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Project • By SERAPOOLSwimming Pools


Adam & Eve Hotel, one of the most exclusive hotels in Antalya, Belek, with the design award, reinforces its elegance with Serapool Porcelain mosaics. Serapool Serapool Adding an eye-catching touch to the pools, the mosaics allow the users to spend pleasant and peaceful moments with the energy of the blue color, which brings harmony and calmness to our lives. Serapool More

Project • By SERAPOOLSwimming Pools

Alaçatı Villa Project

Firuze Mix, which is preferred in a villa pool in İzmir Alaçatı, adds an aesthetic appearance to the pools and positively affects your mental and physical health.Firuze Mix, which has varying colors from sky blue to greenish blue, has alternative options in different textures.With Firuze Mix, which spreads the peace and calmness of blue and the vitality of green, mental stress and fatigue disappear. More
Restaurante Chido
Restaurante Chido
Restaurante Chido
Restaurante Chido
Restaurante Chido

Project • By CEVICARestaurants

Restaurante Chido

Moca Estudio presents  this restaurant with our Zelij collection, with a handmade appearance and glossy finish. The project is developed in a 300 square meter area, in a listed historic building built in 1925. Caption The restaurant is divided into 5 consecutive rooms, where different types of volumes with very defined qualities alternate. Caption The Zelij 10x10cm collection is combined with a set of mirrors, so that it offers a lot of depth to each space, and the honey tone that has been chosen  blends  each curve and each texture in an original way. Caption Zelij Collection is the result of design inspired by Moroccan tradition and contemporary culture, being one of our most versatile collections and most... More

Project • By :thatstudio architectsPrivate Houses

Hilltop, Linlithgow

A modest single storey extension to an attractive property in the crescent known as Hilltop in Linlithgow Bridge. The scheme design seeks to create open plan living space with kitchen and dining amenity included. Large glazed sliding doors create connection to a new patio space which is level with the floor of the house. A glass corner window provides views out to the garden, whilst a strip of rooflights allows light to penetrate deep inside. A new structural opening is formed to open the extension to the existing house and create a new open plan hub for family life. The new extension is provided with underfloor heating to complement the traditional radiators within the existing property. Materials are deliberately restrained, white rende... More

Project • By Essentia EnvironmentsOffices

Jain Residence

Home. They say home is where the heart is, but from an architectural vantage point, home is where the soul resides. Home is where the mind comes to peace; home is where the body relaxes and unwinds. And home is where we feel like we belong. It’s our safe haven in the midst of the chaos of everyday life. From an underlying concept and narrative to its foundation and history, every house has its own unrepeatable story to tell. And this is the story of yet another piece of heaven on earth. Designed and conceptualized by Essentia environments, this modern contemporary residence is an artful play of functionality and minimalism in the right quantities to foster an ideal living and entertaining atmosphere whilst also being connected to the... More

Project • By Architectural Visualization Studio Vis-ONApartments

Kuznetsky most

An old house with noble charm in every detail becomes not just a modern and technological club house with de luxe apartments and a shopping arcade, it bears the name of Lalique. Caption Caption Caption Thanks to the variety of creations of the French brand: furniture, lighting, decor items, art objects, perfumes, jewelry, wine - the house will fully embody the lifestyle, aroma and taste of Lalique, refined and refined to the last detail. Caption Caption More

Project • By Tulli StudioApartments

Apartamento Retorno

Retorno: um termo que evoca não apenas um deslocamento no espaço tátil, mas também um mergulho em uma temporalidade nostálgica. Retornar, como ato, é sempre um trinômio de "quem", "onde" e "quando". Portanto, a missão de criar esse impacto de retorno às origens deve ser ainda mais cautelosa, pois cada novo pedaço de parede deve abrir caminhos para um novo retorno a si mesmo. Eduardo Macarios A família deste apartamento, mesmo saindo, nunca esqueceu seu imóvel no Bigorrilho, em Curitiba, bem localizado e com ótima planta. Os anos foram passando e o interesse em reformar e devolver ao local, agora alugado, cresceu. Após algumas pesquisas, Tu... More

Project • By dimiourgikiShops

Chania Pharmacy

The present project Chania Pharmacy received the Interior & Retail award in the BigSEE Interior Design Award 2022 competition. The role of the pharmacy today is constantly changing, visiting a pharmacy is not only for the treatment of an illness, but is synonymous with the promotion of wellness. Especially during the pandemic period, the pharmacy is a daily necessity and a place of interaction. The pharmacist comes close to the client, providing advice and developing a confidential relationship. Dionisis Trerehov Modern man is faced daily with challenges of all kinds, as a result of which he seeks inner balance and well-being. Architectural design and interior decoration are called to acquire an additional role in addition to ser... More

