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Project • By BezmirnoPrivate Houses

Line House

This is second time we are creating a small house for living and recreation. The most simple and cozy house near Kiev. Minimalist architecture and design. We used our favorite materials: wood, stone, glass. Caption Caption Our team has worked hard on the overall concept of Line House, to create a space with elegant lines, a cozy atmosphere and lightness in both interior and architecture.   The exterior and the interior are one. Clear, white lines, vertical wooden panels – all materials penetrate from the outside and form an integral architectural structure. Caption The central feature of the Line House it is an island of greenery behind a large window just opposite the entrance to the house. This garden is view... More

Project • By Look CompositesUrban Green Spaces

Cortina de Agua Quinta Lacy

Manufacture of 4 waterfalls in GRP for the beautiful garden of a celebration banquet in Elda, Alicante. These waterfalls replace the original metal ones, which have caused numerous corrosion and deterioration problems for our client. OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT- Avoid corrosion. GRP is the perfect material for this exterior application in continuous contact with water.- Avoid joints on a surface of 5x3 meters.- Made to measure. Each of the 4 waterfalls has a different measure to adapt to the original space.- Prefabricate the pieces for a quick installation adapted to the rest of the set. FINAL SCOREReplacing the waterfalls was a quick process as they were prefabricated. With the new GRP units a cleaner, smoother and joint-free look is achiev... More

Project • By Look CompositesResidential Landscape

Hotel Riviera

Reform of existing hotel. Its new design, realized by the Architect Vicente Peiró, included some very singular forms, on the outside of the area of a glass elevator, a piece finished on both sides and with a pronounced flight. Due to its shape and characteristics, the GRP was the solution to be able to carry it out.In addition to these pieces, all the visors of the round windows were also made in GRP with a special rounded design.All the pieces were manufactured with a bench finish imitating the concrete panels of the rest of the façade. OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT- Three-dimensional design of the piece.- Lightness- Ease of assembly.- Support the aggressiveness of the proximity of the sea. FINAL SCOREThe image of the new Hotel... More

Project • By Look CompositesTheme Parks

Ferrari Land

Ferrari Land is the second amusement park of the Italian brand in the world. Like the first, located in Abu Dhabi, its design is striking, this time with even more three-dimensional shapes. The central building simulates the nose of a sports car, the accelerator building has a spectacular, futuristic design. For the manufacture of the leather, which is totally made to measure and outdoors, the selected material has been GRP. OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT- Three-dimensional shapes in all the pieces. All different and made to measure.- Flame retardant material B-s2-d0.- Good behavior outdoors over time.- Lightness and rigidity.- Production capacity.   FINAL SCORELook Composites® has developed for this project a "low cost" system for th... More

Product • By Look CompositesGRP (Plástico Reforzado con Fibra de Vidrio - PRFV)

GRP (Plástico Reforzado con Fibra de Vidrio - PRFV)

GRP is a composite material, made up of a resistant fiberglass structure and a plastic material that acts as a binder. Used for both interior and exterior pieces, facades and even urban furniture. More

Product • By Ecolegno by SaimexECOLEGNO WPC Classic Decking

ECOLEGNO WPC Classic Decking

ECOLEGNO Classic Decking gives the surroundings a natural and soft touch, you can feel the real wood fibre under your bare feet. Composite wood is an incredibly resistant material, suitable for particular situations, for example outdoor decking. Ecolegno deckings have many advantages: they are made with environmentally friendly materials, antislip and really easy to assemble. WPC Ecolegno allows particular dimensions, such as the usage of 4 meters long floorboards that make unique architectonic effects possible. The composite wood can be a very versatile material and lends itself to the most complex and elegant customizations. The color possibilities are endless and customizable, the most used are Gold Teak, Burma teak, Champagne, Dark C... More

Project • By WoodtonePrimary Schools

James Templeton Elementary School

James Templeton Elementary School experienced a serious overhaul in 2018, featuring a brand new learning facility for the children of Tigard, Oregon. This beautiful property is home to over 500 elementary students and features a mix of brickwork and RusticSeriesTM siding products for a modern and architectural look. More

