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Project • By Things StudioHousing

Villa DP

Villa, Location: Royan, Noshahr, Iran More

NewsNews • 9 Jun 2021

Anne Holtrop uses the ground to cast unique imprints into Bahrain art depot

The concrete facade elements were cast by Studio Anne Holtrop using the ground next to the building. This way each element has a unique imprint from the relief of the sand. The resulting concrete has a surprising rock-like appearance. Anne Holtrop Horizontal slabs articulate the different floors. The four storey building has a floor plan with two equally sized rooms divided by a core. With the slim elongated volume the facade became the main spatial element. Anne Holtrop   At the corners the relief is most clearly visible. The interiors have the same casting for floor slabs shown in the ceilings. Anne Holtrop The concrete technique was repeated in the shutters, but this time out with aluminium. In this case the eleme... More

Project • By Forcinito ArquitectosHotels

Uman Lodge

The main position when faced with a commission to develop an accommodation project in places far from urban centers, is to seek to generate the unique experience in the act of living. Through architecture and its positioning within the natural environment, provoke situations that allow the context to be perceived as an immeasurable spectacle of nature.In this work, it was necessary to detect a position within the estate that would allow us to perceive the attractiveness of the confluence of the Futaleufú and Espolón rivers, thus defining the location of the lodge on some cliffs that would allow the reading of the macro landscape with distant views that encompassed the entire Valley. In this sense, the fan positioning of the pr... More

Project • By Forcinito ArquitectosApartments

La Mansa Nordelta

The La Mansa complex has a privileged location in the Golf Islands, surrounded on three of its sides by water. This, in addition to being a virtue, becomes a challenge, since due to its position it concentrates perspectives from different points of Nordelta. The building assumes the resolution of a meandering piece that contains the terrain at different scales, by means of a seven-level curved plate facing the central lake and another low-scale piece bordering the internal shoreline, forming a central plaza between them.The building judiciously resolves the different programmatic demands. The main body houses the most conventional units, typologies of 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms with direct views of the water from the semi-public spaces and the sil... More

Project • By Prashant Parmar ArchitectShops

Indian Boutique Store @ Taj Skyline, Ahmedabad

Nueva, located in Taj skyline in Ahmedabad, is a textile-retail store of 375 sq.ft. area. Bringing together a natural palette with Indian folk art-inspired space helped create an oasis that the owner truly desired. The natural material palette comprising exposed concrete, wood, brass, lime plaster together with metal work and mirror wall. The exposed-concrete ceiling together with the smooth lime plaster-finish on the walls and floor create a rustic charm.  The walls with its natural rustic lime plaster-finish backgrounds the light-toned display units. A unique centre table has been customised out of wooden-heritage door, finished with a glass top to add a classical look to this astonishing textile retail shop. The wooden-carved ch... More

Project • By mode:lina™Offices

Brick office

Designed and finished in a crazy haze, new localization marries both thoughtful, functional solutions and spontaneous, esthetic ideas.  Function: taking into consideration the structure of a new office, designers decided to move all rooms that don’t need daylight to the far end of the office, with no access to the windows. Because of that the conference room, the phone booth, and the bathroom, along with the corridor (with a niche that hides a cupboard and a printer) were encapsulated in a simple and functional cubicle. The kitchen, with a big table, can be found right after entering the workshop, and all workspaces are laid along the glazed facade - in order to provide enough natural light. Materials and form: studio was des... More

Project • By Concrete and the Woods (CATW)Private Houses


MABO is a project for the extension of a villa in Nyon, a few kilometers away from Geneva. It's been designed to host cosy dinners, paintings, plants and flowers. It works as a peninsula, an almost interdependent pavilion, connected to an existing house thought a narrow passage.  It's forms and de-formations are the result of reactions to the local regulations and to the site characteristics. The south facade is the bigger one and opens to a garden of which this volume occupies the Northern extremity. The North and the West facades adapt to the forms of the property. Hedges and plantations are all around.  The vegetation is mirrored and multiplied by the steel, by the glass and... by the mirrors on the facade. We wa... More

Project • By CE-A Studio + Carlo EzechieliParks/Gardens

Deep Matter Garden

This project for a public garden wants to rediscover the deep roots of a place. The area consists on the reclaiming as a public garden of a site where 1,000 years ago used to stand the vineyards of Ariberto, Archbishop of Milan and leading character of the Church of that time. The design consists of three rings, whose shape was suggested by the topography of the site. While giving shape the internal pathways they identify a system of ‘rooms’. The continuous, monolithic, rings are stuck into the ground literally dissecting it with the aim of revealing its historical depth. The surface of the main ring is understood as a ‘one-thousand-years clock’, where black limestone inserts, the same present in local Romanic cathed... More

Project • By Spark ChicagoOffices


Komatsu is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of earth-moving equipment. Branded elements spanning four floors draw inspiration from Komatsu's global reach, employee culture, physical impact on earth, and appreciation for their clients, while seamlessly integrating into the architecture. More

Project • By Things StudioHousing

Villa Shipel

Villa, Location: Kelardasht, Mazandaran Province, Iran More

Project • By Meyer & Associates Architects, Urban DesignersPrimary Schools

Heideveld Primary School

The concept of the new Heideveld Primary School complex was borne from constraints experienced as part of the previous school location and layout as well as from the decanting strategy and programme, which was integral to the roll-out and construction process. The site is fairly small and the existing school operation had to be accommodated on site while the new school was being built. This gave rise to a compact and simple plan form, focused around a shared central courtyard, and two secondary undercover courtyard spaces, one for the foundation phase classes in a single storey block and the other for intermediate and senior phase classes in a double storey block. The hierarchy of shared spaces is a theme that runs throughout the design of... More

Project • By Uygur ArchitectsAuditoriums

TED Ankara College Campus Performing Arts Centre

The project, which won the architectural project competition for the Ted Ankara College Campus with a capacity of 6000 students in 1998, was implemented in 2005 and educational activities have begun. Conceptualized and designed by Semra Uygur and Özcan Uygur, this campus is a city simulation accomplished adopting the principle that education should create its own urban life even if it is in an area remote from the city. As a result of this design principle, TED Ankara College Campus operates as an actual city with the daily circulation routes designed considering the diversity of common indoor-outdoor areas, functional arrangement, meeting of various users, and the requirements emerged within the process.The campus in question needed a... More

Project • By Architects of InventionApartments

Lisi Garden House

The Site The site is located to the North-West of Tbilisi, in the Saburtalo district, on a sloping hill near Lisi lake, with views over the city. A series of high-profile practices – Architects of Invention, Riccardo Bofill and UN Studio - have been commissioned to populate the masterplan with radically different, new build, 5 - 7 storey residential blocks, that will sit alongside a number of private houses.   Lisi Green Town The scheme is part of Lisi Development’s Green Town, a substantial residential project that boasts innovative green principles. Residents’ utility bills are reduced by up to 30%, thanks to Lisi’s energy efficiency standards, with electric charge points and rainwater harvesting included.... More

NewsNews • 19 Jan 2021

E2211 demonstrates the potential of architect-led design

In Austin, Texas, this house is a project by Ravel Architecture - who also acted as client and developer. An example of architect-led development, the designers explain the house shows the potential of otherwise overlooked sites. Here, the site is 50% smaller than the average Austin site and additionally fronts onto Austin's Lightrail track.  Chase Daniel In response to the site conditions, the building is pushed to the rear of the lot while a concrete wall is positioned at the front. The massive concrete wall not only serves to maximize privacy but also operates as an effective sound barrier. The architects note their delight at seeing the train pass by from the second-floor loft.  Chase Daniel A large glazed double-s... More