun' through design

Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic forced many companies to rethink traditional office workflows by necessitating that employees transition to working from home, the office disruption model was already taking shape well before 2020 in the form of co-working and shared office spaces. Tatjana Plitt Australian co-working space provider 'The Commons' manage a network of shared workspaces born out of considered, human-centred design with a particular focus on community and sustainability. They recently unveiled their latest location in South Yarra, Melbourne, designed by Foolscap Studio.   Tatjana Plitt Foolscap Studio is an independent, cross-disciplinary design practice centred around built environment and interior architectur... More

Project • By Athens CreativeOffices

OKTO offices

OKTOPay, is a blooming fintech company carrying on a heavy corporate heritage through established affiliate companies such as Netlink. OKTO, as aiming high, was in need of a new, fresh, contemporary and motivating working environment for its 60+ employees, to accumulate all its existing operations and future evolution. Giorgos Sfakianakis Athens Creative took on the task of turning a former therapeutical clinic to the new OKTO Headquarters on a total of 1.200sqm on 7 floors. Giorgos Sfakianakis The first design strategy was to create a functional open office environment with diverse meeting points spread as ‘public spaces’ through the working desks. Places where people meet, interact, relax, decompress etc. Giorgo... More

Project • By AB+PartnersOffices

Laconic office design

Simple lines, focused on the play of textures and geometry. The interior of this office is the result of a complete design circuit, which we have developed over the years – design | build | furnish. We intervened not only at the aesthetic level, but also put a special emphasis on functionality. From the very beginning the project involved a thorough reconfiguration of the premise we had. We reduced the area that was earlier designed for the bathroom and created a console in which, in addition to the bathroom, we arranged a kitchenette. Also in this perimeter we saved about 10 sq. m. of commercial space. Thus, we optimized the premise to the maximum, offering it more utility. Given the fact that we only knew the destination of the pr... More

NewsNews • 16 Jun 2021

The Modular by Bureau Fraai references an industrial past with a progressive façade design

With a robust building façade that echoes the billowing sails of ships dating back to the 17th century, ‘The Modular’ by Bureau Fraai is a new office building situated on a narrow corner plot on Amsterdam’s Island Oostenburg. Studio de Nooyer Currently in the midst of a transformation into a high-density, mixed-use neighbourhood, the neighbourhood’s masterplan called for contrasting buildings with strong identities and an industrial character that builds on the island’s industrial past. This history in particular includes the shipyards of the Dutch East India Company that were once located in the same location as well as the still existing Van Gendthallen, where until recently locomotives and machi... More

Project • By AplusMOffices

KONBA offices renovation

The space under study (total area of ​​280 sqm) is located in a typical office building, at Kifissias Avenue in Neo Phychico, Attiki. The main request of the new company was the redefinition of both functional structure and aesthetic upgrade within the aim of rebuilding a modern environment capable of meeting the needs of the new user.   Towards this goal, the spatial organization has been redefined to serve the new character of the offices. Τhe key lines of the design was the recalculation of given spaces (reception, movement areas, working and meetings rooms, auxiliary spaces, etc.), the intertwining of uses and optimization of the space provided. More specifically, the reception area welcomes the visitor / user to the company... More

NewsNews • 6 Jun 2021

Sony Music Office in Amsterdam renovates a 60s icon with inspiring acoustic and visual strategies

A’DAM, standing for Amsterdam Dance and Music, is a recently renovated 60s icon located on the banks of the city’s IJ river. The building is home to several nightclubs as well as leading international music companies including Sony Music Entertainment. Peter Tijhuis Designed by Beyond Spaces, magnificent views are freed from obstruction by placing enclosed functions near the core of the floor plan. The existing concrete façade claims the spotlight.  Peter Tijhuis A homage to the experience of music, the designers explain that the building’s core resembles the inside of an amplifier, the stair doubles as a bar, and the vinyl boardroom tables can transform into a DJ booth. Peter Tijhuis The ceil... More

