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Project • By EntroOffices

TD Centre Anniversary Exhibit

Half a century ago, Toronto’s skyline was transformed by its first two skyscrapers, when renowned Modernist architect Mies van der Rohe designed the Toronto-Dominion Centre. Home to over 70 tenants and 21,000 daily occupants, the TD Centre is the vision of two leading Canadian corporations, TD Bank Group and Cadillac Fairview. This year, as Canada celebrates its sesquicentennial, TD Centre celebrates its 50th anniversary with a unique exhibition. The 50th anniversary exhibition tells the story of the shared vision that helped create this architectural masterpiece. The exhibit offers an opportunity to not only showcase both Cadillac Fairview's and TD Bank's brands and values, but also the unique history of the architecture and its ro... More

Project • By EntroMuseums

The Incas, Treasures of Peru

“The Incas, Treasures of Peru,” a magical showcase of ancient artistry and culture, is now on at Pointe-à-Callière in old Montreal. Entro worked closely with the Museum, exhibit fabricator Expozone, lighting designer Light Factor, and interactive consultant Gagarin to design this two- storey exhibit, which displays over 300 artifacts including jewellery, textiles, ceramics, ritual objects, and architectural elements.   Our goal was to make visitors feel as though they are immersed in ancient Peru – and so we built a world around the artifacts, filled with life-size reproductions, large-scale images, projections, sound, video, tactile materials, and interactive activities. This rec... More

Project • By EntroExhibitions

KING Exhibit

KING Toronto is the Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG)-designed redevelopment of 485 through 539 King Street West for Westbank Corp and Allied Properties REIT, integrating a residential community with heritage commercial properties on the site. In a series of unconventional exhibits and installations at different locations (including exterior locations) throughout the city, we tell the story and culture of a neighbourhood being reinvented and the design thinking behind it.   The KING exhibit takes us on a deeper exploration of the proposed building concept and showcases the inspiration behind the development’s urban design, architecture, interior design, and its future relationship to the community and ongoing history of the Kin... More

Project • By EntroExhibition Centres

CODAWorx Booth, AIA Conference

CODAWorx, the hub of the commissioned art economy, is the premiere resource to find and hire talented artists, creative teams, and the qualified sub-contractors that are experienced in the creation of commissioned artwork. For the AIA Conference in New York, they invited a group of artists and designers to represent the community by showcasing their works on a communal booth.   The fabric strips carrying artwork of all the designers proved an effective centerpiece. The eye-catching display allowed for the booth to be recognized from afar. As a result, the booth drew a crowd, with visitors treating the booth as a landmark on the trade floor.   Entro designed the booth to reflect the CODAWorx identity but at th... More

Product • By EntroExhibit Design

Exhibit Design

Entro offers design services in branding, wayfinding, signage, environmental graphics, exhibit design, and media architecture. Exhibits provide a deeper storytelling opportunity within the space. We leverage our experience in wayfinding, graphics and media to create engaging, immersive experiences that are sensitive to cultural cues, historical references and the ways individuals process information and learn.  More

Project • By Nissen Richards StudioExhibitions

The Museum of Lost & Found Potential

Launching this week to coincide with World Mental Health Day 2019, a new exhibition called ‘The Museum of Lost & Found Potential’, created by Curator Andy Franzkowiak with artist Nestor Pestana and a team including exhibition designers Nissen Richards Studio, reveals the stark and powerful picture of potential lost across the world to people, families, communities, businesses and society due to neglected mental health and suicide. It also shows the potential of everything that can be found when people receive the support they need.The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates the number of deaths by suicide at 800,000 across the world every year. That’s one person losing their life every 40 seconds. Suicide rates in the United Kingdom j... More

Project • By lamatildeExhibitions

Mozfest 2016

Since 2010, Mozilla has promoted Mozfest, one of the most interesting events in the internet world. For the 2016 edition, lamatilde worked with TODO, automato.farm and Leva, to raise awareness on five themes (privacy, web literacy, digital inclusion, open innovation and decentralization), designing five installations with a mix of physical and digital interaction. Our challenge was finding a coherent code for all five structures, and coming up with the solutions to make them both inclusive and outstanding in the busy festival environment. Our core concept was to create five “naked” frames devoid of barriers, five different micro-architectures that would be assembled according to a common system. Dynamic installations were designed to be use... More

