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NewsNews • 24 May 2021

Memphremagog Lake House sources church architecture as inspiration

This contemporary home by architects naturehumaine is located on a steep site on the shores of Lake Memphremagog, Quebec. The wooded location is not far from the Franciscan monks’ abbey in St-Benoit-du-Lac. In addition to general architectural principles of church architecture, the nearby monastery and its latest addition by Dan Hanganu - with its large volumes, vertical proportions, neutral grey stone exterior and zenithal light - were sources of design inspiration. Adrien Wiliams The new build house comprises three volumes topped by sculptural roofs with a diagonal ridge. Polygonal skylights are inserted at each high/flat point of each ridge, providing natural light throughout the house. Adrien Wiliams   The exteri... More

Product • By GreenCoat by SSABCOR-TEN


A NATURAL BEAUTY. Long lasting attraction, year after year, with practically zero need for maintenance. Use COR-TEN® steel to make your mark as an architect, and let it contribute to sustainability at the same time. Genuine COR-TEN® steel is produced by SSAB under a license from US Steel Corporation. COR-TEN® steel is a versatile material that is manufactured under total process control. The steel’s purity, optimized chemical composition, consistent mechanical properties, tight dimensional tolerances and excellent surface quality allow for predictable and problem-free performance that gives you the freedom to truly express your vision as an architect. Bend it. Perforate it. Mix it. There are endless opportunities to bring... More

NewsNews • 27 Jan 2021

Corten clad home designed with green space in mind

The contrast between corten steel cladding and exposed concrete highlights the sleek volumes of this Brazilian home by ES Arquitetura. Taking an ‘L-shape’ form in plan, the overlapping volumes result in a visual lightness and integration between the private upper floor and the more social ground floor areas.  SLA PhotoStudio Functionality, as well as thermal, acoustic and visual comfort, were important aspects throughout the design process. In particular, ensuring visual connections from the interior of the house to the green space that surrounds were key.   SLA PhotoStudio   All areas of the house feature large openings that allow in natural light and ventilation, even in the service areas of the hou... More

Project • By LIKO-SOffices


Offices are often designed as open, lighted spaces complemented by natural light and materials. But in the case of Epsilon, it's a completely different story. There is enough light in all offices, but from the entrance you will be accompanied by a black technical ceiling, which passes through the black lacquered profiles of the glass partitions dividing the individual offices into a light gray uniform floor.   The color and material solution is minimalist, but it at the same time the interior is decent and brings a feeling of a privacy to the interior. In contrast to the dark ceiling and framing of the partitions, the furniture of the individual offices stands out. It is made from white laminate and designed in minimalist shapes to c... More

Project • By zeropixel architectsPrivate Houses

The Feng Shui Stone House

In the area of ​​Apokoronas and more specifically at the village of Gavalochori, in an area outside the settlement with a slight slope, we designed and built a two-level house with a basement and a swimming pool. The house is 511m2 and the construction time is 2019-2020.  The central idea of ​​the house is based on the philosophy and principles of feng shui, as well as bioclimatic design. The central design is by four stone walls of different lengths which divide the house into three areas. Starting from the east ground floor, between the first two stone walls, we have the living room and the dining room and the office upstairs, looking at the double height of the living room. Three orthogonal frames of different shape and size made... More

NewsNews • 13 Oct 2020

New Zubiaur School of Music a visual and spatial interplay between overlapping walls and existing building context

Javier de las Heras Sole has completed the New Zubiaur School of Music in Amorebeita-Extano, Spain. The design was submitted as part of a competition and envisages the school as an independent element to the adjoining cultural centre yet still in conversation with it. This was achieved by adding a new façade to the cultural centre’s dividing wall, effectively ‘freeing’ it by converting it from a shared entity to now a boundary delineating where the cultural centre’s perimeter ends and the music school begins.  Credit: Adrià Goula Simultaneously, the original wall of the adjoining ‘fronton’ (ballcourt) was retained and incorporated as the real ‘protagonist’ in the proje... More

Project • By rb73Residential Landscape

Japan terrace

RB73 - We delivered a woodstorage Bruges and an outdoorfireplace Quaruba L 4 sided to a wonderful project in Japan. Talking about sceneries....Both the products are made of 3mm CorTen steel so they can stay outside all year long and have a long lifespan. More

Project • By Gronych + Dollega ArchitektenHeritages

Revitalization Solms Castle

Solms CastleThe dukes of Solms-Lich erected Solms Castle in 1488, attaching it to the already existing city wall. It was originally made up of two halls, one located on the ground floor, the other one on the second floor. Besides the addition of a staircase in 1588, the castle underwent several other conversions, the biggest one being the reutilization as a district court at the turn of the last century. The native Hall had been destroyed regarding its function as a room.   RevitalizationThe main goal of revitalizing the castle was establishing a multifunctional structure, resulting in the attraction of many different tenants. To this date, the building is harboring a cultural hall inside of the medieval truss, a dental clinic on the... More

