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NewsNews • 25 Jan 2024

Foster + Partners completes the Greenville County Administration Building in South Carolina

The four-story Greenville County Administration Building in Falls Park, South Carolina, by Foster + Partners is now complete. The striking design forms part of an overall masterplan by RocaPoint Partners and fosters a natural link between Falls Park, the new Cancer Survivor’s Park, and the nearby Swamp Rabbit Trail.  Brandon Stengel Resembling a bow tie in plan, the building’s massing is divided between two volumes of office blocks. The winged roof shades a walkway and plaza between the volumes, as well as an elevated skybridge that connects the third floors of the two blocks. Over this open volume, the roof protrudes in a pyramidal canopy comprising a series of translucent panels in brown metal frames. ... More

Project • By Brusnika Company, RussiaOffices

Brusnika office in Kandinsky House

Developed by Brusnika in 2018, the office complex in Kandinsky House, Yekaterinburg, hosts the company’s HQ. A five-storey building with a GFA of 4500 metres square, it looks like a glass rectangular adjacent to the residential block at a 90° angle. Bronze-tinted HPL panels finish the building, with the foundation and the top clad with dark gabbro granite, the finishing material of the facade. Metal pillars support the office complex from the first to the fourth floor, lightening the structure and forming shade above the entrance. The block roof acts as the fifth facade with a garden for residents.  Maxim Loskutov Maxim Loskutov Brusnika office takes all the building floors, accommodating 360 full-time employees an... More

Project • By mode:lina™Offices

Sennheiser Poznań

In the heart of Poznan, where innovation meets tradition, a new melody of workspace design has been composed by Sennheiser, the connoisseur of supreme sound quality. A family business, cultivated by a professor’s vision, Sennheiser’s new office is a harmonious blend of the company’s rich history and a forward-thinking approach to the workspace environment. The mode:lina™ design team – experts in office spaces for people to enjoy working in – were invited to collaborate on this unique project. Patryk Lewiński Patryk Lewiński Patryk Lewiński Space Composition The functional layout of the office is a well-adapted composition that fosters collaboration in the agile methodology. The egalitaria... More

Project • By DPLUS VietnamOffices

Golden Asia

Concept "The Voice of Pixels" concept is a design developed from pixels in the form of 3D cubes. We want to create a workspace that is unique, different, and inspiring. The pixel image is mined and repeated throughout the space in a uniform manner. The balance of proportions and the use of different combinations of colors and materials make the repetition not boring but bring a lot of emotion when experienced in this space. Luu Quang Minh Luu Quang Minh "Not the box, just pixels": pixels are not blocks, and space is not just a "box". What we see can be seen differently; "think out of the box" pointing to new angles, expanding and limiting to create breakthroughs - just pixels. Luu Quang Minh Luu Quang Minh LayoutT... More

Project • By DPLUS VietnamOffices


You don't have to get rid of everything, just enough to meet your needs keeping the necessary things without excess is already minimalism. We choose a modern design style and emphasize minimalism in design to focus on people.  Luu Quang Minh Luu Quang Minh Luu Quang Minh Layout Because of the U-shaped floor plan, we divide it into 03 parts: a personal work area and a functional area connected by a common living space. Luu Quang Minh Luu Quang Minh Functional areas including meeting rooms, reading areas, and entertainment areas are arranged separately from the working area to ensure all activities take place simultaneously without affecting each other. Luu Quang Minh Luu Quang Minh The common livi... More

Project • By DarkefazaOffices


At first, the expression of this name creates a feeling of duality. Haco+tech is a combination of the names: Hacoupian and technology. This space is the information technology unit of the old and well-known clothing brand “Hacoupian”. The new generation of this collection defined the project. This building was a space for growth and communication between the old and new generations of this business. Deed studio The project’s building was a 60-year-old apartment with masonry materials, old and authentic like the brand itself. This was the basis for the formation of a dual approach to the project. Creating solidarity and building a single core from this duality was the main concept of the project. Deed studio Fro... More

Project • By ZyetaOffices


Prepare to embark on a captivating voyage into the heart of Digi-Key's vision for an extraordinary workplace experience. Designed and built by Zyeta, this endeavor was driven by a shared commitment to Digi-Key's visionary goals, resulting in a workplace that leaves a profound and lasting impression. Zyeta meticulously mapped out various work zones, infusing them with dynamic energy to inspire ideation, enhance concentration, and foster collaboration. The outcome is an environment that exudes an aura of harmony and sophistication. Join us as we uncover the story behind this thoughtfully crafted workplace—a place that pulsates with energy and sparks innovation. Zyeta Zyeta Key Highlights Unveiling the Digi Lounge The '... More