Project • By LS/Architecture&StrategiesExhibitions

Ecosmosis Exhibition Installation design

Location: Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Center, Athens. Groundfloor gallery.Surface area: 650 sqm.‘Ecosmosis’ explores the transdisciplinary field of experimental spatial practice. It is an art installation environment where twelve video-projections on floor interact with visitors on an audio and visual level. Videos present ecological design projects. ‘Ecosmosis’ environment looks at social ecosystems, the visual manifestation of people coming together forming collective entities. The interactive display of the videos generates a plan with square-patterns of active and inactive zones, offers information, and evokes play and surprise.Exhibition installation design principles:- To create an entrance area reflecting ‘Eco-osmosis,’ and a main dark... More

Project • By NAT OFFICE - christian gasparini architectCultural Centres


Donated to the borough of reggio emilia by mrs anna maria ternelli gerra with the aim of creating a new cultural venue in the town, dedicated to her husband the artist marco gerra (1925-2000), the ex-hotel cairoli, in piazza xxv aprile, has become a new space for photography and contemporary art. The project develop the urban and architectural potential of the site, seen as a junction between two parts of the historical city: the piazza behind the teatro ariosto to the south (piazza xxv aprile) and the lower area juxtaposed to the teatro cavallerizza to the north.The existing building has been transformed from an element of separation, unto itself, into an open diaphragm, allowing the gaze to wander, reconstructing the spatial continuu... More

Project • By NAT OFFICE - christian gasparini architectShowrooms

SEGB - gb exhibit pavilion

The exhibit pavilion for GB Gnudi Bruno works and research on flexible and light temporary structures. it tries to represent products and technologies, involved to create extremely advanced and innovative packaging systems, that outline Bologna district worldwide known as the "packaging valley".The module as structure, with its infinite mash-up and the cardboard as material, with its layers and sides, are the generative, spatial, architectural and aesthetic elements of the project, able to witness a process that produces the containers for any product today in the world market, from syringes to biscuits.The big assembly line machines are the actors of the space but are contained inside a curtain wall of C-shaped cardboard modules that are r... More

Project • By pc-|< paolo cesaretti Arch-Trade Shows

Remix | Kale Group @ CERSAIE 2015 |

Remix: when a pop song is under a deconstructing/reconstructing treatment producing a new track with a (variable) degree of distance from the original. Is this applicable to a (pop) architecture?Reworking a new version of this exhibit asked for a deeper investigation into the client’s nature. Kale is made of many brands and their (alchemic?) combination results in a multilayered composition, attractive in its complexity. This relationship between similar but different identities belonging to the same family is visually expressed using Mendeleev’s periodic table as an appropriate reference.Also - boosting the previous version’s spatial and formal concepts - products are displayed in an immersive environment where abstract ironic styling and... More

Project • By ZPZ PartnersExhibitions

Children Park EXPO 2015

The Children’s Park, a linear garden with eight attractions on raised platforms, has giant bobbin- shaped elements in wooden lattice sheltering the exhibits and children’s activities from rain and sun. Fragments of domesticated nature where the natural and artificial coexist, the exhibits were designed to privilege the organic language of nature as opposed to a more formal architectural vocabulary. The project, essentially a nature walk with eight exhibits, offers children playful learning experiences as they interact with various aspects of Expo Milan 2015’s core theme, “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. An hour long tour includes each of the eight exhibits, brief interactive games for groups of around 25 children (a typical school cla... More

Project • By pc-|< paolo cesaretti Arch-Exhibitions

The Lobby | RC pavilion @ Cersaie 2015 |

A project combining sleek decoration with a bit of mistery in a place devoted to business transactions. From the entrance, a combination of overlaying patterns leads the visitor to a main lobby space where discuss and negotiate. First he has to cross two galleries. The first one shows large suspended horizontal and vertical ceramic panels, suggesting a wide range of possible combinations. The exhibition in the second gallery overwhelms him. The visitor is inside the tiled displays admiring decorations and details in big arrangements. A sense of luxurious wideness embraces him during the visit. The whole space is isolated from the outside through perforated panels recalling privacy and exclusivity, both representative of a specific market... More

Project • By Migliore + Servetto ArchitectsExhibitions

Bellissima. L'Italia dell'alta moda 1945-1968

The set-up designed by Migliore+Servetto Architects for the exhibit “Bellissima. L’Italia dell’alta moda 1945-1968”, at Villa Reale in Monza, is characterized by a lightly sign and by a rich dialogue with the historic environment. A delicate intervention intended to highlight the dual beauty: of the clothing and the textile materials on display, and the wonderful location, by opting for the identification of different areas through soft and singular narrative elements. Among these, there is a dynamic system of different layers that, raising from the ground such as graceful flying carpets and made up of light and colorful membranes, define the various thematic areas. Above them, thin wireframes with micro-led emphasize the creations... More