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Project • By Bean BuroOffices

Wellbeing Playscape

Paediatric Clinic x Painter’s Studio “Wellbeing Playscape”  “We created an unusually warm and playful atmosphere for this specialist clinic; young patients would interact with the floor trail and climbing platforms, which in turn helps the doctor better observe the patients’ natural body movements as part of the consultation process.”  — Lorène Faure, co-founder of Bean Buro Bean Buro  “This is a special clinic where the doctor can also carry out his passion for painting and display his pieces on a gallery wall. The key feature is a long timber wall that serves as a ‘spine’ that organises the functional spaces along with it.”   - Kenn... More

Project • By BEGAHospitals

Siloah Clinic, Hannover

A good four years after building work began, Lower Saxony’s most modern clinic opened its doors for hospital work. For clients and architects alike, attention was focused not only on the latest medical technology and the most modern labour organisation but also on staff and patient satisfaction.The approach to the main entrance along the clinic’s new avenue is marked by LED light building elements and recessed wall luminaires, providing orientation in the twilight and dark. Two magnificent chestnut trees planted more than 150 years ago flank the entrance to the Siloah Clinic. A far-reaching canopy provides protection from rain. LED downlights integrated in the roof illuminate the forecourt and lend it a pleasant atmosphere. In t... More

Project • By TAKA + PARTNERSHospitals


Arthro Heal Clinic is an orthopedic clinic using state-of-the-art technology. Orthopedics is the specialty of medicine that has been greatly influenced by the evolution of high technology and biotechnology-robotics. This fact was the main parameter of the design of this new space. Understanding the different needs of each patient leads to a different form of conservative or invasive treatment, making each patient unique and distinct. To that end, the treatment process is clearly reflected in the space, as well.  The patient enters the clinic facing the lobby area, where the curved forms of the furniture frame the unobstructed view of the sea. A place that prepares the patient, before his meeting with the doctor. After a short wait in... More

Project • By Photoshoot.ptHospitals

Medical Innovation Center

The project consists of the remodeling of a single family house on Avenida Fernão Magalhães in the center of Porto. The intervention focused exclusively on interior spaces, which now serve a new purpose - being a space dedicated to health and well-being. This is how the new CIM - Medical Innovation Center is born. Being a clinic dedicated to enhancing the longevity of patients, it operates in several areas of medicine, in order to present solutions and integrated treatments with transversal medical monitoring - general medicine, cardiology, nutrition, psychology, among others. The intervention strategy involved the distribution of the program among the three floors according to the clinic's work procedure. Entrance is made... More

Project • By Sabrab SaHospitals

Dental Clinic Lisbon Sabrab

Dental clinic and and the  back​​office its develop on just one floo.  The inspiration of this project as its an skylight that floods of light the central area of ​​the waiting room with natural light and around which all the compartments have developed.   The entrance to the clinic and offices is made through the main access of the building, and there is a separation of routes for each of the spaces, clinic and offices.   The area defined as a clinic includes a waiting and service room located on the main front of the building and in the central area of ​​the skylight, meeting room, two public toilet facilities, one of which is adapted for people with reduced mobility, three administrative offices, nine offices dent... More

Project • By Gallardo Llopis ArquitectosHospitals


The intricate tangle of streets that, with Arabic hints, make up the historic center of this town located in a singular area called “La Rivera del Xúquer”, find an open space in the square that fronts up the historic local church “Capella de la trobada”. The clinic is located at the inner vertex of a building whose "L" floor surrounds the public space. A close relationship is therefore established between the building that delimits the external area and the public square, which provides access to the clinic. However, this essential link between the public space of the square and the private space of the clinic was circumvented by the preexisting architectural solution, with wimpy windows and a meager door th... More


C.M. Plastic Surgery Clinic

Situated in front of Collserola, the mountain range that marks the western limit of Barcelona, the Vall d’Hebron hospital complex is one of the most important and largest healthcare centers in Spain.The brief for this annex to the area of Traumatology was based on the creation of a new department for patients with burn injuries. The gymnasium that had been standing on the rather constricted site had been demolished and all that remained of it was the basement in which the department’s archives were stored. The program stipulated that both this space as well as its function as an archive had to be maintained.The other important mandate of the program was that the general activity of the hospital had to be maintained during the construction p... More

Project • By Pablo Muñoz Payá ArquitectosHospitals

Clinic Aitor Mira

The project of the Clinic Aitor Mira is based on the complete renovation of an existing commercial place in Petrer (Alicante, Spain). The program is composed of two physiotherapy cabinets, a multifunctional cabinet, a waiting room & reception area, a gymnasium, a staff room and a bathroom. The distribution is designed in order to profit in the best way the avaible surface. The narrow facade and the deep floor plan have marked since the beginning the willingness to benefit from the natural light captured through the carpentries. Thus, the three cabinets are executed with opaque walls up to 2.10 m, which are topped by transparent glass that introduce natural light without depriving the privacy necessary inside the cabinets. Those tre... More

Project • By mode:lina™Hospitals


CREDUS CLINIC is a place on Poznań’s medical map, which is to be unquestionably associated with top professionalism, elegant modernity and comprehensive care for patients. Young doctors from CREDUS CLINIC wanted to ensure that the ideals present from the moment the clinic was established, were seen in its functional and patient-friendly spatial solutions. That is why they decided to entrust mode:lina™ architects with designing the clinic’s interior. White reception area with an oak desk and office space, in shape resembling a medical cross, is a clear architectural reference to the purpose of this space. All necessary functions were gathered along a flowing, curved line, which puts in order, and most importantly calms, the common area. Thi... More

Project • By smartvollHospitals

Health for life clinic

Usually the clinic is a place you would like to leave as soon as possible: arbitrary, impersonal and almost no architectural qualities. Smartvoll architects (based in Vienna) demonstrate there is also another way to deal with the medical atmosphere with the new ordination at Währinger Gürtel (Vienna). The architecture reflects and strengthens the philosophy of the doctor’s team: To face the patient as a valued customer. The patient as a consumer – not as a number. This is the moto of the private, internist praxis since its opening in October 2014. The ordination is located at the Währinger Gürtel in the 9th district of Vienna. To come up to this motto, the architecture is a fundamental element: Understood as an average to take away fea... More