NewsNews • 27 Apr 2021

Foster + Partners completes the RCC Headquarters in Russia

Marking their first project in Russia, Foster + Partners has completed the new headquarters of RCC, one of the world’s leading producers of copper. Located in the centre of Ekaterinburg, a main industrial and cultural hub, the 15-storey building’s innovative modular office units are enveloped in an energy-efficient enclosure that draws inspiration from the chemical structure of copper. Methanoia Courtesy of Foster + Partners The office layout is conceived as a ‘house for ‘ staff’ and deviates from conventional communal workspaces with rooms and spaces more intimate and domestic in scale. Each two-storey module comprises a pair of offices, stacked one on top of the other. This is expressed externally throu... More

Project • By AB+PartnersOffices


Functionality and individuality are notions that are inherent to each of our projects. Even if they are characterized by simple lines and shapes, these interiors offer plenty of comfort. This was also the case of Sapico, where we relied on the correct partition of the premises, so as to provide the office with all zones that are necessary for a good functioning. In the working area we have created a common premise, offering enough space to guarantee personal comfort and isolating the premises by means of shelves. Thus, we kept the feeling of a large common space, but also that of privacy. In the meeting room we also applied rational zoning of space, which was divided into two parts: an area for the conference table and an area for speaking... More

Project • By Space MatrixOffices

Vanke Shenzhen

‘What does a typical day here look like?’ At the end of a job interview, this is one question candidates often ask to get a feel of the workplace. At one time, the interviewer may have launched into details about the work timings, lunch hours and coffee breaks. Now however, in most modern organisations, the interviewer is unlikely to be able to give a singular, straight answer.   This is especially true in a company like Vanke. As an urban and rural development provider and a living space management company, the firm has too many diverse business interests for the work roles to fit into traditional definitions. With their operations expanding and diversifying even further, Vanke’s leadership team wanted to shift to... More

Project • By Space MatrixOffices

Arisaig Partners

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” So the popular saying goes.   But for the investment management firm, Arisaig Partners, this saying is not just an empty philosophy — it forms the very DNA of their corporate brand. This focus on unity and togetherness is evident in the way the company functions. Its employee-owned approach means that there is a strong feeling of ownership and belonging among those who work and manage the day-to-day functioning of the firm. They offer boutique services, which allows them to work very closely with each client and stakeholder and form long-term partnerships — so that eventually, these clients end up feeling like an extended part of the Arisa... More

Project • By Space MatrixOffices

Peak Reinsurance Company Limited

OPEN & COLLABORATIVE Peak Reinsurance Company Limited is a Hong Kong-based modern and dynamic reinsurer, supporting the development of the global reinsurance industry with a special focus on developing markets. They came to Space Matrix for a new workplace design that would transform their old ways of working and improve staff well-being and wellness. They wished to move away from a traditional layout with 120-degree high partitioned desks, into an open, activity-based working (ABW) environment with height-adjustable desks, flexible meeting areas, collaboration spaces and breakout areas that will enhance collaboration, cross-department communication and support a variety of working styles. As space allocation (desk area and desk size p... More
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BBC Studios and BBC Global News are trademarks of the British Broadcasting Corporation and are used under license.⁠
Quiet Zone

Project • By Conexus StudioOffices

BBC Studios

BBC Studios and BBC Global News worked with Conexus Studio to design and build a new space for the growing Singapore office, one of its APAC regional hubs. The design brief called for an innovative workplace solution to promote collaboration, workplace wellness and work style flexibility. Designed to keep people and ideas flowing freely across a high-performing workplace, the interiors reflect the BBC’s work culture, where formal and informal as well as individual and group working spaces thrive in a setting that promotes collaborations and social interactions. The interior design also honours the company’s commitment to sustainability and highlights a strong connection to nature with wooden elements and greenery seamlessly in... More