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NewsNews • 9 Jul 2021

Flevoland Food Forum reveals a compelling adobe façade drawn from the land beneath

Located in the Netherlands, Flevoland Food Forum pavilion is positioned more than four meters below sea level on the Floriade Park in Almere. The building reveals the story of the site in a unique way by lifting a 5-meter thick layer of Flevoland soil to the sea-level line.  Maarten Feenstra Designed by architectural firm Doepel Strijkers, the building concept is inspired by the principles of Nature-Based Building and incorporates principles of ‘circular building’ by closing water, energy, material, waste and food cycles as far as possible in a didactic manner.  Maarten Feenstra The ground floor of the pavilion makes reference to the nearby sea with its light, reflective and transparent nature. The floor is... More

Project • By AlumetHotels

Holiday Inn Express Amsterdam

This hotel in Amsterdam is the largest Holiday Inn Express in Europa. It is located on the northern shore of the IJ-lake, is 45 meters high, consists of 2 towers, has 14 floors and 438 rooms and a magnificent view of Amsterdam. The almost 11.000m2 of cladding were anodised by Alumet in the colour AluGold03.Anodised aluminium has multiple advantages. It is very durable and corrosion resitant. Colours are UV resitant thus colourfast. Anodised aluminium retains its metal character and can easily be cleaned. It is part of the circular economy as it can be 100% recycled and therefore re-used.  More

Project • By AlumetOffices

fellenoord 15

Fellenoord 15 in Eindhoven is a redevelopment of the former Rabobank office building. The renovated building is characterised by sustainability and is for example not connected to natural gas but equipped with heat and cold storage and solar panels. It received the BREEAM Excellent certificate. Fellenoord 15 wants to be an example for the new circular economy. Anodised aluminium by Alumet is also characterised by sustainability. Anodised aluminium has an expected life span of over 80 years, is durable, corrosionresistant and colourfast. Moreover it is easy to clean. The approximately 850m2 of lamellae were anodised by Alumet in the colour AluCopper1. The lamellae are all placed under a different angle, creating a spectacular view of (sun)li... More

Project • By FIBANDCOResidential Landscape

Eco Home

Material used are all sustainable and they includes Green Blade banana veneer, bamboo flooring and acoustic fibers tiles. Penetrable window frames and sun screening louvers, all dressed with Green Blade create an open living environment incorporated with passive climate controls. Bladeless ceiling fan, food waste digester, and a portable hydroponic farming greenhouse provides a green kitchen environment.  The bathroom, clad in blue glass, is equipped with air drying faucet, vacuum water closet, water saving washing machine and grey water recycling plant in a stylish “green house library” environment.   More

Project • By FIBANDCOBanks

Le Village by CA

The Village by CA is a business accelerator that connects startups with large companies, ETIs and SMEs. It helps startups to grow and develop as close as possible to its 40 corporate partners (Naval Group, IBM, PSA, Capgemini...) in an open-innovation logic. ERG Architecture has chosen Green Blade® acoustics for a sustainable and elegant design in the auditorium guaranteeing excellent acoustics for presentations, pitch, and musicians speaking in the Village.    More

Product • By GispenSETT CE couch

SETT CE couch

Circular designGispen’s Sett CE is not simply a designer sofa; this sofa is made of 95% recycled material! In order to reduce the production of plastic waste, Gispen has taken its own plastic waste and has made a sofa out of it. We 3D printed packing materials to create the shell of Sett CE, for example. When you reuse materials, you must always make sure that they are separable again, ensuring that they can be reused in future production processes. All materials of the Sett CE sofa are separable and the innovative technology ensures that every single component can be reprocessed into a new product. More

Project • By L Arkkitehdit / L ArchitectsMasterplans

Hakunila master plan

At the request of the City of Vantaa our competition winner of Housing reform 2018 “Lähiäsinfonia” / “Suburban Symphony” has been further developed in this spacial plan. The Hakunila City Center II spacial plan is based on public transport, especially the planned Vantaa tram, a functional and attractive network for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as diverse blue and green surroundings. A strategy that we defined “forest-urbanism”. Existing recreational areas have been preserved as much as possible, and a special attention is paid to stormwater management. A central theme of the housing reform competition was the development of downtown Hakunila through “suburban parks”. These... More