Project • By MA OfficeShowrooms

Sales Represantative Of Tabriz And Keraben Tile

The store had undergone changes three times during the past twenty years. When we were contacted about the job, two problems caught our attention: ·         First, the closedness of the space and the poor connection between the floors. The visitors were unable to form a mental image of the upper floor where products were on display in a closed space and the basement in which accessories and other items were stored. ·         Second, the customers’ struggle to choose because of the wide variation of the products and having a hard time visualizing the desired arrangement in the target space. The solution to these two problems formed the basis of the reconstruction project: &middo... More

Project • By VIMARVIPrivate Houses

Stone Box _ Cenador en Valencia

Stone Box was designed to resolve the issues of an exterior space in a large house that had fallen in disuse. As always occurs in large gardens, they are not useful if they cannot be fully enjoyed day to day. For this reason within the first visit the client confided in us to create a connection space that organizes the garden giving it vitality and functionality that up to the moment it didn’t possess. To achieve this, it’s thought in an opened-closed object, without renouncing the warmth and functionality of the interior spaces, even though being on the exterior. The idea that the object can be closed or opened depending on the moment seemed like an interesting idea and a very ideal given the position it has. This two premi... More

Product • By Heliartec Solutions Co., Ltd.Aesthetic Energy Panel

Aesthetic Energy Panel

Aesthetic Energy Panel - Innovative integration of aesthetics and functionality to enable generation of solar PV energy from building envelops Functioning as colored laminated safety glass, AEP can replace traditional cladding in the ventilated façade structure and further turn the building envelops into generators of clean energy.   Appealing graphical patterns: High-resolution digital printing technology enables AEP to mimic the patterns of traditional building materials or to realize any designer/architect’s creations.  Special treatment on the glass surface creates a silky texture, enhances the vividness and reduces reflected glare. Superior build quality: Stability and durability are strengthened by utilizi... More

Project • By AshariArchitectsBars

Daarbast Cafe

Daarbast Café is about 376 square meters. The main goal of its interior design is creating social interaction among people. The possibility for establishing other branches of the café in future was considered in order to fulfill the owner’s request. Scaffolds are used as the main structure of design which grants an identity to the space. A part of the exterior wall is destroyed to benefit from sun light and natural views. The scaffold provided the context in which we could increase the area of the space and create visual transparency. Implementing the scaffolds not only impose low budget to the project but also create the possibility of various decoration fashions. There are different forms of settings in the café, made with scaffolds.Lead... More

Project • By AshariArchitectsApartments

Maternal House( خانه مادری )

This contemporary apartment was designed to replace an old childhood home. Despite the limitations in the design of the plan and its inability to create a nostalgic atmosphere, we tried to design the facade of the structure’s corner with playful rainbow colored highlights woods, rusted bars, these colorful windows appears to be a painting for children and infants from the old home reminiscent of sweet childhood times. More

Project • By AshariArchitectsBars

Triangle Café

Architect: Ashari ArchitectsDesigner: Amir Hossein AshariDesign contributors: Zahra Jafari,Amir Irandoost HaghighiExecution: Saeid JamaliTriangle CaféCafés have significant power in strengthening the social dimension of urban spaces and urban Cafés are more dynamic than other types of spaces. The connectivity of the café to the unique historical urban environment and creating an attraction to this place were the challenges for the designers. The project ambition was to create a subtle wall surface which has the least impaction on the historical urban environment and the city residential fabric, however it creates a bold sustainable space.The goal was to blend the café interior space to city fabric which is occurred by eliminating the “borde... More

Project • By AshariArchitectsBars

Conex Café

Architect: Ashari ArchitectsDesigner: Amir Hossein AshariDesign contributors: Zahra JafariExecution: Mohammad MoazeniConex CaféLimited pre-purchased materials on the site. The challenge has been already begun for the designer team to create a unique form from the remaining materials of the complex construction. The project is located at one the most memorable buildings of Iranian contemporary architecture “Shiraz national library”. By utilizing the previous temporary concierge Conex and reviving it, the design team revealed a hidden potential of the redundant Conex. The steps and vertical lightning are considered as the two complementary elements which acts as a lighthouse to find the café on the site at night.Providing a pause and gatherin... More

Project • By RENDERUSApartments

Library Lofts

We had a pleasure to make renderings for very unique residential project called Library Lofts for Prime Property Group. More