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Project • By BezmirnoApartments


FOG is about the purity of the contemporary interior, about style and eternity, about trend and comfort. A project in which we wanted to try something new, enjoying simplicity and creating harmony, working with materials and light. Caption Caption Minimalism, which stands out with modern details, natural materials – gives the apartment a general atmosphere. FOG is exactly the case when we poetize comfort, using not words but solutions and practicality. Caption Caption From the very entrance to the apartment, we are immersed in the basic concept. The common space for several functional zones was created by the feeling of “fresh air” and the opportunity to “breathe freely”. Several shades of... More

Project • By nu.he StudioApartments

Poble Sec Apartment

Just a couple of minutes from Spain square, this modern apartment is located in the Poble Sec neighbor which is probably one of the areas that still maintain its traditional identity within the cosmopolite city of Barcelona.   The design was intent to be as simple as possible and compress the services in the central part of the apartment to free up space. One of the main requirements from the client was to provide a sense of spaciousness in a pretty standard apartment size. Because of that we decided to packed up the wet areas in one “block” and the storage area in a lineal volume; in this way we play with the geometry to achieve the client request and at the same time maintain all the program required. Caption In be... More

Project • By FD architectApartments

house D

The flat is located on the third floor of an elegant building dated back to around 1930 in Turin. The landlady, a young professional, used to live in the premises as a child, and came back to live there as an adult with her partner. The challenge of this project was then related to the preservation of feelings and memories the landlady had from her past life, thus avoiding tearing the flat apart. On the other hand, the spaces had to be adapted to a new way of living, in tune with the age and the contemporary taste of its “new inhabitants”. The wide hallway - totally unused if not as a distribution space - was kept intact. We opened the vanishing point on a window though, thus creating a sort of “borrowed passage”, l... More

Project • By archidealApartments


Flat designed in Vienna More

Project • By RISE Design StudioApartments

Tectonic Plywood Flat

The plywood textures and radiant light dominate the senses inside this converted duplex in central London. The project capitalises on the idea that a small home can be full of nuances that help unlock the potential of the different experiences that the space can offer. The main feature of the house is the plywood spiral staircase, reminiscent of a tree trunk, that connects the two floors. The layered ply plays with a range of tonalities that give visual texture to the structure, accentuating the handmade craft that makes the home a warm and charismatic living space. A series of rooflights bring light through the roof and, in turn, through the upper floor, juxtaposing the sharp shapes of sunlight with the angles of the architecture’s... More

Project • By Feel your designApartments


The total area is 62 square meters. This apartment is a creative, experimental space. During the implementation there was a lot of improvisation, a large number of different "want" in the selection of colors and furniture. But the wiring of electricians and plumbers was carried out according to a very strict plan. The walls here are also in decorative plaster, as in many of my other projects. Here everything is built on sharp contrasts - ceiling slabs without finishing, but only in painting, in contrast with perfectly smooth walls. Velor sofa and linen curtains. The overall style of the apartment is modern with the use of classic elements , as well as with ethnic elements that are particularly well read in the tile on the work surface, the... More

Project • By 2prostoryApartments


Apartment - Mnisek Pod Brdy Project Year : 2019 Location: 252 10 Mníšek pod Brdy, Czechia Published by: 2prostory   More

Project • By D. Champsas architectural officeApartments

LINE-PLANE-PRISM | Loft addition to a penthouse

The progress achieved by systematic research will give birth to a dictionary of elements that, developed further, will lead to a “grammar”.W. Kandinsky, 1924, “Point and Line to Plane” A. ANALYSIS1.  A groundbreaking architectural vocabularyDefining the POINT and the LINE, W. Kandinsky and P. Klee have identified rich symbolic and conceptual content to these archetypal engravings. With their theoretical and painting work, the modern masters of abstraction laid the principles for a methodical composition on canvas, based on these primary Elements.What would the content of this radical vocabulary be if, reductively in some way, it was to be extended to the "3D canvas"?Extruded to the third dimension, the POINT, the LINE and the... More

Project • By Yoroomdesign - Sergey RyndenkinApartments

TriBeCa in Moscow

Two-floor apartment located in the Moscow Tribeca complex. Previously, the building belonged to the plant of counting and analytical machines named after V.D. Kalmykov. The main feature of the apartment is the high ceiling, which made it possible to create a second floor. The area of ​​the first floor is 48 m2, total 72 m2. In the presence of free planning, it was possible to organize a lot of functional areas: an entrance hall, two bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen with a bar table, a cozy living room, an office, a bedroom and large dressing rooms.In order to accommodate a spacious and comfortable dressing room on the second floor, it was necessary to increase the mezzanine area, but we did not want to lose the light.There was an idea -... More

Project • By GANDIABLASCOHotels

Hotel H10 Port Vell

The light weight structure of FLAT integrates easily with the elegant terrace of the Barcelona hotel H10 Port Vell, adjacent to the Born neighbourhood. During the day this rooftop terrace becomes a Spa furnished with the FLAT chaise-longue organised around the pool. While at night the terrace converts to a bar-lounge designed with FLAT sofas, armchairs and tables where guests can enjoy a drink and privileged views over the port. More

Project • By GANDIABLASCOPrivate Houses

Harris Residence

The comfort and versatility of the FLAT sofas and tables are perfectly showcased at the Harris Residence in Phoenix (United States), created by Daniel Germani Designs. The Argentinean architect designed the SOLANAS collection for GANDIABLASCO, presented at the last edition of the Milan furniture fair. More


Barcelona apartment

This apartment was design to enjoy the outside views and have flawless relaxing time. With modern dark touch and exceptional materials choice. Client wanted to have something special and different comparing to other interiors in this region. More

Project • By YOUSUPOVAPrivate Houses


Mixed style More

Project • By FPR StudioApartments

Apartment Gloria

- Author of the project: Fabiano Ravaglia- Location: Glória - Rio de Janeiro- Renovation and decoration project.- Main changes during the construction process and on the structure needed to make the construction feasible: the apartment had transformations, which resulted in great environmental comfort, with more natural light and better air circulation through the opening of one of the bedrooms to widen the living room and also through shifting the existing windows for doors to the outdoor area. Using new finishing generates the visual impact, that sectorized spaces and gave new textures to the rooms.- Old property.- Total project timeframe: three months.- Resident’s profile: Single man, 48 years old, no kids and works as a theater producer... More

Project • By M.H.D Design GroupApartments

Ortabayer flat

interior design project at istanbul More