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NewsNews • 16 Oct 2020

Monumental Gare Maritime in Brussels is restored and reimagined

Neutelings Riedijk Architects in collaboration with Bureau Bouwtechnik have restored and reimagined the monumental Gare Maritime on the Tour & Taxis site in Brussels’ Kanaalzone as a lively city quarter encompassing office, retail, dining and leisure functions.  Filip Dujardin | © Neutelings Riedijk Architects Dating back to the early 1900s, the site has functioned as a hub of multi-modal freight transport platforms, incorporating water, rail, and road.  Mixed-use facility and urban regeneration specialists Extensa commissioned the revitalization project, which involved two core phases.  First, the existing 280m long x 140m wide building and its’ distinctive supporting structure of riveted lattice g... More

Product • By CROSSLAMCLT (Cross Laminated Timber)

CLT (Cross Laminated Timber)

Cross-laminated timber (CLT) is a large-scale, prefabricated, solid engineered wood panel. Lightweight yet very strong, with superior acoustic, fire, seismic, and thermal performance, CLT is also fast and easy to install, generating almost no waste onsite. CLT offers design flexibility and low environmental impacts. For these reasons, cross-laminated timber is proving to be a highly advantageous alternative to conventional materials like concrete, masonry, or steel, especially in multi-family and commercial construction. More

NewsNews • 23 Jun 2020

Snøhetta design a constellation of pentagonal timber cabins that respond to Norway’s windswept climate

On a small plateau in Luster, located in the western part of Norway, Tungestølen is a series of nine pentagonal timber cabins that look out over a beautiful glacier environment. Designed by Snøhetta, the cabins replace an original tourist cabin destroyed by a cyclone in 2011.  The project was commissioned by Luster Turlag, a local branch of the Norwegian national trekking association. Jan M. Lillebø Keeping in mind lessons learned from the destruction of the original cabin and the dramatic weather conditions of this mountainous site, Snøhetta designed the new cabins with glulam frames, covered by sheets of CLT and clad with ore pine.  Ketil Jacobsen The beak-like shape of the exterior cabin... More

Project • By Skylab ArchitectureOffices


A leftover 9,000 sq ft berm space was created when the City of Portland built the new one-way Couch Street couplet reconnecting the roadway to the Burnside Bridge. Sideyard was designed as a working-class building aimed at public transportation connectivity, pedestrian openness, and bicycle priority access. It is positioned centrally in the new eastside community envisioned by the Burnside Bridgehead Framework plan. The ground floor will be activated by storefront along third avenue and work space above. This building program will reintegrate a pedestrian stair down from the Burnside Bridge level to third avenue akin to the original stairs that previously existed. This wedge building will feature a new CLT structural system with open ground... More

Project • By GG-loopPrivate Houses


A triumph of biophilic, home-owner-centric design in AmsterdamEver wondered what design from the perspective of a home-owner looks like? This month, two new owners will take the keys to their very own Freebooter apartment; two residences on Amsterdam’s Zeeburgereiland, created with biophilic living in mind.Designed and developed by Amsterdam-based studio GG-loop, the development is an expression of the studio’s signature and philosophy of responding to the design brief with the experience and wellbeing of the end-user continuously in mind.“We are part of nature in a deep and fundamental way, but in our modern lives we’ve lost that connection. Our studio envisions home and city design that respects both inhabitants and the environment, recon... More

Project • By WRA - Wild Rabbits ArchitectureHousing

Pop-Up Building

Aubervilliers is a sweet and messy suburb located in the north of Paris. The Charles Tillon street looks like the messiest street in town. But an attentive look allows to realize that the amazing buildings along the East side called the "blue roofs" (or the Smurfs), articulates effectively this contrasted site composed of huge towers, small housing and a cemetery. The Smurfs were designed by the firm Fiumani & Jacquemot architects in the 80’s, but the project will remain unfinished. The Pop-Up Building is constructed in the empty central part of that triangle shaped and coloured composition.  The Wild Rabbits Architects choose to complete the work using their own tools to reinterpret the originals goals of the blue roof’s desi... More

Project • By atelierjonesPrivate Houses


CLTHouse is a modest single family house for a family of four in urban Seattle. Situated on a small, leftover 2,500 sf triangular lot, the house negotiates between an oversized alley and rear bank parking lot, and an established neighborhood near Lake Washington. The materiality of the house recalls ubiquitous small Pacific Northwest beach cabins, as well as specifics of the site: once a beach itself, under 9’ of water in 1916. The house explores the dialogue between a blackened wood exterior, opening up to a whitened cross-laminated-timber (CLT) interior left raw, lightly whitewashed. Washed in light, textures and smells of natural materials, and to be surrounded in green, the house requires a tiny, vertical central service core. Channel... More
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Project • By ErgodomusPrivate Houses

Ex Officine Scaglietti

L’intervento si propone di riqualificare l’originaria sede della storica carrozzeria Scaglietti di Modena. Ergodomus si è occupato dell'ingegnerizzazione di tutta la struttura lignea. La vecchia struttura industriale ormai inglobata nel centro di Modena era in disuso da parecchio tempo come testimoniava la copertura in buona parte crollata. L’immobile esistente è stato mantenuto in quanto sono riconoscibili gli elementi tipologici del capannone artigianale anni ’50. Tutte le pareti esterne manterranno il “sapore” storico. All’interno una struttura in XLAM ha permesso di realizzare un edificio assolutamente performante sia dal punto di vista statico che energetico, con tempi di intervento ridottissimi in un area difficilmente fruibile... More