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Project • By Studio BipolarOffices

The Helix Office

We created a space that drew inspiration from the work The Helix is so passionate about. At the same time, we endeavoured to fulfill the myriad needs of a modern work space with built-in flexibility.Considering The Helix’s core design objectives for this project and the desired experience for end users and industry partners, Studio Bipolar was tasked with designing and building an engaging space for the work force and industry partners that would capture the essence of the science they practice and encourage social interaction in the workplace.  Suryan & Dang A huge departure from their previous workspace, The Helix was willing to break free and experiment with flexible spaces. A small and large meeting room was created... More

Project • By PLTFRMA Oficina de ArquitecturaOffices


The new headquarters of this Association meant a great opportunity to renew the goals and the image that AERI sought to project to its partners and collaborators in this new stage. Héctor Hernández V. Héctor Hernández V. With a simple palette of materials and tones, AERI's operational facilities achieve their own sober and elegant character that allows activities to be carried out in a more efficient way in terms of space and more harmonious in terms of experiences. Héctor Hernández V. Héctor Hernández V. More

Project • By OSO ArchitectureOffices


This office space is designed for BisTech which is an information systems and technologies department of Borsa Istanbul A.Ş. The office space is placed into the new building of BİAŞ’ campus in Istinye within the area of 2.140 sqm. which has got very young user profile working in software engineering. Accordingly the interior concept of the office space is based on the general needs of the user profile and also company’s corporate identity.  So the symbolic form of the information systems are redesigned for this office and used as a design language for the interior spaces.  Caption The main layout principle is determined as open office plan. However in order to reduce the disadvantages of this layout, individual &... More

Project • By Alcove Design ConsultantsOffices

Sterlite Power, Gurgaon

Client Brief and Expectations:  Sterlite Energy Limited (SEL) is an energy company focused on development and operation of power plants in India. SEL is a subsidiary of Vedanta Resources PLC. It is headquartered in India and wanted their new facility to communicate a clear sense of reliability for the country within a co-existential environment which they believe is a key to sustainable tomorrow. One of the key client briefs was to communicate this transparent sense of reliability which strengthens their systems and helps preserve diversities within the organization. Anand Photography Challenges: To connect a massive floor plate and provide uninterrupted vistas, across the floor allowing fluid and yet strong constantly strength... More

Project • By OSO ArchitectureOffices

Yapi Kredi Levent Plaza

The office interior project is designed for Yapi Kredi Headquarter’s office in Levent Plaza. The project is consist of 18 typical office floors and also additional working areas which totaly 8.320 sqm. The interior design concept is based on company’s motto which is to being a  “Turkey’s Digital Bank”. So starting from this idea, the architectural language is designed as to be reflect the digital and technological spaces. In order to achive this, the symbolic form of digitalization is redesigned and integrated into the architectural components.  Additionally the corporate identity is also integrated into the office design in order to gain the belonging sense to the users.  Caption The layou... More

Project • By McIntosh Poris AssociatesOffices


Co.act enlisted McIntosh Poris Associates (MPA) to design a welcoming open office that encourages walk-ins and “spontaneous social collisions.”  Housed on the ground floor of a building constructed in 1896, the design sensitively respects the historic fabric of the building by preserving and highlighting many original architectural elements through a contemporary renovation that references the past.  The design of Co.act focuses on spatial flexibility, offering users a mix of workspaces and amenities, while allowing opportunities for the space to adapt over time.  Open and private areas throughout provide a variety of zones for work and presentations.  Amenities include a pantry, a mother’s room, a bike... More

Project • By Krownlab Inc.Offices

1105 Battery Street

Meet historical San Francisco Landmark #104 – the Independent Wood Company building, built in 1907. Situated between Telegraph Hill and the commercial waterfront, this structure has seen a lot of change over 115 years, culminating in a sweeping office renovation by Mithun. This two level brick building is now surrounded by the monumental Levi's Plaza, headquarters of Levi Straus Co. The complex was conceived by Gensler and HOK in 1982 with sensitivity to the 1105 Battery site, continuing the rugged industrial character and predominant red brick. Mithun reimagined the building to support multiple work styles, postures and group sizes from morning coffee to Friday happy hours. 1105 Battery now enjoys an entirely new life within this h... More

Project • By Vector MaisOffices

Novo Nordisk

Founded in 1923 in Copenhagen, Novo Nordisk is a global healthcare company that employs more than 44.000 people in 80 offices and markets its products in 170 countries. For the renovation of its office in Quinta da Fonte, the pharmaceutical company hired Vector Mais to design, build, and supply furniture to offer local employees the best working conditions. Following the company's internal guidelines, the renovated workspace includes three areas that complement each other: a quiet area where the employee performs individual activities in total concentration; a dynamic area where a team member can perform an individual action, but with the possibility of interaction with colleagues; and a collaboration area where use... More

