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Project • By Alumil S.AArt Galleries

National Gallery of Greece

In 1896 the jurist and art-lover Alexandros Soutsos bequeathed his large art collection to the Greek State. At the time, no one could imagine how this collection would be used. However, this action played key role to the creation of the “National Gallery of Greece”, that was established in 1900 in Athens and became one of the most iconic buildings in the cultural history of the country. The “National Gallery”, that this year completes 121 years of operation, required a new architectural design, that would prepare it for a new era.  The architectural offices Grammatopoulos -Panousakis Architects και D Vasilopoulos Architects were responsible for the new design and AKTOR S.A. undertook the constr... More

Product • By SaflexSaflex Structural PVB interlayer

Saflex Structural PVB interlayer

Designed for extra strength in laminated glass Providing superior structural capacity versus conventional PVB, Saflex® Structural interlayer is a PVB interlayer designed for applications where interlayer rigidity and high glass adhesion requirements for laminated glass are critical.  In properly designed systems, Saflex Structural is capable of containing glass shards at high and low temperatures after impact and under load—even in open edge laminated glass.  Due to the strength and stiffness of the Saflex Structural interlayer, laminated glass can either sustain a higher uniform load for a given configuration or the glass thickness can be reduced while keeping the same load and area as compared to conventional laminat... More

NewsNews • 24 Dec 2020

Top 10 glass projects of 2020

Laurian Ghinitoiu 1. The Opus by Zaha Hadid Architects The void’s facade consists of 4,300 single and double curved glass panels that cover 6,000 square meters. The panels are made from 8 mm Low-E glass, 16 mm of spacing between the panes, and two layers of 6mm clear glass with a 1.52mm PVB resin laminate. Each panel is installed with an LED that results in a dynamic light installation.     Architect Jun Aoki 2. Louis Vuitton Maison Osaka Midosuji by Jun Aoki and Associates The distinctive façade is made up of 10 ‘sails.’ The airfoil shapes of the sails are made of 2D curved glass panels, which achieve cost efficiency as well as ease of manufacturing. Each panel is double glazed, with the ou... More
Sede de Enovos (Luxemburgo) - Muro cortina 01
Sede de Enovos (Luxemburgo) - Muro cortina 02
Sede de Enovos (Luxemburgo) - Muro cortina 03
Sede de Enovos (Luxemburgo) - Muro cortina 04
Sede de Enovos (Luxemburgo) - Muro cortina 05

Project • By Grupo GámizFactories

Sede de Enovos (Luxemburgo) - Muro cortina

The company's headquarters should express Enovos' commitment to innovation and the intelligent use of natural resources. Consequently, the new building had to meet the nearly zero energy building standards. The use of glulam oak beams for the realization of the facade curtain wall system contributed to this, while providing to the interior space, in addition to extensive clarity and visibility, the beauty and warmth of wood. More

Product • By heroalheroal C 50 GD

heroal C 50 GD

The facade system heroal C 50 GD (Glass Design) offers architects and planners completely new possibilities. Thanks to the use of a glass fin, which takes on the static task of the traditional aluminium mullion, a particularly narrow view width is achieved. At the same time, this concept benefits from the idea of reflection in two ways: the view width of the mullion is visually reduced on the inside while the installation depth of the mullion is decreased on the outside. This opens up a world of new possibilities for creating maximum transparency – even on large surface areas up to a height of 5 metres. Optionally, the glass fin can be individualized with LEDs and decorated panels. More

Project • By @YoelarchTransports

Railway Station

The city of Likasi, South-Eastern city of the D.R. Congo, is known to have been established in 1917 mainly for the use of its railway infrastructures to connect the industrial areas around the city. The existing station building, which was built in 1954, and which essentially served only the eastern part of the city (since the eastern part of the city was attached to the outskirts of the existing city at that time), was to be rebuilt in 20 years after its construction. The new conceptual project takes into consideration the actual situation within the city, with two main entrances on both sides of the city and responding to the need for an increasing passenger traffic demand, providing a modern level of passenger service.   The stati... More

Project • By Golany ArchitectsCommunity Centres

Community Centre for People with Disabilities

The building that was designed by Tel-Aviv based Golany Architects serves people who experience disabilities. Therefore, providing accessibility was essential and indispensable. Accordingly, strict measures were employed, in order to cater for people with special needs, including wheelchair users. Inclusive design approach was implemented, so as to create an environment suiting all. It was important to make sure that the accessibility provision would not result in an unattractive, stigmatizing, remedial environment that announces people's disability, but rather, to create a setting where everyone would feel comfortable and equal. Colors were used to facilitate legibility and orientation. They serve as markers to assist, also those... More

Product • By heroalheroal C 50

heroal C 50

All designs of the tried-and-tested insulated heroal C 50 curtain wall system deliver excellent results, whether vertical or vertical-bending transom-mullion, transom-transom or mullion-mullion façade. The façade can also be used as a roof area, light roof pyramid or conservatory. Last but not least, the system offers creative freedom thanks to various cover and pressure profiles.heroal offers an innovative concept for heat insulation. Foam-filled insulators and a continuous seal offer processing benefits in terms of installation, transportation and the screw guidance. All processing benefits apply throughout the systems for the respective design options. The insulation concept can also be used across the systems in the design options and t... More