Project • By SANDRO UŽILARestaurants

Konoba Ćakula

The Konoba Ćakula restaurant, is located in at Vladimira Nazor 7, near the Episcopal Complex of the Euphrasian Basilica in the Historic Centre of Poreč (Croatia) that is also a part of the UNESCO World Heritage. KORIDOR 27 My inspiration was the very word "Ćakula", which means "conversation" or "chat" in the Istrian dialect.I wanted to give the Istrian soul to the restaurant in a modern way using stone, micro concrete, corten and oak wood. KORIDOR 27 The ceiling that I designed and that was made by a hardworking team of carpenters consists of 3500 wooden cylinders of different dimensions that represent a lot of different conversations, which in most cases are all different. That's why I called those cylinders: "Ćakule".The penda... More

Project • By MARIOS CHADOULOSApartments

Bright apartment in Greece

The overall selection of materials and furniture aims to create a highly aesthetic space with a minimalist mood. For this reason, a small and strong palette of materials was used, such as wood in various tones, metal, as well as marble, on horizontal and vertical surfaces. In this way, a design continuity is created between the spaces, with a modern design vocabulary. Oversized wood tiles and linear recessed lighting highlight strict geometric lines Fakaros George The main objective of the study is the creation of a single living room, dining room and kitchen, which are delimited by two 4m sliding frames, thus achieving the best diffusion of natural light in the interior. Fakaros George Sound-absorbing surfaces on the walls, ear... More

Project • By nos arquitecturaOffices

Notary Office in Delta del Ebro

The starting point of the project arises from a need to restructure a two-storey rectangular office building, with its short side along the street, the rest of the boundaries being dividing walls. The main objective of the project, given its small façade in comparison to the total area of ​​the premises, was to provide all the spaces with natural lighting, with the intention of generating a pleasant space for work. Javier Briones As in classic atriums, the spaces are organized around a skylight that provides indirect overhead lighting that is ideal for the activity taking place. Javier Briones The program is distributed over two floors, with a double height in the central area that connects both levels, and allows natural... More

Project • By OOIIO ArchitecturePrivate Houses

QUE House

QUE House is a different home for a family that was looking for a non expensive but very expressive house. OOIIO Architecture OOIIO Architecture Team designed a this building as a shell, an envelope that creates a void inside, protecting occupants from the sun and rain. OOIIO Architecture This envelope will rise as necessary to configure two heights in the occupied day area, then it will descend one height in the occupied night area as well as the garage. The envelope extends towards the street and the patio to provide shade creating a pleasant porch facing the garden. OOIIO Architecture The interior will be functional, comfortable and reasonably priced while still using durable materials. OOIIO Architecture More

Project • By Halliday Clark ArchitectsHousing


Our client purchased a small vacant tennis court plot  in Ilkley, West Yorkshire with a view to creating a stunning contemporary family home. The secluded yet compact setting flows from the main street facing the aspect back into the narrow site, with carefully arranged building mass and linked corridors allowing for protected tree roots to remain undisturbed whilst providing open views and generosity of space and light to both internal and external spaces. When complete the stunning single dwelling will enhance the location considerably and provide living space full of fine crafted detail and a real enjoyment of space. More

Project • By Architectural Engineering ConsultantsOffices

Metropolis Tower

Metropolis tower is placed to preserve sunlight in the park, maximize permeability, encourage connectivity for pedestrians, cyclists and maximize visual porosity. The design demonstrates the ambitious integration of private development and a publicly accessible active park oriented urban community for Phnom Penh. The architecture evokes regional landmarks and a sense of wonder, the site is east of the Bassac River, provided natural design inspiration. The orientation and organization of each space is based on using directional alignments to achieve harmony and the universal flow of energy. Caption The contemporary tower is designed as a finely detailed structure that blends sustainability with natural and cultural references. The buil... More

Project • By Newfloor S.r.lOffices


The company specialized in rigid plastic packaging, founded in 1974 in Seriate (Italy), now has a new headquarters in the redeveloped industrial area of the Frattini district. Starting with only one machine for the extrusion of plastic bottles, the brothers Luigi and Franco Cistellini have today brought Serioplast to boast over 300 machines and 240 employees. Three years of work were needed to redevelop the abandoned 25,000 square meter building. The office area was built from a set of pre-existing buildings on four floors above ground. The building, designed by Studio Domus in Seriate, is inspired by the industrial style: concrete construction with exposed mechanical systems, while at the energy level photovoltaic panels have been install... More