Greg Lynn

Greg Lynn

Kortrijk, Belgium
Project Year

Kortrijk Xpo, Hall 4.

Interieur Kortrijk as Media

American star architect Greg Lynn (°1964) interprets the ‘Future Primitives’ theme in an especially daring and visionary way. He has reflected about the mobility aspects of living in a home and developed an ‘RV’ – a Room Vehicle. RV has robotic aspects, is compact, round and sensual, comfortable and intelligent. Greg considers it a worthy alternative to the bombastic villas and stately mansions from past and present! His concept takes into account the need for a minimum CO2 footprint and careful use of materials. With his Room Vehicle, Greg Lynn wants to create an experience which is closer to amusement parks or the feeling of wellbeing and satisfaction after an intensive training run.

Interior design and furniture in the Room Vehicle are immovably attached to the frame. As a user of the room, comfort is to be found in a manner that is closer to a mountain goat, a Pilates disciple or Spiderman, rolling, climbing, tumbling and wheeling over the ergonomic surfaces of the Room Vehicle. It has nothing in common with luxury, but everything with new types of dwelling and residing. The new materials and construction method of the RV prototype (to see in hal 6) replace classic steel or bricks and mortar of traditional buildings. Room Vehicle is first of all a room which immerses and confronts the user with new and intelligent technology, a rooms which fulfils new needs and desires... Something very special to look forward to at the Biennale Interieur 2012.

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