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Project • By Chenin StudioShops


Microtel is an effort to create a flexible build that allows the user to present their different reading from the space. The spatial organization of the  project is based on the dual "visible" and "hidden" and the definition of different uses of... More

Product • By Jesco LightingL516S


Line voltage LED track fixture suitable for retail, commercial andhospitality general lighting, accent and display applications.  More

Project • By Shanghai Bumie Technology Co.,LtdShops

ASADO variety store

Asado is a variety store selling Japanese imported products in Shandong Province. It is a design condition to display large quantities of goods such as stationery, cosmetics, miscellaneous goods, and food in the store. The upper of the space became... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignShopping Centres

Al Saedan Shopping Mall Design

CAS designed Al Saedan shopping mall with environmental aspects in mind. The mall has modern characteristics, which are evident in elements that were carefully selected to fit the function and the environmental factors, making this mall stand out. T... More

Project • By MG2Shops

Anthropologie Vancouver

MG2 has worked with Urban Outfitters, Inc. to create unique shopping experiences for both its name brand and Anthropologie stores. For Anthropologie, the design of each store must provide the right backdrop for the ever-changing merchandising vignett... More

Project • By MG2Supermarkets

PCC Seattle

PCC’s latest stores in Seattle sell groceries–but they’re not just grocery stores. Architecture firm MG2 in Seattle, known for its exceptional retail and hospitality design, played a key role in the design of the new locations. The... More

Project • By Liqui GroupShops

Brown's Natural Pet Store

Liqui undertook the shop design and build for Browns Natural Pet Store with the aim of creating an environment more like a retail experience than the usual pet shop design. To this end, there is a focus on custom items throughout, such as the bespoke... More

Project • By Skylab ArchitectureOffices

Snow Peak North American HQ

The new Snow Peak USA Flagship and Headquarters multi-function venue (store, restaurant, and office) is located in Portland, Oregon, and is crafted around the invitation, “Let’s dwell outdoors, together.” The design is based upon th... More

Project • By Destudio ArquitecturaShops

Domani Valencia

Domani is a fashion store located in the city of Valencia and has more than 20 years of experience. Therefore, this project required special dedication and care as it was necessary to preserve its corporate image but at the same time risk and make a... More

Project • By Jeffrey Hutchison & AssociatesShops


Jeffrey Hutchison & Associates (JHA), recently completed an innovative reinvention of DFS’s T Galleria Beauty Hall in the hub of the Four Seasons Hotel – Venetian development in Macau, China. JHA transformed the 40,000 SF Beauty Hall... More

Project • By HRBTShops

PFB Santa Fe

The concept of the brand is to be a home instead of a shop, where visitors feel comfortable and always attended by a cyclist like themselves. Thus, an image was created to reflect the principles of the company. On the one hand, a cozy place that evo... More

Project • By HRBTShops

PFB Pop up store

People for Bikes is a company that goes beyond supplying cycling products, they create a great cycling experience and their motto is "We sell quality of life". Created and managed by expert cyclists, and their vision is based on real experiences.&nbs... More

Project • By Tanzo SpaceShops

Wang Daquan: Hutong Quartet in Old Beijing

In my city, time is running backwards; dead trees are awakening in spring; all the disappeared smells, sounds and lights are recalled. The demolished siheyuan, hutong and temple are restored to their original appearance. The tiled roofs are like sea... More

Product • By L&L Luce&LightKrill


Family of compact projectors with a pared-down design for lighting inside shop windows and display cabinets in the retail and museum sectors. Krill can be installed in variety of ways, so it can always easily reach the details that need emphasising.... More