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Project • By IDIEQResidential Landscape


In the quaint village of Amandeep Singh Virk and his wife Rajveer Kaur, nestled amidst the burgeoning urbanization of a major industrial city's satellite town, a vision emerged for a home that epitomized sustainability. Their choice of site was deliberate: the very grounds where their ancestral house stood, steeped in memories and familial ties. Determined to preserve their roots, the couple embarked on a journey to reimagine their dwelling, blending modern comforts with ecological consciousness. Harsh Nigam Caption Caption Caption The original structure, a product of its time, bore the hallmark materials of contemporary Indian architecture: burnt brick and concrete. From the project's inception, a strategic decision wa... More

Project • By BLOCO ArquitetosApartments

Higienopolis Apartment

The renovation project for this apartment in the Cuiabá building, designed by architect Rubens de Camargo Monteiro, initially aimed to increase the social area and better connect the kitchen with the dining room. The original project, which was excessively compartmentalized, had a pantry between the kitchen and the living room, the service bathroom was very small, there was only one suite and there was a central vestibule to the apartment that divided the flow in the social area in half. Maíra Acayaba Maíra Acayaba Maíra Acayaba Maíra Acayaba Maíra Acayaba Maíra Acayaba Maíra Acayaba Once the analysis had been carried out, we removed one of the bedro... More

Project • By Stephan Maria LangPrivate Houses

House LW27

In high class residential area, a large volume residence had to be constructed on a relatively small site. Next to a giant outdoor pool there was almost no space for a garden. So, the idea was to put the garden onto the roof and work close to the concept of a zero-seal house which means the sealed areas are given back to nature on the rooftop. Sebastian Kolm Sebastian Kolm Sebastian Kolm Sebastian Kolm Sebastian Kolm The borders of the side are hidden by a whole series of newly planted canopying trees, which provide natural Sun protection.  Sebastian Kolm Sebastian Kolm Sebastian Kolm Sebastian Kolm Sebastian Kolm On ground level an open floor plan flows freely from east to west... More

Project • By ECCE GROUPHotels


Vadi Park Deluxe is a boutique hotel project under construction in the Aydınpınar region of Düzce province, which has the most important natural assets among Turkey's natural beauties. Aydınpınar is a region with natural spring water and waterfalls. The project offers a magnificent view in the center of all these beauties, intertwined with nature and with the natural stream around it. ECCE GROUP ECCE GROUP When the project was first entered, it was aimed not to disturb the sounds of water and the natural beauty created by the presence of waterfalls and streams in the region. For this reason, the project was not solved as a single building; it was structured separately according to its functions and placed in a way to adapt t... More

Project • By Edgar Fuentes ArquitecturaLaboratories

Unidad Médica La Paz #50

The building, located on a corner lot with a unique view in the city of Colima, México, has been designed with a commercial focus that combines several independent areas to form a unified whole. The centerpiece of this design is an ophthalmic unit with unique characteristics, with the primary requirement of being inclusive and accessible to all. Techuz Guerrero Techuz Guerrero Techuz Guerrero Techuz Guerrero Techuz Guerrero In its exterior design, materials have been used to create lightweight elements with bold yet balanced shapes. These materials define and frame a series of visual elements that turn this construction into an icon in its environment. The main facade, of considerable length, is crowned by a... More

Project • By QBO3 ArquitectosPrivate Houses

Black Pearl

Black Pearl House is a wonderful example of how modern architecture can harmoniously blend with the tropical environment. The design team focused on highlighting the purity of form through the use of rationalist features such as right angles and precise decompositions, creating visuals that integrate with the natural environment's highlights. The goal was to reinterpret the tropical lifestyle of the area, using streamlined and contemporary lines that blend the interior spaces with the landscape. Andrés García Lachner Andrés García Lachner Located in the town of Cerro de San Juan in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, the house is surrounded by lush vegetation and offers breathtaking views of the sea. The architect... More

Project • By Dhanie & SalWarehouses

Mawi Garage

Mawi Garage is a renovation project of an existing pavilion that acts as a parking area for the owner's daily vehicles, and some of his collection consists of a fleet of off-road vehicles and arrays of motorcycles. An additional loft that will serve as a private office and living quarters for the client is also added during the process. Caption Caption Majority of the current structures are preserved and become the base where the design stems from. Ernest Theofilus Ernest Theofilus A homage to the object it shelters, a well-known utilitarian off-road automobile. It wears the essence of the vehicle's masculine design, thus steel is chosen as the main material to echo its rugged character  Ernest Theofilus E... More