Project • By Reynaers AluminiumOffices

Now Bomonti

Rising 30 floors, Now Bomonti is a mixed-used office/residential project in harmony with the environment and surrounding urban fabric. Innovative in both form and concept, it is a design from Tabanlıoğlu Architects, a leading architecture office in Turkey.Context of Contemporary IstanbulThe Istanbul neighbourhood of Bomonti, in the Şişli region, is named after the first Ottoman beer production workshop, which was founded in the early 20th century by Swiss brothers Walter and Adolf Bomonti. Today, the neighbourhood is being regenerated in line with the cosmopolitan direction of modern Istanbul, attracting a socially and culturally active population of young people. The Bomonti neighbourhood offers peaceful tree-lined streets and green space... More

Project • By NAT OFFICE - christian gasparini architectShowrooms

SEGB - gb exhibit pavilion

The exhibit pavilion for GB Gnudi Bruno works and research on flexible and light temporary structures. it tries to represent products and technologies, involved to create extremely advanced and innovative packaging systems, that outline Bologna district worldwide known as the "packaging valley".The module as structure, with its infinite mash-up and the cardboard as material, with its layers and sides, are the generative, spatial, architectural and aesthetic elements of the project, able to witness a process that produces the containers for any product today in the world market, from syringes to biscuits.The big assembly line machines are the actors of the space but are contained inside a curtain wall of C-shaped cardboard modules that are r... More

Project • By INSADA Integrated Design TeamPrivate Houses

House 13

Located in West Jakarta, House 13 aims to accommodate a comfortable residential living by utilizing the simple lines of modern architecture. With the client not wanting to be constantly dependent on air-conditioning, Insada designed House 13 to have working cross ventilation so that natural breezes are able to cool the main living spaces. House 13 is oriented in the north-south direction with 3 sides blocked by neighboring houses. With only one south-facing façade to work with, the façade needed to be designed to be able to bring ample amount of light, as well as opening up to allow fresh air to come in. The main façade is made out of low-e glass curtain wall with operable module on each end comprised of aluminum extrusions, perforated meta... More

Project • By NicolliShopping Centres

Shopping centre Interspar (ex Saimp)

Architectural design by: Kulmus Bügelmayer Architects. Nicolli was responsible for the design and the installation of the exteriors, as well as many internal elements of the Interspar shopping centre. The large façade at a tilted angle, with arching horizontal covers and vertical seals, and fully padded with glass panels, is the perfect backdrop for the entrance porch, made of red painted aluminium like the frame of the whole building, and for the rounded sun breaker arches of the south side, also made of aluminium. On the opposite side are a smaller entrance door and the two "McDrive" tills, featuring fully structural glass. Transparency is also featured on the inside of the building, where Nicolli is responsible for the la... More

Project • By YKK AP America Inc.Universities

Georgia State University College of Law

In the heart of the Georgia State University campus in downtown Atlanta, Ga. lies the new College of Law building, opened in September 2015. While students and faculty passing by might not recognize the structure’s ingenuity, those who enter find the design represents more than meets the eye and incorporates robust features to meet the needs of 21st century education.Founded in the 1980s, the prestigious Georgia State School of Law was in need of a new facility that would meet the demands of modern schooling and standards of sustainability. For architect, John Elvin, it was vital that the vision not only be durable for college activity, but also inventive and meaningful to the local area.“The design team envisioned clasped ha... More

Project • By YKK AP America Inc.Universities

Gates Hall

Ithaca New York’s Cornell University Computing and Information Sciences (CIS) program was in desperate need of a space that facilitated collaboration between its faculty and students. To create just the space, Cornell University hired Morphosis architectural firm to design an exclusive CIS program building named, the Bill and Melinda Gates Hall.  To meet the needs of the students and faculty, it was vital for the building to feature copious amounts of natural light and open spaces. The building was designed to incorporate 35,000 square feet of YKK AP’s YUW 750 XT Unitized enerGfacade curtain wall, offering sprawling views of the picturesque campus. However, from a sustainability perspective, the design team was concerned about mitigati... More

Product • By Lamboo Technologies LLCLamboo® Glazing™

Lamboo® Glazing™

From fixed/operable windows to curtain wall/store front systems to interior/exterior doors, the Lamboo® Glazing™ Product Line provides an excellent alternative to other glazing and door systems utilizing traditional aluminum, vinyl, and natural-based building materials. Lamboo has partnered with reputable US-based window and door manufacturers that utilizes Lamboo’s laminated engineered bamboo into these applications providing high performance, warm aesthetics, and sustainable solutions per the product of choice.Ideal applications: Fixed and Operable Windows, Curtain Wall and Store Front Systems, Commercial and Residential Doors. More