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Project • By AshariArchitectsLibraries

Sadra Library

Sadra library design initiated by the fundamental researches in order to illustrating the strengths and the weaknesses of the project context.As the result, two main goals were considered: Caption 1-In association with city:Creating an interactive form in relation with nature. 2-In association with function:Rethinking og conventional and traditional library design concept and creating new spatial quality In order to reach the first aim and because the site location has dual view into city and nature, in first step the position of the form was determined.In fact,we related the shape in south-north direction in consistency with adjacent texture and for using natural light and view… Caption At first,due to the limited budg... More

NewsNews • 28 Feb 2022

Top 10 Trending Brick Cladding

From exterior facades to interior spaces, brick cladding provides a solution that is both classic and natural. Every day architects share their material and interior selections on Archello and through their knowledge sharing our database of specifications is growing rapidly. In this week’s theme article, we take a look at brick cladding. These are the designs that were most often specified by architects and designers in the past year. These are ten of our most popular options.    Cinema Le Grand Palais by Antonio Virga Architecte - © Luc Boegly 1. Linea by Vande Moortel Handmade in Belgium, Linea facing bricks by Vande Moortel are a popular option. The manufacturer produces 95,000,000 bricks a year, for projects... More

NewsNews • 4 Jan 2022

The Brick Bond celebrates the sustainable, minimalistic and timeless qualities of brick in a powerful way

Conceptualised and designed for the Jindal Mechno Bricks Group, this immersive showroom places the company’s core product a the heart of its visual storytelling. Designed by Renesa Architecture Design Interiors Studio, the brick producing company was seeking a thematic and modular brand identity that could be applied to any retail outlet nationally and globally. Niveditaa Gupta Located in the construction material retail nucleus of New Delhi, the project sees the overhaul of an obsolete existing building.  The design team’s transformation began at the façade-level, being the primary interface and visual connection between patrons and the retail destination. Headlined by an overlay of brick architecture, the uni... More

Project • By ARCHITETTURA ed INTORNIApartments

RB House

RB House is a proposal for an extension of an existing house. For a young couple who, instead of buying a new home, would like to take advantage of the large family house, expanding the ground floor and making it totally independent from the remaining floors. ARCHITETTURA ed INTORNI Since the existing house has no particular character, the idea of ​​designing a basement that creates a strong contrast with the building above is immediately clear, thus becoming a new demarcation of what is the new mark of the house, with its rules and his new lifestyles. ARCHITETTURA ed INTORNI The predominant color will be red. The brick, laid with the joints also colored with red mortar, and the external floor in red microcement. ARCHITETTURA... More

Project • By LAARParks/Gardens

Science Park Pavillion

In 2009, in the southern zone of Yucatán, in México, a group of young students, sons and daughters of Mayan farmers belonging to the rural community of Dzán, whose economic support consists mainly in the farming of citrus, moved by their “change their world” reckless enthusiasm, took the action into working together through science and culture with the purpose of inspiring the most vulnerable sector of the population: children and young adolescents, whose school dropout, substance abuse rates and lacking of vocation were rising. That’s how they decided to found the Scientific Community of Dzán, a non-profit organization that pursuits the empowerment of their own community through the making of l... More

NewsNews • 16 Mar 2021

High Park Residence pays homage to Toronto’s historic brick residential fabric and Italian heritage

Monolithic brick cladding and a modern interpretation of the Roman arch powerfully define this Toronto residence by Batay-Csorba Architects. The vault’s modern form punctures, cuts and peels away dynamic geometries that define the program organization and demarcate areas with different atmospheres. The geometry of the vault extends the length of the lot, moving from façade to interior. An isolated dormer, which mirrors the proportions of the neighbouring house, is the other key element of the exterior. Doublespace Photography The monolithic façade focuses on the materiality of brick coursing. Covering the façade, the brickwork wraps the ceiling and walls of the carport in a nod to Toronto’s history of... More

Project • By ViraformApartments

Frame in qom

Project Name: FRAME Architecture Firm: VIRAFORM Firm Location: QOM, ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN  Completion Year:2017 Gross Built Area:2500 square meter Project location: QOM  Lead Architects: REZA JAFARI Photo credits:   Ali Esmaeili                    Clients: Ghasem Rauofi In this project, the main challenge was visibility and privacy while providing adequate lighting for the spaces. Due to urban laws, the project land is in contact with the city only in one direction. To solve this problem for communication between outside and inside. We think to consider frame as space. Often each window has a frame. This frame is an opportunity to communicate between in and out. In... More