Project • By IMK ArchitectsOffices

VEE Technologies

VEE Technologies, Salem, Tamil Nadu | IMK Architects The new workplace for VEE Technologies, an IT service management company based in Salem, Tamil Nadu, blurs the boundaries between an office and a garden, creating a positive, invigorating environment for 450 people to work, collaborate, and engage with the outdoors. Interspersed with landscaped sit-outs, the design of the office invites people to step away from their screens and into nature, all within the building premises. Running Studios (Mr. Prashanth Mohan) As the first building in the 9-acre-high-tech commercial business park, this 30,000 sq. ft-office paves the way for sustainability for the upcoming buildings. The office building is constructed using recyclable and reusable... More

Project • By Trifle*Offices


Our project for BenchSci saw a empty 70s shell transformed into a beautiful, inspiring home for our Canadian client's first international office. Jack Harrison-Bunning BenchSci’s mission is to exponentially increase the speed and quality of life-saving research and development with the use of biomedical AI. They strongly believe in hiring the best people and providing the best working environments to succeed in their goal. They wanted to have ‘the coolest office in the UK’. One that would support their staff and demonstrate their values to attract new talent. Jack Harrison-Bunning The brief was to space plan and design a welcoming and functional destination for teams operating in a virtual-first work style and... More


Baroque Office Design by Modenese

Step into a realm of refined opulence as Modenese Interiors brings the timeless allure of Baroque design to the modern workspace. Our Baroque Office Design collection encapsulates the essence of classic aesthetics, seamlessly blending it with contemporary functionality. Each piece is a masterpiece, meticulously handcrafted to infuse your office with the regal charm of an era long past. From intricately carved desks that command attention to ornate bookcases that house knowledge in style, our collection elevates your workspace to an embodiment of sophistication. Caption Experience the pleasure of conducting business in an environment that exudes luxury and grandeur. Let the intricate details and rich textures transport you to a bygone... More

Project • By ZyetaOffices


Callaway, a renowned American global sports equipment manufacturer specializing in golf equipment and accessories, has joined forces with Zyeta to establish its inaugural Digi-Tech office in Hyderabad. The primary purpose of this office is to house their data analytics and IT backend team, providing crucial support for their global operations. Zyeta The proposed office design centers around creating a vibrant and collaborative workspace that embodies Callaway's brand values. Taking inspiration from a Golf Clubhouse blueprint, the office encompasses a diverse range of spaces, starting from the inviting 'arrival and pro-shop check-in' area at the reception to the enjoyable 'Putting Green & Driving Range' where employees can unwind a... More

Project • By Dionne ArquitectosOffices


An environmentally responsible office project, focused on recycling and reusing both space and materials.  Developed inside a former textile factory from the first half of the twentieth century, Oficinas Leonali seeks to revive a disused space by giving another essence to the place. Caption The project takes advantage of and rescues the original structure of the factory, adapting the building to create a new use and atmosphere within the space. Inside the factory, a free floor plan is created, which is used to generate the project with the least number of dividing walls to separate the spaces. Each space has windows to allow permeability and integration of all spaces. Caption Oficinas Leonali pays attention and care to pro... More

NewsNews • 18 May 2023

Milan's Open 336 presents an extroverted architecture focused on well-being in the office environment

In Viale Sarca, Milan, the Open 336 project by Park Associati offers modern and functional offices that incorporate a reinterpretation of the industrial identity of the surrounding neighborhood. This reinterpretation of industrial history is sensitive to its context while integrating sustainable building technologies and putting forth a contemporary architectural twist.  Lorenzo Zandri Situated in Milan's largely industrial Biococca District, the surrounding architecture features a series of large early twentieth-century production plants of the former Breda Division. In a gesture to the surrounding grain of infrastructure, this new office addition features a terracotta-colored fiber cement facade and regularly spaced large w... More

Project • By ZIKZAK ArchitectsOffices

Cyprus office for crypto-trading company 3Commas

A workspace with a cozy atmosphere The office for 3Commas became one of the first projects of ZIKZAK Architects on Cyprus. Therefore, the team had to immediately immerse themselves in a new environment and understand the differences in the design process. After all, incorrectly set priorities at the beginning can lead to a missed deadline at the finish line. But the team coped with this challenge. A unique business process was developed specifically for the project, taking into account local factors. Finally, with some adjustments, it became the main business process for ZIKZAK Architects' design projects in Cyprus. Caption Caption The client wanted a modern and stylish office where employees could feel at home and be so comfort... More

Project • By BezmirnoOffices

Lipsky Office Space

Several years ago, our team was lucky enough to participate in the development and design of an office center in the city of Kyiv, in the heart of the capital, on Kruhlouuniversytetska Street, in a historic building. The customers requested the renovation of the architectural monument. Caption A modern office center is a hub, where different areas of activity coexist under one roof. And the interior of the office center should adjust to everyone’s needs and easily set a tone. Caption The main concept of the project design was to create a space that would look as a single whole despite the diversity of tenants. Caption Working on the project turned out to be quite painstaking, many design agencies were involved as the... More