Future primitives biennale interieur 2012

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Muller van Severen

Fien Muller (BE) & Hannes Van Severen (BE) are both visual artists who describe their cooperative work as 'furniture projects'. For their 'Future Primitives' installation they will create a unique installation with a refreshing take on usability as well as on material choices. Their furniture designs evoke the work of artists such as Donald Judd or movements such as the Bauhaus. That however is not Muller Van Severen’s concern. Using a very pure formal language, their aim is for unique furniture objects which combine diverse functional objects such as a bookcase, desk, sofa and staircase within a single object. Their style is the result of their search for such design crossroads. Reduction and minimalism are an almost automatic outcom... More

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David Bowen

David Bowen (US) makes complex sculptural installations exploring the relationship between the natural and the mechanical. He often makes use of natural components such as light and wind, plants and other living organisms, to produce the interactive experiences inherent in his work. His 'Future Primitives' installation underwater is a large-scale suspended installation that gives the impression of being under the surface of water. Using a Microsoft Kinect, David Bowen collects real-time surface data from the water of the local river Leie and is used to articulate the mechanical installation. The complex and subtle movements on the surface of the water are simulated within the installation by hundreds of servo-motors moving according to t... More

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Studio Makkink & Bey

Dutch design studio Makkink & Bey was founded in 2002 by architect Rianna Makkink (°1964) and designer Jurgen Bey (°1965). With their socio-critical and analytical approach of urbanism, architecture, landscape architecture and product design, they focus their efforts on the encounters and the tension between the private and the public spheres. They reflect in a fundamental way on the city, the public building, the home and the chair inside it, in order to methodically translate such concepts into new insights and examples. The home as a continuous form of being in transition is their interpretation of the ‘Future Primitives’ theme of the Biennale INTERIEUR 2012. Their research has shown how as soon as we arrive in a place, we are immedia... More

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Greg Lynn

American star architect Greg Lynn (°1964) interprets the ‘Future Primitives’ theme in an especially daring and visionary way. He has reflected about the mobility aspects of living in a home and developed an ‘RV’ – a Room Vehicle. RV has robotic aspects, is compact, round and sensual, comfortable and intelligent. Greg considers it a worthy alternative to the bombastic villas and stately mansions from past and present! His concept takes into account the need for a minimum CO2 footprint and careful use of materials. With his Room Vehicle, Greg Lynn wants to create an experience which is closer to amusement parks or the feeling of wellbeing and satisfaction after an intensive training run. Interior design and furniture in the Room Vehicle ar... More

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Ross Lovegrove

The designs of British designer and visionary Ross Lovegrove inhabit the crossroads between technology, materials science and intelligent organic form. All his designs show a deeply humane and investigative approach. They always result in an optimistic and innovative energy which imbues his work, be it a design for a camera, a car, a train, an aeroplane or an architectural project. The project he has developed for the Interieur theme 'Future Primitives' fits entirely in the spirit of today. He uses elements such as air and light to enrich our senses and touch deeply our primordial soul, creating a sense of other worldliness. Lovegrove defines the future in terms of sensual, organic and dromological forms, forms in fact that seem placed... More