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Project • By Skyfold Inc.Offices

The Circle

Located in the Zurich Airport, you will find a brand new urban center that began to open its doors in November 2020. Covering 180,000 square meters, The Circle is a revolutionary space that boasts two Hyatt hotels, a convention center, medical and beauty services, office space, dining, shopping, art exhibits, event spaces, and co-working spaces for professionals and student alike.   One of the challenges of this project was finding a way to split the convention center into different configurations without sacrificing the style and elegance of the high angled glass ceilings. Some of the architects on the project first worked with Skyfold walls while designing the SwissTech Convention Center. There, Skyfold had supplied a uniquely conf... More

NewsNews • 16 Dec 2020

MAD nestles Yabuli Congress Center in snowy mountainous terrain covered by a rippling curved roof

MAD aims to blend the congress center into its mountainous surroundings by bending its shape along with the landscape and mirroring its mountainous backdrop. The rippling silver-white roof shell echoes the snow-capped hills. The tent-like structure reaches a maximum height of 24 meters. ArchExist The Congress Center is initiated by the Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum. The platform that includes well-known entrepreneurs such as Jack Ma (Alibaba), Robin Li (Baidu), Yang Yuanqing (Lenovo) and Lei Jun (Xiaomi) gather in Yabuli every winter for a summit referred to as “The Davos of China”. Agovision A large skylight floods the foyers with natural light. At night it functions as a light beacon that, according to the archi... More

Project • By LOM architecture and designAuditoriums

City Conference Centre

LOM transformed a major financial institution’s head office with a new conference centre. The refurbishment of its former trading floor now provides space for a 320-seat auditorium and event catering facilities. The striking auditorium has sliding movable walls so it can be divided into three spaces, each with capacity to hold 100 people. It is supported by the latest AV technology, including three 24-panel digital screens that form a panoramic video wall for presentations. Stackable seating enables the space to be adapted for a wide range of internal and external events. A new public entrance leads into a generous reception and foyer. This space has a contemporary feel, with geometric white wall panelling contrasted with exposed se... More

Project • By PLASMA STUDIOOffices

KFAS Headquarter and Conference Center

Plasma Studio project aims at proposing a woven strategy, where the urban proposal is punctuated by several instances with higher architectural resolution and within which the KFAS headquarters and the conference center are understood as two attractor poles, pulling and articulating pedestrian flows in between.The urban design concept is based on recomposing and connecting, whilst fostering key moments from within which future growth can occur.  We conceptualize this urban fabric as a tissue in need of further material definition to generate a strong identity; its own character informed by both, the architectural instances (de)marking places on the one hand and the movement of pedestrians, which in due time will lend itself to addition... More



The new TAM TAM folding table, designed in collaboration with “studio Arter&Citton”, has been developed to fit a variety of market sectors. Tam Tam is suitable for a wide range of areas including corporate offices, meeting and workspace collaboration rooms, hospitality/ retail and education (including libraries and universities). Equipped with elliptical steel pipe legs and large diameter brake castors, the table can be moved effortlessly to any location. Moving easily through corridors, doorways and lifts, the table can be transferred from floor to floor by just one person. The table converts to a 3.2 x 1.2 m. large conference table. After use the TAM TAM folds quickly to the vertical position and takes up a minimal amount of storage... More

Project • By Storaket Architectural StudioWorkshops

Summer Camp

This summer camp in Dilijan, Armenia houses educational, athletic, and residential facilities. It is intended to function as a youth camp during the Summers and a business and conference center during the rest of the year.  One of the many challenges in designing this summer camp was dealing with the topography of the land. The site is along a steep and heavily forested incline. We responded to this challenge by breaking the structure into a network of smaller buildings, which cascade down the slope of the mountain.  The smaller scale of our structures not only adapts to the natural setting but also resembles the architectural environment of the city of Dilijan. The layout of the buildings encourages campers to spen... More

Project • By GROHEResearch Facilities


The Science and Conference Centre is designed as an expressive sculpture. The futuristic architecture is continued inside the complex by using energy-saving and environmentally friendly materials and technologies. A central light well in the foyer not only supplies natural light to the lower floors, it also collects rainwater for re-use, while the air is pre-heated / pre-cooled in an earth duct and conditioned in ambient air units. The washrooms are fitted with the particularly energy-efficient and water-saving GROHE Europlus E faucets. The innovative infra-red technology reliably dispenses water to the user when it is needed. It is also extremely hygienic and easy to maintain thanks to the touch-free operation. More