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Ross Lovegrove

Ross Lovegrove

Kortrijk, Belgium | View Map
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Buda Island: Buda Factory, 1st floor.

Interieur Kortrijk as Media

The designs of British designer and visionary Ross Lovegrove inhabit the crossroads between technology, materials science and intelligent organic form. All his designs show a deeply humane and investigative approach. They always result in an optimistic and innovative energy which imbues his work, be it a design for a camera, a car, a train, an aeroplane or an architectural project.

The project he has developed for the Interieur theme 'Future Primitives' fits entirely in the spirit of today. He uses elements such as air and light to enrich our senses and touch deeply our primordial soul, creating a sense of other worldliness. Lovegrove defines the future in terms of sensual, organic and dromological forms, forms in fact that seem placed within evolution more than design, far removed from traditional thinking and the wooden mechanical shapes that the past now represents.

For his installation at Interieur, Lovegrove uses computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and informs the software to define the ideal streamlined shape of his optimal streamlined vehicle, to arrive at an advanced moment in aesthetics whereby technology delivers a new fantastic level of seamless precision in modern pristine materials.

Ultimately the message that Ross Lovegrove is conveying with his thought provoking installation is that human nature and intuition can override the digital process to arrive at fantastic forms.

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