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NewsDetail • 4 Jan 2024

Detail: ADT rehabilitates a house in Versailles using concrete chamotte

Paris-based Atelier Delalande Tabourin (ADT) has completed the rehabilitation of a 300-square-meter (3,229-square-feet) house located in a 1950s residential area of the town of Versailles. ADT introduced four architectural interventions to the home’s dark interior: four “wells” — for lighting and circulation — that pierce the existing floors and act as distinctive features around which spaces are articulated. These new additions are made with concrete chamotte (grog), a material obtained from the crushed shards of defective bricks. Externally, the home’s heavy cubic appearance is lightened by a series of brick stelae on its sober facade. ADT’s work on materiality achieves a sensitive dialogue b... More

NewsNews • 30 Nov 2023

Carr’s sustainable Bruce Street building is a catalyst for urban renewal

In Melbourne’s inner-city suburb of Kensington, a new red brick and concrete building pays tribute to the area’s historic and industrial past. Designed by Melbourne-based architecture and interior design studio Carr, the eight-story “Bruce Street” building is uniquely placed to be a catalyst in the area’s urban renewal. The first development of scale in Kensington, Bruce Street is also the first project to pass Melbourne City Council’s Green Factor Tool (Carr explains this initiative will “impose a positive obligation on landscape designers, architects, planners, and developers to improve the extent of vegetation cover on private land in Melbourne.”) Rory Gardiner Rory Gardiner... More

NewsNews • 27 Nov 2023

AART’s new mixed-use Nicolinehus development contributes to urban life in Aarhus

Nicolinehus is a prodigious mixed-use development designed by Scandinavian architectural studio AART in collaboration with the Danish developer Bricks. Located in Aarhus, Denmark, between the city’s marina and Havnebadet (Harbor Bath), Nicolinehus offers a mix of urban, commercial, and residential accommodation and facilities. It is the last building project in the first phase of “Aarhus Ø” (a new city neighborhood). Niels Nygaard Niels Nygaard Plans for Aarhus Ø date back to 1997 when the City Council adopted a new master plan that would expand the Port of Aarhus. The plan’s aim was to transform the then unused container port into a completely new district, linking the city and port... More

NewsNews • 19 Oct 2023

Morphogenesis designs a sustainable Indian hospitality school using local building traditions

In the northern Indian city of Faridabad, a recently completed hospitality school’s construction was informed by local building traditions. Designed by Indian Architecture and Urban Design firm Morphogenesis, The Lalit Suri Hospitality School strikes a harmonious balance between the built environment and surrounding landscape. The school’s design brief described the need for a sustainable campus, set within a modest institutional framework, that would prepare students for a career in India’s luxury hospitality sector. Avesh Gaur Avesh Gaur When planning the school’s design, Morphogenesis focused from the outset on preserving and integrating a cluster of neem trees bordering the site’s norther... More

Project • By The Purple Ink StudioPrivate Houses


The Brick House is located in the coastal town of Mangalore, in the south Karnataka region. A melting pot of many cultures coming together, the city is well-known for its inimitable landscape and dotted heritage lingering in the old parts of the town.  The site is located in a dense urban sprawl which has lost its character over the period of time.  Caption Caption Caption Having moved to Saudi, the client’s aspiration was to have a family/holiday home close to his ancestral roots. The design brief for the house had stories from his formative years walking past the old brick factories with chimneys poking above the coconut trees. And those of red-oxide flooring and lime plaster-finished walls which keep the h... More

Project • By Stephane Paumier ArchitectsSecondary Schools

Shiv Nadar School, Faridabad

Project Team: Shaily Gupta, Adil Abuzar, Nikhil Jain, Vani Sood, Imlinochet Waling The Shiv Nadar School Faridabad (SNSF) is the third school of the group to open after Gurgaon and Noida. The SNSF is the largest campus among the three, built on 13 acres with 2 football fields, a 400 m running track and a cricket field. It is located behind a public green belt of 30 to 50 m deep. Amit Pasricha As a linear plot of 600m long, separated by a middle road, the South side is dedicated to pre-primary pavilions of small scale around a courtyard extending to the primary, the middle and senior school building as a L shape linear building with porous qualities on the north side. The orientation of the building is similar to the Hauz Khas complex... More

NewsNews • 5 Oct 2023

“Bricks in Common” pavilion questions the relevance and place of brick in a sustainable future

The city of Copenhagen is currently celebrating its status as UNESCO’s World Capital of Architecture for 2023. The Danish capital also played host to the UIA World Congress of Architects 2023. As part of the event, a series of pavilions — experimental projects and explorative constructions — were erected to consider ideas around building for the future, in line with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the 2023 UIA congress theme: “Leave No One Behind”. One pavilion — “Bricks in Common” — considers this ancient building material’s part in creating a sustainable future for the construction industry. Kontraframe AART In Denmark, and indeed across Nor... More

