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Project • By Kohn Pedersen Fox AssociatesShops

Michael Kors Jing An Store

As the luxury brand’s first flagship store in Asia, featuring KPF’s first retail façade prototype, Michael Kors Shanghai at the Jing An Kerry Center marks a major milestone for both companies. Taking cues from the polish and material richness of the Michael Kors brand, KPF’s design for the façade of the Shanghai flagship at the Jing An Kerry Center creates luminosity and clean geometry, making an impression at first glance, yet its pattern suggests a complex structure that cannot be easily discerned. Composed of delicate, textured, reflective pieces, as elusive as they are radiant, the vertical panels of the façade reveal new levels of complexity at every look. The façade is intended to be a b... More

Project • By MASK ArchitectsCultural Centres

Seoul Photographic Art Museum

 ‘’ The First Camera Obscura Photographic Art Museum ‘’, we can think about this installation in a simple and fun way: it is the museum itself, with its roof-top camera and pinholes in exhibition rooms, who are taking a picture of the present skyline of Seoul and showing it to the visitor. THE BIGGEST CAMERA ON PLANET EARTH IS IN SEOUL!Isn't the purpose of a Photography Museum to celebrate Photography? So why not create the biggest camera on planet Earth and celebrate the art of photography and the city of Seoul with an installation of a rooftop ‘Camera Obscura’ that marries past, present, and future into an experience that visitors will never forget. Photography makes our memories valuable, fixing... More

Project • By Dmytro Aranchii ArchitectsCultural Centres

M17 Contemporary Art Center Rethinking

The redesign of the M17 CAC consisted first of all in changing the envelope, the skin of the building, and giving a new visual representation to the already recognizable brand that would link it to the tradition of the Ukrainian avant-garde.The newly created envelope of M17 is based on a combination of ’museum background’ with modern methods of computational design.   Consequently, the basis of the pattern generation is laid in 45-degree-rotated square, which is a reference to the existing and recognizable windows of the building and to the Ukrainian suprematist artist Kazimir Malevich, who was born in the closest proximity to the CAC location, studied painting at the art school Murashko at the Pymonenko studio and taught... More

Project • By A.J ArchitectsOffices

mixed use building in bangalore

The building is designed to impart strong timeless characteristic to the building, with the pattern taking inspiration from deep cultural roots. The Fusion of traditional Indian architecture and contemporary office space cum residential space acts as a barrier for harsh west sun and reduces heat gain but also ensuring no artificial light is required during the day. The clients brief of cultural connect, inspired us to translate a traditional Indian façade pattern to create a responsive built form. This traditional Jali screen creates culturally a sense of belonging. The Jali facade is made of Glass Reinforced Concrete panels. In terms of construction tolerances, a system has been adopted whereby through cnc milling, a mould... More

Project • By Henning LarsenAuditoriums

Hangzhou Yuhang Opera

Hangzhou Yuhang Opera Opens its Doors to the People, Placing Arts at Center of new Cultural Crossroads The new 70,000m2 opera offers a state of the art space for performance and events amidst an idyllic park, connecting to an ancient cultural legacy Nestled between the bustling city of Hangzhou and the calm shores of East Lake, the Hangzhou Yuhang Opera cuts a distinctive profile in the skyline, its landscaped peaks appearing to dip beneath the water’s glassy surface. The new building forms the heart of a new cultural node in Yuhang, a fast-growing district in the metropolis of Hangzhou. Completed in May 2019 in collaboration with Hangzhou Architectural & Civil Engineering Design Institute Co., Buro Happold Engineering, and wi... More

Project • By Chan ArchitecturePrivate Houses

The Elms, Brighton

The Elms is a boutique development of 5 apartments located on a quiet, tree-lined street in the bayside suburb of Brighton, Melbourne.   The architecture of the Elms was inspired by the beautiful Elm trees which line both sides of the street providing an ever changing streetscape with colour and texture. The large leaves of the Elm trees are oval in shape with distinctive veins, both of which have been referred to in the façade patterning of the two large architectural elements on either side of the front entrance.  A variety of materials were chosen for the façade to complement and reference the streetscape colours and textures, including cypress pine fencing, textured white brickwork, spotted gum linings on the eaves and hand-crafted meta... More

Project • By XTEN ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Diamond House

The Diamond house is a music studio extension to a house located deep in a canyon, set against a severely sloping hillside, with minimal access and little space upon which to build. Direct sunlight reaches the site for only a few hours a day. The geotechnical conditions on site were challenging, requiring 30-foot caissons to underpin new walls and foundations. A complex web of regulations governed the height, width, depth and specific configuration of the retaining walls needed to build the project.Given these constraints, the extension is carefully positioned between the existing structure and an imposing hillside to inflect the landscape and create exterior programmatic spaces (firepit, terraces) around it. A series of wall planes fold up... More