Project • By Phaedrus StudioShops


While designed for a specific client and a site with opportune zoning and planning, Hi-Lo Hybrid tackles a prevailing narrow lot condition along Toronto's main streets. Despite the demand for increased density and housing options on these existing transit and mixed-use corridors, they remain largely underdeveloped, including an estimated 250km composed of existing single-family homes reinforced by low-rise residential zoning and planning. Outdated zoning and current planning policies limit the range of infill opportunities, driving homogenous stacked townhouse forms, as well as outsized mid-rise developments and retail spaces requiring long term lot assembly. Over time these development models become further entrenched. Hi-Lo Hybrid demonst... More

NewsNews • 11 Dec 2020

Experimental gjG House explores the integrity of brick architecture

Located in a forest-like residential environment (but next to a highway), gjG is an experimental house in Ghent, Belgium by BLAF architecten. It forms part of a research project called ‘Brick Wall City,’ which explores the relationship between construction methods and the integrity of brick architecture. Stijn Bollaert Continuing upgrades to building codes are placing ever more stringent requirements on thermal performance. As such, the construction industry has seen a progressive shift towards the use of lightweight and low-cost façade cladding materials including stucco/render, textile, and in particular brick tiles for building exteriors. In their research, BLAF argues that the layered glueing of materials such a... More

NewsNews • 17 Nov 2020

BRICKS pays homage to site-specific industrial and architectural legacy in Berlin

BRICKS in Berlin Schöneberg revitalizes and converts an historic communications complex into a vibrant mini-village encompassing new commercial, university, gastronomic and residential functions.  Located on the Hauptstrasse, the project was managed and realized by globally renowned GRAFT architecture and design firm.  The original site formerly housed the post office and other telecommunications functions and comprises a series of buildings dividing the area into several inner courtyards, covering 11,700 sq.m. As part of the revitalization, two new building volumes were added to expand the complex across a 32.000 sq. m area.  Credit: © Bttr GmbH The original post office buildings are protected as historical m... More

Project • By Ludwig Hansen ArchitectsStudent Housing

Student Residence and Dining Hall

Located on the Lower Campus of the recently established University of Mpumalanga, LHA+UD’s new student residence and dining facility defines the southern boundary of the university. Initially appointed in 2011 by the Department of Higher Education to establish the Design and Development framework for the relatively new university, LHA+UD were subsequently appointed in 2016 to design a new student residence and dining hall for the increasing number of students registered at the university.  The building provides accommodation for 200+ students in a mix of single and shared rooms along with self-contained bachelor units, in tandem with the 700 seater dining hall. The guiding principle was to create a building focused arou... More

Project • By Kaminsky ArkitekturNurseries

Preschool Lärkgatan in Bjuv

Project preschool Lärkgatan in south Swedish county of Bjuv aims for a building with strong connections to local brick building traditions.  The site is part of an old mill community, and the building will speak the language of local tradition. With brick as a characteristic building material for this region, it turned out to be the natural material of choice. We have also focused on highlighting the county´s  tile manufacturing heritage, expressed in the use of locally connected CC Höganäs tiles in the building´s bathrooms. The Lärkgatan preschool project meets the standards of Swedish environmental certification Miljöbyggnad Silver, calling for high performance solutions in ventilation and... More

Project • By Oliv ArchitektenOffices


Oliv plans to revitalize and reposition the 1970ies building in Munich-Neuhausen. The building permit was granted in just eight months of planning and in close cooperation with the client and the authorities. In the future, Gabrielenlofts will be open, inspiring, industrial and spacious. The addition of a terrace floor and a complete revision of the facade creates a gem on Gabrielenstrasse, thus contributing to a new urbanity in the district. The loft atmosphere inside is underlined by high windows and selected materials. The coherent overall concept gives the property a completely new quality. More

Project • By Oliv ArchitektenOffices

New Eastside Munich

New Eastside Munich is a pioneering project in the Berg am Laim district. Oliv Architects are planning a new identity-building office building. The urban structure between Neumarkter Strasse and Streitfeldstrasse is opened and upgraded through a connection. The design plays with motifs from historic industrial architecture to commemorate the former location of a hydraulic factory. Brick, profilit and shed roofs are reinterpreted and break through viewing habits. On the upper floors, the rooms open up to roof gardens and create a connection to the outside space and nature. More

Product • By General ShaleWatsontown Brick

Watsontown Brick

Since 1908, Watsontown Brick has serviced architectural, commercial, and residential customers by manufacturing what they require. Whether it’s custom colors, sizes, or shapes, our three modern plants can produce the highest quality brick available today.  Watsontown offers distinct brick types, each made in a dedicated facility. The red, buff, and molded brick each have their own firing characteristics and Watsontown Brick has built plants specifically for them; this results in a more reliable and consistent product for the customer. Shapes for any brick are custom made for any job, or the customer can pick from a wide selection of standard shapes.  Watsontown Brick's new plants reflect the latest in industry technology.... More