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Muller van Severen

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Kortrijk Xpo - Hall 5

Interieur Kortrijk as Media

Fien Muller (BE) & Hannes Van Severen (BE) are both visual artists who describe their cooperative work as 'furniture projects'. For their 'Future Primitives' installation they will create a unique installation with a refreshing take on usability as well as on material choices.

Their furniture designs evoke the work of artists such as Donald Judd or movements such as the Bauhaus. That however is not Muller Van Severen’s concern. Using a very pure formal language, their aim is for unique furniture objects which combine diverse functional objects such as a bookcase, desk, sofa and staircase within a single object. Their style is the result of their search for such design crossroads. Reduction and minimalism are an almost automatic outcome in order to generate maximum impact.

Based on this individual, investigative outlook, they select the materials for their designs. The not-so-obvious marriage of metal tubing, polythene planks and leather, results in unique objects which combine unity and diversity, movement and rest. Their furniture looks logical, almost essential. It displays a multi-layered aspect which is also present in their personal artistic work.

The Muller Van Severen project room is made possible through the support of Design Platform Vlaanderen.

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Atelier for a sculptural artist [43X60]
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Atelier for a sculptural artist [43X60]

Hauptstraße 26, 3430 Neuaigen, Austria - Build completed in 2020
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