Tanvir Residence

Tanvir Residence

Tanya Karim NR Khan & Associates
Nikunja, Dhaka, Bangladesh | View Map
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Mustafa Tarique Hadi, Nurur Rahman Khan

Tanvir Residence

Tanya Karim NR Khan & Associates as Architects

An Experiment in "Symbiotic Architecture" , the building is constructed with hand poured as cast concrete in wooden shuttering, retaining the impressions of the wood planks. 

An experiment in symbiotic Architecture



Where does a new aesthetics start from? From the aesthetics of a time? Technology? Material? Use? Or can it be from simple realities as climatic conditions? This residence faces a park and needed to have maximum exposure towards it both because of view and prevailing breeze but at the same time needed shading that would protect the opening from rain and reduce direct solar heat gain. We designed the shading device as a symbiotic growth that grew over the building giving the structure an aesthetics of a symbiotic relationship of concrete and metal.


The house is “hand built”, the form-work is from hand sawn wood, flamed in a particular way to highlight its grains so that it can be transferred to the concrete. The concrete is hand poured, the metal panels are hand crafted on site. Even the main gate is hand beaten copper panels (initially beaten at the office to show the craftsmen the desired texture), same as the main door handles. The house has a home theatre and a spa in the semi basement along side laundry and maids room, a living, dining and kitchen on the ground level, master bed and a daughter's bed on the 1st floor and two more children's bed on the second floor and a party space and roof terrace on the top.

View of the roof



The interior of the house takes the color scheme from the exterior and then adds wooden floors and soft toned furnish to soften it up. The house is flooded with natural light and most of it can be opened up to natural breeze. For the owners it’s a known way of life in an unknown “aesthetics”. Instead of looking for a form the house looks for “formlessness”, for an “evolved” beauty rather than a known construct.




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