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Project • By Ramon Esteve EstudioArt Galleries

Bombas Gens Art Center

Bombas Gens is an old industrial building with an unquestionable social-historical value and one of the rare remaining examples of the industrial architecture of the thirties. Its Art Deco façades and architecture make it a special, unique location for some new uses according to today needs. The new facilities have been created as an internationally renowned multi-use space where Fundació Per Amor a L’Art will carry out its three-branch activity (arts, society and research). "Our aim has always been to apply a homogeneous intervention criterion to the whole complex, and, at the same time, give each building, be it original or recently built, the characteristic features that it needs for its specific use." - Ramó... More

Project • By FlosShowrooms

Fantini Showroom

The company Fantini is situated in the location of Pella, on the banks of Lake Orta. The project, designed by the architect Piero Lissoni & Partners, represents an attractive and innovative example of how industrial buildings can be successfully integrated into a natural landscape. To think of new lighting systems in the most modern design sector is one of the priorities of the architect and designer Piero Lissoni, one of the most iconic Flos' historical designers. For this reason, some of Lissoni's distinctive luminaires for Flos have been used in the gorgeous Fantini's Showroom, along with others designed by Flos Architectural and other important designers that work for Flos. We can appreciate the following luminaires: Toio, UT Spot,... More

Project • By FlosMuseums

Dentro Caravaggio Palazzo Reale

Dentro Caravaggio Palazzo Reale is situated in Milan (Italy) and has been promoted and produced by the Milan City Council – Culture, Palazzo Reale and MondoMostre Skira, in association with the MIBACT – Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism. The Gruppo Bracco is the exhibition Partner for the new investigative diagnostics carried out. The lighting of the exhibition has been designed by Barbara Balestreri Lighting Design and the manufacturer of its main luminaire, UT Spot, is Flos.  Images: © Barbara Balestreri Studio More

Project • By FlosHotels

Hotel Colombo

Hotel Colombo (Milano) The renowned Hotel Cristoforo Colombo is located in the heart of Milan, in Corso Buenos Aires, one of the city's most important shopping streets. Hotel Colombo outstands because of its refined setting and its elegant atmosphere, all designed by the architect Max Minoja. The building offers three elegant conference rooms and a boardroom, seating for up to 120 participants, to meet all business needs.  In this stylish project, we can appreciate an luxurious lighting design by Flos, where the most outstanding luminaires that are integrated in this project are Find Me designed by Jorge Herrera, KAP designed by Flos Architectural, Minikelvin Flex designed by Antonio Citterio, Taccia LED designed by Achille & Pie... More

Project • By FlosWellness Centres

Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa

Rossano Ferretti's Salons around the world are characterized by the elegance of the settings and the refined decoration, but above all by the quality of the experience: a unique experience of listening, serenity, discretion and hair care. This brand has salons located in Barcelona, Madrid, Ibiza, Beijing, Belgrade, Abu Dhabi, Geneva,  Maldives, Miami, Milano, Rome, Monaco, New York, among many other cosmopolitan cities.  Specifically, Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa in Dubai is an Anarchitect project. In this ambitious project, we can appreciate an exquisite lighting design by Flos, where the most outstanding luminaires that are integrated in this project are Find Me designed by Jorge Herrera, Clessidra designed by Antonio Citterio, Li... More

Project • By FlosMuseums

Museo del Gioiello

First opened in 2014, the Vicenza Jewellery Museum is extraordinary and unique. Not only because it is located in the grandiose halls of the Palladian Basilica of Vicenza, enhanced by the design of the Spanish designer with studio in Milan, Patricia Urquiola, but also because it is the first museum dedicated entirely to the art of goldsmithing in Italy and one of the few in the world. At a cost of one million euros and in collaboration with the Vicenza Fair and the Vicenza Town Hall, this museum occupies an area of 410 square metres within the Palladian Basilica and meets the needs of a territory that has always invested in the production of goldwork and has become the centre of world importance in this field.  To enhance the beauty... More

Project • By FlosOffices

Gruppo C14

Gruppo C14 is an unconventional architecture studio founded in 2003 in Milan, where professionals from different sectors of the creative field, architects, designers, graphic designers and multimedia designers collaborate together. The studio deals with interior, lighting, retail, and exhibit design, designing for international clients.     To think of new lighting systems in the most recent and unstable design sector is one of the priorities of Gruppo C14. For this reason, the following Flos' luminaires have been used in their offices: Kap, Micro Battery and Pure Downlight.   Images: © Germano Borrelli More

