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Project • By Taillandier Architectes AssociésPrivate Houses


The extension project of the House-A consists of adding an extension to a single-story villa so as to create a new master bedroom suite. The clients wanted a contemporary extension without contrasting with the existing villa that they hold dear. The... More

Project • By Belsize ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Harmood Street

This project is the full reconfiguration and extension of a small, semi-detached house in Kentish Town that was cramped, badly laid out and badly built. We worked closely with the client to understand their requirements. We provided them with additio... More

NewsNews • 16 Jul 2020

MVRDV transforms 19th century Polish building into transparent coworking hotspot

MVRDV renovated a 19th century heritage building in Wrocław, Poland, and added an extension respectful of the existing building by continuing the same roofline and facade rhythm. The 4500 m2 coworking hotspot includes an event venue, a food hall, a c... More

Project • By Atelier HypPrivate Houses

Maison AG

Open spaces   Built in self-construction, the challenge with this suburban house was to do a lot with little. Completely renovated, the existing building is completed with a 19 m² addition which is hosting a living room, offering new spac... More

Project • By Atelier HypPrivate Houses

Maison FV

Reflects and lights   Playing with light, the Azengar zinc cladding of this traditional house initiates a subtle dialogue with its environment. More

Project • By Kensit ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Narrabundah Additions & Alterations

This contemporary addition clearly identifies what is new and what is existing. The living space is filled with warm natural light and is a little haven where you can sit back relax and read.The existing residence has been designed to fit the growing... More

Project • By Architekten Tillner & Willinger ZT GmbHRestaurants

Restaurant Kiang

The restaurant Kiang, located in a historic building in the center of Vienna, was designed by Helmut Richter in 1984. At the time of its opening it represented a radically new approach to interior design, especially compared to the dominant style of... More

Project • By Declerck-Daels, ArchitectenHousing

House K.V.

An extension of 6m², one additional window, subtle interventions and a well considered choice of materials … those are the ingredients to turn an introvert and impractical house into an open and cosy home.   The sliding window bare... More

Project • By Avarrus ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Villa Deer

Villa Deer is a combination of an old summer house and it’s modern extension. Existing 1960’s cabin was built to lakeside in a former municipilaty of Kisko in Southwest Finland. Now a part of municipality of Salo, Kisko is known for it’s old copper m... More

Project • By Archi-TectonicsPrivate Houses

Chelsea Townhouse

EXTENSION // the existing 3400 sf  [316 m2] brownstone townhouse is a Landmark, located in Chelsea, NY.  The townhousewas gut-renovated and a 550 sf [52 m2] two-story garden extension was added with a roof terrace.   FLUIDITY // The new garden exte... More

Project • By Declerck-Daels, ArchitectenHousing


This project contains/is about the extension of an existing detached house in Moorsele. The house is from 1962 and was originally designed by Architect Jos Thybergin.The existing house was well preserved and was in a good condition. The ext... More

Project • By Paul Cashin ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Island Cottage

Island Cottage is an existing dwelling constructed in 1830, in a conservation area at the southern limit of Sidlesham Quay village, West Sussex. The property was highlighted by the local authority as a key example of rural vernacular character f... More

Project • By Pietra Alborno ArchitectPrivate Houses

Casa LJ

Earthy, simplicity… these are the first two words which the clients pronounced during our first meeting as fundaments of the inspirational concept leading the project of their Mediterranean house in Italy. And it was suddenly reciprocal love. Others... More

Project • By Franz&SueCourthouses

Salzburg courthouse

In earlier times it was believed that a courthouse should express the full majesty of the law. Upon crossing the threshold of the halls of justice the subject should feel small and insignificant. And, if sentenced to gaol, the citizen as convict shou... More

Project • By Dominique Coulon & associésHospitals

Nursing Home and Hospital extension

The project is anchored parallel to the topographic curve lines as the other buildings of the Neuenberg asylum. Different floors are married with the terrain slope allowing ground level access to the outdoors in each level, giving access to people wi... More