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The Triangle

Working from home, but lacking a dedicated office space for their up-coming startup company, the owners decided to extend their double Victorian house into their backyard, which had been left unused until now. The brief was to create a light-filled study for 2 people, with the ability to occasionally host meetings, and a small external space in the back for some greenery and a herb garden. Alex Forsey Alex Forsey Alex Forsey The north-facing rear yard is located on the lower ground floor and has a unique, though challenging triangular shape, as the house is located at the end of a row of traditional terraced houses, which is interrupted in a very sharp angle. Alex Forsey Our proposal positions a very simple, wooden tri... More

NewsNews • 30 Jul 2021

Jong-Am Square in Seoul reinvents neglected urban space beneath an overpass with a spatially dynamic community centre

Due to the rapid economic development of Seoul, areas under critical infrastructure elements such as railways, bridges and overpasses have over the years been built with inadequate attention to the surrounding urban context and environment. As such, these ‘left over’ and neglected spaces often become dumping sites for rubbish or car parking. In 2017, Seoul Metropolitan Government promoted a development plan to expand social infrastructure and local community facilities by making better use of such spaces. Six pilot project sites were selected, including the area underneath the Jongam-dong Overpass. The site now hosts a new community centre and shelter by Simplex Architecture. Kyungsub Shin The segmented massing of the new... More