Project • By archoffice | architecture & construction officeOffices

Haj-o-Ziarat Office Building of Kashan

The subject was the design of the facade and a part of the lobby space for the Hajj o Ziarat building located in Kashan City. In the middle of the construction process, this request was raised by the client, and this limited and challenged the design work. An effort was made to consider a pure cubic form for the building and also to emphasize the regularity of the building form by considering the well-organized cubic columns around the building, especially in the entrance part. In the entrance section, two rows of columns were designed to distinguish the entrance axis in that wall from other walls. Caption Caption Cylinders with different lengths and different distances were considered randomly at the height and above the entranc... More

Project • By FGMFPrivate Houses

Brisa House

The Terrain, in the interior of São Paulo, had a steep slope towards the back, whose orientation is north. To the south, on the façade of access to the lot there is dense forest of preservation on the other side of the access road, a look that also seemed very interesting to us.  Fran Parente Fran Parente The program requested by the client is quite extensive, and in order to create an organization that would allow deep contact with the land, we chose to create a large plateau one level below the access, such as a “buried” ground floor. This large social plateau at level -1, guarantees privacy to the user in relation to the street and ensures that the rooms, at the level of access has a view of the... More

Project • By scapelabSkateparks


1. Previous state The site was a dead-end of space on the lower level of the Fabiani Bridge in Ljubljana. The bridge runs on two levels, with a four-lane motorway on the upper level, and a pedestrian bridge on the lower level. The structural characteristics of the bridge formed a pocket of unused, untraversed space under the bridge. Soon after the opening of the bridge, this space became a gathering spot for illegal drug use, homeless sleeping (despite a homeless shelter operating less than 100m away), and crime. Caption Miran Kambič The bridge was built in a gap formed by a partial demolition of the complex of the former sugar factory, called Cukrarna. This partial demolition of the factory complex was urbanistically necessary... More

NewsInnovations • 10 Jan 2024

Concrete and MOOS complete sustainable and modular social housing project

Amsterdam-based Concrete, a multidisciplinary interior and architecture studio, has partnered with MOOS, an innovative housing concept that seeks to address the widespread shortage of homes across the Netherlands in a responsible, affordable, and scalable manner. MOOS — an acronym standing for “In the Middle Of Our Street” from “Our House” by English band Madness — builds sustainable, high-quality, community-focused homes using a prefabricated system that is fully demountable. Working together since MOOS’ launch in 2020, Concrete and MOOS have just completed MOOS Euterpe, the first sustainable and modular project to be fully realized by MOOS. MOOS by concrete A social housing project locat... More

Project • By YokeApartments

Ivy Box

Integrating the existing fabric of Queenstown’s original butchery, this project creates two unique apartments, along with an artist’s studio and gallery on the lakefront site. Jono Parker Jono Parker Jono Parker Jono Parker The architecture is unapologetically raw, and the interiors bold and monochromatic, reflecting the client’s strong personality. The project blends seamlessly into its lakefront location, whilst standing out from the expected alpine language of surrounding buildings. Jono Parker Jono Parker Jono Parker Jono Parker Winner of Home Magazine Multi-unit Home of the Year 2023. Jono Parker Jono Parker Jono Parker More

Project • By Manuel UrbinaPrivate Houses

Heyford Avenue

The scheme provides a new rear single storey extension to a Victorian terraced flat in South London. The flat was in poor condition and required a full refurbishment and reconfiguration throughout. The clients, young professionals, were involved throughout the whole process and imagined a concept of light colours and natural materials. Rayan Bamhayan A minimal design in its purest form, the new rear open space aims to draw the garden into the interior. The detail of the interior is in keeping with the architectural concept. Walls and ceilings throughout the extension are finished in washed-plaster and micro-cement used in the shower room to also cover the ceiling, walls and ground to unify the space. Rayan Bamhayan The property... More

Project • By HabitArtUniversities

National School of Business

The National School of Business is a higher education institution offering both graduate and post-graduate courses in business management. Driven by a collaboration-focused, holistic pedagogy, NSB has cemented itself as one of Bangalore’s reputed business schools.  Shamanth Patil Shamanth Patil  In response to their rapid growth, the institution conceived of a new center of academia adjacent to its existing campus. Working with the institution’s board of directors, we developed a vision for this new block: a unique, landmark form that would refresh the institution’s identity and exemplify their community-centric ethos, all while fulfilling the heavy programmatic requirements. Shamanth Patil Sha... More

Project • By archoffice | architecture & construction officeOffices

Sarafraz Office Complex

The Sarafraz building in Beheshti neighborhood of Tehran, located on Sarafraz street, is designed on five floors, with two office units on each floor, around a large central void in such a way that, in addition to simultaneous light from the south and north sides of the building, have the possibility of providing more light absorption level through this void.Office units were designed in two different forms for offices with diverse spaces and functions. Caption Caption The general material of the facade of the building and the lobby and entrance space is made of gray basalt stone, which is worked at certain distances from each other with vertical finishes on the stone. In the facade of the building, rectangular cubic volumes of d... More