Project • By FlosOffices

Archiproducts Headquarters Offices

Archiproducts Headquarters Offices, located in Milano (Italy), has been designed to the last detail. Every corner of this workspace is carefully illuminated by the Infra-Structure, a groundbreaking lighting system designed by Vincent Van Duysen for surface installation on ceiling with rigid and adjustable rods.   Images: © Germano Borrelli   More

Project • By FlosTheaters

Teatro Sociale Sondrio

Reopened in 2015 after a long restoration, the Teatro Sociale in Sondrio (Italy) is one of the main places of culture in the city and province. A rich theatre, music and dance season enriches the local cultural landscape, all enlightened by Flos and designed by the engineer Nicola Berlucchi from the Studio Berlucchi. The Teatro Sociale is also available for associations and individuals, as well as for the organization of events, conventions and conferences. An ad hoc space for events is located in the basement has recently been added to the overall offer. The store offers a particular space use, all illuminated by the following Flos' luminaires: USO, IC Lights, Zeppelin and G-O.  Images: © Germano Borrelli More

Project • By FlosShops

Victoria Beckham Store

The Victoria Beckham flagship store is located within a three-storey Georgian townhouse on Dover Street in London’s Mayfair and was designed by the architect Farshid Moussavi. Modelled on the typology of a gallery, it has a simple frameless glass frontage without a window display, encouraging views of a dramatic, three-storey interior. The design aims to provide the sense of transience, unpredictability and exploration that underpins fashion itself. A concrete door, cast as a negative of one of the windows of the Georgian façade above, slides open to give access to three floors within. Responding to the growth of online shopping, which allows fashion brands to provide customers with choice, the spatial experience of the Victo... More

Project • By FlosShowrooms

Kvdrat Showroom

«The concept we have created focuses on materiality, which is the heart of Kvadrat». This is how Erwan Bouroullec defines the new headquarters that, together with his brother Ronan, they have designed for the textile firm in Copenhagen.   It is a 795 square metre space located in Nordhavn, the creative centre of the Danish capital, which serves as both a showroom and an office and research centre, all designed by Flos Scandinavia. In the same place that once occupied a warehouse - the area is close to the port - the new exhibition space has been conceived by the French designers as a large art gallery, with white walls and full of natural light that penetrates through the wide glass walls on three sides. In the centre, Kv... More

Project • By FlosOffices


The architect studio Klaarchitectuur based in Sint-Truiden (Belgium) is responsible for these custom-designed offices and Flos is the lighting manufacturer. Klaarchitectuur's project translates into a distinguished place to work, meet and receive international guests. Overall, a place where design and peace merge and coexist together, providing high quality interior design facilities in the office world.  In this workplace, taken care of to the last detail, we can find the following luminaires: String Lights, Kelvin Led, The Tracking Magnet, Find Me and Juncos.    Images: © Beeldpunt /Valerie Clarysse More

Project • By FlosOffices

Parc 51

The architect Buro B based in Genk (Belgium) is responsible for these custom-designed offices. Parc 51 Offices is located in the city of Hasselt (Belgium) and Flos is the lighting manufacturer. Buro B's project translates into a distinguished place to work, meet and receive international guests. Overall, a place where design and quietness merge and coexist together, providing high quality interior design facilities in the office world.  In this workplace, taken care of to the last detail, we can find the following luminaires: Light Bell, The Running Magnet, Fenestra, String Lights and Superloon.   Images: © Beeldpunt /Valerie Clarysse More

Project • By Patricia UrquiolaHotels

Il Sereno

Il Sereno has been built on the shores of Italy’s Lake Como on an existing Darsena, a historical pre-existance of state-owned inalienable.  Inspired by the color of the lake and its glistening water, the nature of the dramatic mountains, and the adjacent village of Torno. A 30-suite hotel surrounded by the Italian Alps, reinterprets the rationalism of the Casa del Fascio by Giuseppe Terragni, with a contemporary accent. The materials are all natural and mainly local: like Pietra di Fossena for the pavement and Ceppo Lombardo for the facade and some interiors. More


Light Shadow Dots

LIGHT SHADOW DOTS  Flos Architectural   The revolution in low glare lighting. Light Shadow Dots reaches spotless visual comfort and high luminous efficiency thanks to its patented unique optical solution and its screened areas. Innovative free structural configuration system to provide extreme control in very small dimensions and perfect integration in the architecture.   Technical Description LED lighting module, with low glare, to be inserted in the recessed frames, installation through a bayonet system with interchangeable spots. Available in one-light versions and groups of two and four lights. Driver not included, the driver has to be directly connected to the embedding frames. More