NewsSpecification • 26 Sep 2023

10+1 cultural buildings with striking brick envelopes

For millennia, brick has been used in the construction of buildings across the world. Brick architecture is a style that continues to flourish, due largely to the endearing, traditional qualities of brick. The material has stood the test of time and is a popular choice of building envelope, playing a key role in regulating energy efficiency. In a warm climate, for example, a building’s design might incorporate an openwork brick curtain. There are countless types of brick made in many different ways by both hand and machine. Manufacturing techniques vary, from the popular wirecut method (where bricks are made using a process of extrusion), to thrown and pressed bricks. Brick is extremely durable, something that appeals to architects,... More

NewsNews • 24 Aug 2023

Lina Ghotmeh completes an energy-positive leather goods atelier for Hermès

A new leather goods workshop for French design house and heritage brand Hermès was completed by Paris-based Lina Ghotmeh – Architecture. An atelier for leatherworkers and saddlers, the “Maroquinerie de Louviers” forms a part of Hermès’ Normandy workshop hub. Iwan Baan Iwan Baan   Archeology of the future French-Lebanese architect Lina Ghotmeh considers her practice to be an “archeology of the future”, a way of working that evokes her past life in Beirut. Every project evolves from meticulous research and new designs draw on traces and memories of a location’s history. “This project emerges as a reflection on the history and values of Hermès with c... More

NewsSpecification • 11 Jul 2023

10 school buildings with special brick facades

In an interview with the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), it was proposed that good school building design should eliminate “cramped spaces, lack of natural light, and bad acoustics.” Moreover, “school buildings should relate to their surrounding community, each offering its unique set of challenges and opportunities” (Pisanu, 2018). Brick is one particularly solid building material — both traditional and contemporary, it is extremely practical and durable. The key benefits of using brick in architecture include its resistance to the elements, non-combustibility, long life, and recyclability. Available in numerous colors and textures, brick has many aesthetic qualities. The use of brickwork in sc... More

NewsNews • 26 Jun 2023

A serene brick-covered office building in Ho Chi Minh City features a temple-like void

Premier Office is a wonderfully serene brick-covered building situated on a quiet street in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Designed by Vietnamese architectural practice Tropical Space, the building’s creative facade works to maximize the use of natural light while minimizing the impact of direct sunlight. Trieu Chien The Premier Office building is a concrete construction covered with a patterned red brickwork. Its functional areas are divided by a temple-like central void/light well, clad in a mosaic of perforated bricks — the light well helps increase the amount of natural light and airflow throughout the building. Office spaces have been placed on one side of the void. They are connected via bridges to practical amenitie... More

NewsNews • 5 Jun 2023

Townhouse Maison Carlier nestles in a busy urban setting

In Montreal’s dense Little Italy neighborhood, Canadian architectural studio yh2 has designed Maison Carlier. A handsome townhouse built on a parking lot, the home nestles in a busy urban setting. Maxime Brouillet In what is described as “an urban densification project”, the 3,000-square-feet (279-square-meter) home takes advantage of the lot’s through position, where it is accessible via two streets. The design completes the construction of an existing “sixplex” residential building — as a whole, the two structures are organized around a central courtyard. yh2 Maxime Brouillet Maison Carlier’s construction is defined by the coalescence of two building masses, with... More

NewsDetail • 18 May 2023

Detail: Red brick and vaulted ceilings scrum together in the International Rugby Experience

The International Rugby Experience is an ambitious cultural project by London-based Níall McLaughlin Architects, built to honor the worldwide game of rugby. Located in the Irish city of Limerick (considered “the spiritual home of rugby”), the project embodies the ability of sport and architecture to revitalize a community. Nick Kane Níall McLaughlin Architects places a firm emphasis on the inventive use of building materials, and on the importance of the relationship between a building and its surroundings. These factors were pertinent to the planning and development of the International Rugby Experience, a project that was constructed over five years and completed in 2022. From the exterior, the 7-story... More

Project • By BLAF architectenPrivate Houses

dna house

Sustainability is more than making energy-efficient buildings. BLAF continously reacts by design to the growing complexity of urban planning, affordability, social and ecological issues. Along with our search for new housing and urban planning strategies, we like to experiment with the basic component of our “genetic material”:the single family home. Stijn Bollaert Stijn Bollaert The dnA house is located on a left over plot in the centre of Asse, at 400m from the railway station, with a direct connection to Brussels. The house also contains a home office. The cross shaped footprint is oriented towards the sun and following the natural slope on the terrain, which results in a ca 45° rotation towards the street.The... More

NewsSpecification • 26 Apr 2023

10 homes with austere brick facades

Residential buildings with brick facades are a common feature across towns and cities. Despite its widespread use in building design and construction, brick can elevate a home’s curb appeal. A solid choice, brick has a traditional quality that has stood the test of time. Brick is made from a combination of natural elements: clay, sand, and water. An extremely durable material, it has been used to build homes for thousands of years. There are many reasons for the prevalence of brick in construction, including: its resistance to the elements and non-combustible nature, its great longevity and low maintenance, and the fact that it is recyclable and reusable. Moreover, brick is available in numerous colors and textures, and is often chos... More