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Project • By Tanya Karim NR Khan & AssociatesBanks

City Alo Flagship Branch

"CITY ALO" The very first cafe banking branch dedicated to women entrepreneurs, professionals, students, employees and homemakers alike . Where all women will be considered as a priority guest regardless of the size of deposit. A place to work, to hang out, to meet or to relax while addressing their banking needs . Truly a place "for women" , run "by women" and "by women" .   Kudos to the top management of the City Bank Limited for their pioneering initiative for relying on TKNRK and team Vista Interiors Ltd to design and implement this milestone project. More

Project • By Tanya Karim NR Khan & AssociatesPrivate Houses

Sanchita Residence

“Shanchita” means a “collection of memories”, in a way to treasure. The lifestyle of Dhaka has considerably changed over the last 35 years. Beautiful one unit houses with gardens have been replaced by uncaring high-rise apartments. Today’s apartments serve only to provide us with a residence and do little to become a home. The houses of the yesteryears held a rich collection of memories because families lived together, their gardens were treasured by the children to the elderly. There trees, verandas, terraces were not just elements but integral part of the life of the occupants.   The clients aspired for a 'Baganbari' - house in a garden, where their own children could grow up with ample places to play... More

Project • By Tanya Karim NR Khan & AssociatesPrivate Houses

Tanvir Residence

An Experiment in "Symbiotic Architecture" , the building is constructed with hand poured as cast concrete in wooden shuttering, retaining the impressions of the wood planks.  Where does a new aesthetics start from? From the aesthetics of a time? Technology? Material? Use? Or can it be from simple realities as climatic conditions? This residence faces a park and needed to have maximum exposure towards it both because of view and prevailing breeze but at the same time needed shading that would protect the opening from rain and reduce direct solar heat gain. We designed the shading device as a symbiotic growth that grew over the building giving the structure an aesthetics of a symbiotic relationship of concrete and metal. The ho... More

Project • By PORCELANOSAExhibition Centres

Huawei Exhibition Center

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd  is not only a renowned brand of mobiles; founded in 1987, the Chinese multinational is a company specialised in research and development of electronic products, with R&D centres in the main cities of China and a multitude of countries of the five continents. In this case, in Dhaka (Bangladesh), a Huawei Exhibition Center has been created, in which the Solid Surface KRION has been used, thanks to Nupami BD Limitedy, the official distributor of PORCELANOSA Group in Bangladesh. We can find KRION in the Huawei Exhibition Center, transformed into reception counters, furniture and commercial units, all in the colours 1100 Snow White and&n... More