Project • By Prashant Parmar ArchitectOffices

Corporate Office Interior Design at Gala Empire

This office space has a simple built-in desk with plain overhead floating shelves - solid and voids, providing plenty of storage while maintaining a sleek profile. All it took was a few simple shelf accessories with veneer finishes to make, for a cheerful, modern look.  @studio_16mm Loads of light from different fixtures was designed for a clear and bright workspace setting. @studio_16mm This director's cabin is an outcome of materials and space planning. The white Corian table, white PU with wooden Patti paired up with back painted glass makes this cabin exclusive. Other than this, veneer finish ceiling give a dramatic look to the whole space. @studio_16mm Bringing together the principles of functionality, aesthetics... More

Project • By AIDIA STUDIOOffices

Pyeongchang Knowledge Hub

Design Intent. The main objective has been to transform an inward-looking, utilitarian warehouse into a state-of-the-art, carbon-neutral facility that places the user and the visitor at the centre of the operations and experience of the building. AIDIA STUDIO ​The building has been re-shaped, and its appearance softened, our aim has been to reinterpret the beauty of the surrounding scenery, the striking sinuous mountain ranges, the winding turns of the ski slopes and the snow formations, into a visually stunning building with abundant green areas and recreation zones for the staff and visitors. AIDIA STUDIO ​We embrace the challenge of reutilizing as much as possible of the existing warehouse and office building structures; our... More

NewsNews • 8 Sep 2021

The Commons South Yarra infuses the concept of 'serious fun' through design

Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic forced many companies to rethink traditional office workflows by necessitating that employees transition to working from home, the office disruption model was already taking shape well before 2020 in the form of co-working and shared office spaces. Tatjana Plitt Australian co-working space provider 'The Commons' manage a network of shared workspaces born out of considered, human-centred design with a particular focus on community and sustainability. They recently unveiled their latest location in South Yarra, Melbourne, designed by Foolscap Studio.   Tatjana Plitt Foolscap Studio is an independent, cross-disciplinary design practice centred around built environment and interior architectur... More

Project • By Alcove Design ConsultantsOffices


India’s first listed power sector infrastructure investment trust. Established to own and operate power transmission and renewable energy assets in India.   Client Brief: Design an Office for this young company that meets with their current and future requirements and exudes their image appropriately to its internal team and the outside world. Yamini Krishna Photography Yamini Krishna Photography Client Expectations:  Raw, Rustic and yet Elegant design with a clear hint of company’s true business and values communicated aptly across the entire office space. Yamini Krishna Photography Challenges: Design challenges were addressed well by the experienced design team. It was the pandemic that hit just... More

Project • By VicousticShowrooms

Schallmeister Office Showroom

From a workspace to a living place, these office installations show the wide assortment of applications that acoustic treatment developed by Vicoustic can have. The diversity of applications of Vicoustic solutions is well expressed in the Schallmeister GmbH's HQ, in Herten, Germany. From the entrance with stairs on the ground floor to the meeting room and managing offices on the first floor, passing by the printer/media place, all the way the employee offices to the kitchen/social area and even in the bathrooms. Caption "Vicoustic has really improved the room acoustics in our rooms enormously", says Daniela Dohle-Raffalzick, from Schallmeister. "After optimization with Vicoustic, voices sound much more direct and also the reverberati... More

Project • By Alcove Design ConsultantsOffices

IIFL Mumbai Office

IIFL office in Mumbai was designed as a single unit building which houses hundreds of its employees within one space and brings out a sense of pride of associating with a company that breathes and exhales uniqueness.  Caption Design of the interiors not only provides unique ideas in planning, it also provides unique approach in usage of material and engineering solutions that optimize the performance of the building as a whole. Caption As soon as one leaves the ground floor which is largely a public area and takes the floor up in the elevator, one opens up into an area which is a semi-public space that gives an opportunity of various casual gathering and collaboration on a community table and a barstool arrangement provided... More

Project • By De VormOffices

Metro Markets Office

Urselmann Interior completed a large-scale office renovation for Metro Markets in Düsseldorf. The main design idea was to transform the old office into a modern, dynamic space where employees feel comfortable and connected.  Vibrant environment for young talents The "feel-good" factor was particularly important for this project. The client wanted to provide employees with a functional, yet playful space and many opportunities for fun and synergy. Another task was to create an attractive workplace for IT professionals. Their team is constantly growing and recruiting young talents is one of the top priorities. Urselmann Interior used the corporate identity as a basis for the new interior. To create the desired fresh and youthfu... More