Project • By StudiopomeroTownscapes

Piazza Freguglia

The design choices have addressed the problem of the permeability of Piazza Freguglia with the context of the city of Ivrea. The reduced budget and maintenance of the urban space have influenced the architectural and material choices: use of cor-ten steel, paving in washed concrete and stone cobblestone. The architecture of the metal curtain, which varies and transforms itself in function of the existing trees, is characterized by continuously changing shapes and images. The public space is defined by the cor-ten volumes and by a continuous, natural and uniform surface interspersed with lines drawn on the ground in an architectural continuum between the external limit and the "heart" of the same space. The architectural theme of the floor c... More

Project • By BoysPlayNicePrivate Houses

House Behind the Wall

It all started with our clients’ purchase of a house over a hundred years old. The traditional building with a gable roof was at its end. Its stone basement was still in a good condition so we decided to take down the rest of the house and use the stone socle in the basement as a foundation for the new house. Our courageous and somewhat risky plan worked out and today, the clients live in a beautiful, modern house which combines the historical soul of its predecessor and nordic esthetics with a touch of industrial style. What can we say? The road to success is not always an easy one but it’s worth it to put in a little extra effort.   The lot borders a busy road which serves as a starting point for tourists heading to the... More

Project • By Mirck ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Het Buitenhuis

Text by Anneke Koning-Corveleijn:A country house that is not only situated on top of a dyke, but is an integral part of it; in a polder landscape with panoramic views of trees, straight ditches running through meadows and a nature reserve across the stream that flows alongside the house.The house is sleek and contemporary, yet blending in with the landscape. Concrete lends substance to the house, glass gives it transparency and the red Corten-steel cladding – a particular wish of the client – adds colour and warmth.Inside, panoramic window fronts, windows and sky lights in the open plan living area reveal spectacular views of water, sky, meadows and trees. Which view exactly, depends on where you are. The quality of light is an important fe... More

Product • By Alpha Wellness SensationsOutdoor Corten Himalayan Salt Sauna

Outdoor Corten Himalayan Salt Sauna

A free-standing prefabricated 6-person CorTen steel Himalayan salt sauna with halotherapy option, 220V power requirements, heatproof speakers and chromotherapy feature. Alpha Wellness Sensations is a global leader in luxury spa manufacturing, indoor and outdoor design of traditional saunas, infrared saunas, steam rooms, hammams, salt rooms, snow rooms, cold plunges, experience showers and tanning beds. Our company runs its own research facility and production capacities in order to provide a wide range of innovative and tailored wellness solutions. All of our products are fabricated in Belgium, 100% hand-crafted and fully compliant with EU’s rigorous product safety standards. Because the world is overwhelmed by environmental pollutio... More

Project • By ARCHITETTURA ed INTORNIIndividual Buildings

Nesso - private elevator

An accessibility project integrated into the landscape, on the shores of Lake Como.A rationalist-style villa at the foot of the lake that needs to be restored and enhanced, however, presents a major problem of accessibility: the entrance to the property is at 28m of height higher. The only way to access it is by descending a long, narrow staircase that winds through the sloping rocks.The need to find an easier and safer solution to access the villa becomes the most important element of the project due to the intrinsic landscape importance of the place.After studying various alternatives, the least impactful solution for the landscape turned out to be a vertical lift. The project idea wanted an element that was integrated with the surroundin... More

Project • By dep studioParks/Gardens

casa gel - private garden

The meeting with a master builder interested in research and meticulous in the use of materials has made it possible to realize a redevelopment project of the external spaces of a house located in the small town of Bianzano.Before the intervention the space surrounding the house was devoid of design even if the signs deriving from its use appeared clear: passages, planted areas, historic plants and panoramic points. However, a unitary project was not recognizable. The space has been so designed in every part: the use of a simple but rigid geometric scheme has allowed to establish alignments, heights and depths according to place each element.The materials used give homogeneity to the intervention: the mixture of concrete with selected grave... More

Project • By Squire & PartnersOffices

The Frames

The Frames is a bespoke development tailored to small and creative businesses in Shoreditch. The five-storey building creates 80,000 sq. ft. of flexible workspace for London’s new and growing companies, providing office and studio units to suit a variety of users, along with shared meeting rooms, break-out areas, tea points, cycle storage, shower facilities and a café.Influenced by the characteristic warehouse vernacular of the surrounding South Shoreditch Conservation Area, the building envelope employs a palette of brick, metal and glass. Following the curved line of Phipp Street with a series of brick columns punctuated by corten-clad window reveals, the design emphasises the vertical proportions of the structure.The top two floors of th... More