Project • By BIG - Bjarke Ingels GroupHousing


With BIG’s first building IQON under construction in Ecuador, BIG and Uribe & Schwarzkopf once again join forces to bring a vertical neighborhood to Quito, the greenest capital in South America. The 24-story mixed-use tower is located on the southern tip of La Carolina Park in the center of the city. The shape of the site is a quarter of a circle and occupies the west corner intersection of Avenida de la Republica and Avenida Eloy Alfaro, across the street from the new Quito subway. The rounded corners of the building allow for panoramic views of the city while minimizing impact from neighboring buildings to daylight exposure. At its base, a pedestrian through-block connection forms a new gateway to the park and the recently comple... More

Project • By TOUCH ArchitectPrivate Houses


An existing structure of a 3-storey townhouse had to be converted into a new home for a couple with a baby. There is no enough space for raising their child, together with some disadvantages from this type of building which has no green space area and natural sunlight, thus, the primary concept is to create more space which can allow for natural daylight, natural ventilation, and garden inside.Initiative design of this building was directly portrayed into simple 6 boxes which are 3 of existing and 3 of extension which located at the front part of the building. Extension ones were pulled out in order to create space in between an existing building. It will be used as an outdoor open space, which is a courtyard at the ground floor. This space... More

Project • By Devyni architektaiApartments

Yellow leg apartment building

The „Yellow leg“ apartment building is located in Šnipiškės neighborhood, on the side of Vilnius city center. The building is on a 1697m2 lot, with its footprint occupying 707m2. The area is a perfect combination of living in an affordable area that has less crowded surroundings than city center, and being able to enjoy all the things that city center has to offer within reach.The residents of „Yellow leg“ apartment building are mostly people who want to have easy access to leisure facilities, culture, public transport, and their jobs. Not only all the city center attractions are nearby, but the building is also surrounded by many shops and restaurants. The building includes 52 apartments of various size and layout. 50 apartments are placed... More

Project • By BIG - Bjarke Ingels GroupHotels

The Eleventh

76 11th Avenue ‘The Eleventh’ is located in West Chelsea between the High Line and the Hudson River. Spanning a full block from 17th Street to 18th Street and 10th Avenue to 11th Avenue, the 890,000 gross square foot, mixed-use project is composed of two towers: a West tower of 34 stories (402 ft) and an East tower of 25 stories (302 ft) which are both set on a 60 to 85 ft podium.The West Tower will be entirely dedicated to residences and residential amenities. The east tower will be a combination of hotel and residential units. The hotel will be located adjacent to the High Line within the lower half of the East Tower and the residences will occupy the upper floors.The geometry of the two towers is a direct response to the context. At the... More

Project • By Hoehler + alSalmyUniversities

History of Science Centre

The History of Science Centre links ancient Islamic sciences of the “golden age” with the current university studies at the German University of Technology (GUtech) in Halban, Oman. The building creates a link between art and science with nature and geometry whilst symbolising infinity and divinity.   Numerous innovative techniques were used to deliver the sophisticated first of its kind structure in the Sultanate of Oman.   The 2-floor ensemble contains a highly defined cut pattern as the main entrance to the 1,200sqm of general exhibition space on the ground floor, a heritage research library, coffee shop and a children’s play area overlooking a traditional dhow placed in the shallow birth, resembling a mar... More

Project • By JAJA ArchitectsCar Parks

Parking House Ejler Bille

EjlerBille’s Parking House introduces a human scale to the infrastructural facilities that (still) occupy our cities. The ambition has been to transform parking houses from being mere functional necessities for cars, into attractive places for people and our urban environment. Commissioned to design the façade only, we created a patchwork pattern of brick and stretch metal that varies in scale. On the upper part of the façade, the scale of the pattern is larger, relating to the vast size of the actual parking house structure. As the façade meets the street, the patchwork pattern becomes smaller and creates inviting spaces for people. The aesthetic expression differs depending on the distance of the viewer. From afar, the large patterns... More

Project • By LOT-EKSocial Housing


Drivelines Studios is a residential building in Johannesburg, SA. Located in Maboneng, an area of recent urban transformation and renewal, it responds to the post-apartheid generation’s desire to repopulate the city’s downtown through new models of urban living.Embracing the triangular geometry of the site, the building is conceived as a billboard where two separate volumes of residential units are hinged at the narrow east end of the lot, framing the social space of the open interior courtyard. As in a billboard, the building outer facades are straight and flush with the lot line while the facades in the inner courtyard are articulated by the staircases, the elevator tower and the bridges connecting all levels, and by the open circulation... More

Project • By TA-CHA DesignOffices

Rong Num Kaeng

The 3-story mixed use building occupies a 1,500 square-meter footprint gathering function for Ice Factory on ground floor, Office on second floor, and Residence on the top floor.Chapter one – the Façade and Ice Factory               “Snow flake always contains ice crystals joining together in a hexagonal shape.” These ideas of backward ice manufacturing process (liquid to solid objects) as a metaphor to design building enclosure. The façade pattern is solid steel plate on one corner and perforated steel sheet on the rest interpreting ice making procedure. The building skin catches the sun variously in different time during the day so it exaggerates worker’s experienc... More